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Need Help!

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I am 41.5 weeks pregnant, and suddenly find myself with no midwife. I have had 2 uneventful home births before, and we are considering just going unassisted this time. We have the home birth kit that the midwife had us order, that has the umbilical bands and stuff in it. My main question is if there is a good emergency childbirth handbook of some sort? We would love to have something like that on hand for the unlikely event that something bad happen. Any help or guidance that anyone can give would be greatly appreciated!!

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Emergency Childbirth may be a good resource for you. You can print it in PDF form off the computer I think.
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I actually just found and downloaded that one. I think it is pretty much exactly what I was looking for. Something that has some guidance for emergency situations. Ideally we will be able to find someone who has some experience to come, but being so last minute, I am not hopeful and want to be prepared just in case.

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I have "Where Women Have No Doctor" downloaded on my desktop, for my husband. It's free & can be found by googling Hesperian Foundation.

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It's been 2 weeks since your post quirkylaurel...guessing you've had your baby by now...? Let us know how you're doin!

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I did have my baby, and totally forgot to come back here and update! Everything went great! We had a little boy, Aug. 25th, 8 lbs 15 oz. Even if I had stayed with my midwife she would have missed the birth, I wasn't convinced I was actually in labor until I threw up and realized I was in transition. We tried to fill the birth tub and it was only about half full when I had him. lol About 5 hours of labor total.

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Congrats! That's great!!
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Love it!! Congratulations :joy  and welcome to your sweet boy :love

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