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Planned or Surprise?

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Was your baby planned or a surprise? What are you doing or have you already done in preperation to get ready for the new little bundles of joy?



For me this was a surprise...though I had gotten off birthcontrol several months ago, due to reading some stuff that made me not want to put those chemicals in my body anymore...so we knew the risks we were taking but not using anything. We used the "pull out method a few times, but were never really stern on trying to concieve or not concieve. but when we found out we were preganant we were THRILLED! This is his first child and my 3rd.

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This is the first of my pregnancies (my third) that was actually planned!  And we had to try a lot harder to make it work than we did with the first two!  Ha!


I have been trying to exercise more regularly the past few months in preparation.  And I've been working on my gut health a little bit.

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Planned and worked for. I wasn't ovulating 12 mo postpartum so I made a bunch of changes (decreased exercise, ate more, nightweaned, and took Vitex). We caught the third postpartum egg! I was expecting a much longer TTC period, so I was kind of shocked to see the second test line.

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Surprise. My previous 8 children were from high tech fertility treatments. 

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We'd been trying for several months with no luck and finally just said, "Eh, whatever," and, well, that was the month we were finally successful! I'm so thrilled to be pregnant with our first. 

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momofafireteam - Wow, what a huge surprise! Congrats!


jonana - That's exactly my story with our first. A hearty congrats to you too. :)

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Congrats to all of you! :)

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Planned, but we were very surprised it happened so fast! Past pregnancies took longer, and I'm still nursing round the clock, so. But we are thrilled. :)

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Definitely a surprise. We weren't necessarily preventing, though, and knew I was in my fertile window, so it was a risk we took knowing full well that it was likely I'd get pregnant. And here we are!
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Not surprised, and not really planned, at least for this moment in time. Between healing from the first birth trauma and my body's sensitivity to BF'ing hormones, DH and I had only been intimate a couple times in the last few years. After weaning last month, my hormones totally flipped and I have never been this "lovesick" in my entire life, hehe. Making up for some lost time and not using contraception, a pregnancy was totally expected. Had this not happened so fast we probably would have started trying, though!

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Intoit - there's something great in the story. smile.gif
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Thanks, Rosie. DH and I joke a little bit about it now, that we'd better enjoy these next few months, because it'll probably be another 2.5 years after this one comes before we will be able to enjoy intimacy again eyesroll.gif

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Originally Posted by bcblondie View Post

Planned, but we were very surprised it happened so fast! Past pregnancies took longer...
Yes, us, too. The first cycle we agreed a third might be a good idea, I turn up pregnant. I was sort of expecting it to take longer.
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Planned. We got married in June, and were kind of hoping we'd make a baby on our honeymoon in Spain, but the timing wasn't quite right. The three days before I ovulated, we were on a transatlantic flight, then jetlagged and sharing a cabin at a waterpark with 20 friends, so we missed that cycle. But it happened on the second cycle.

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Our first was a happy surprise, second was planned, and so was this one.

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Well, I was hoping/planning to have another baby some time.  My PP cycles & symptoms were being totally wonky and I really didn't think I would be pregnant already.  But then, most of my babies were conceived similarly-- how many times can you be surprised?  lol.gif

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This one was a surprise, not as surprising as my second, though. I was exclusively breastfeeding my oldest when she was 5 months, was on the mini-pill, and used a condom when I became pregnant with my second in 2005. My husband and I have been legally separated since December 18, 2011 (our 7 year wedding anniversary) and I started letting him come around again since January of 2013. Well, things have been going well between us the past couple months. I had my Paraguard IUD removed over a year and a half ago. July we had sex once and here I am pregnant. Surprise! But not really. I am so happy to be pregnant again, even though now I'm working full-time. 

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Funny how many surprising non-surprises we have. :)

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I feel so boring, both our current DD and this upcoming little one were planned. :o I think both happened on the second cycle of trying too, we're very lucky with our fertility cooperating so well!

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Nothing boring about planned and wanted smile.gif very sweet

I never know how to answer this.... Somewhere in between. We've talked about kids....even a potential deadline in the near future to maybe start trying by.

In July I had a super short cycle... Became fertile while still bleeding. We were in the perfect place, the perfect mood and made a conscious decision in the moment.... And somehow there felt like a force outside of us too. I've always followed fertility awareness and never conceived. This was the first time where both party members were just real and present in the moment.... A most hearty invitation to the spirit world.

Of course , ever since I've felt this complete ovwrwhelm with just how unplanned it really was. I've never been hit with a reality as strong as.... This is the person I've chosen to parent with. Grateful for these months of preparation. Anybody have hints for surviving the relationship transition?!
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