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scared of having another baby

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I had both my kids via cs. Until recently when stumbled on this sight I've always thought something is wrong with my body. Now that I know the truth, I'm angry and also relieved cos I know that I was 'tricked' into having my sections. I love my children but I feel I was robbed of something cos of the way they were born I especially had a difficult time bonding with my youngest...I would like another baby but the thought of another section scares the hell out of me. Help...( my husband is totally against vbac cos he believes the doctor n that they know best ). #1st cs was cos of failed induction n 2nd failure to progress after only bout 24 hrs of labour #
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Every pregnancy, baby, and birth are intimidating, its like the fear of the unknown. If you know that you want to experience a vaginal birth then you need to do as much research as possible, present all the facts to your husband and have him talk to others who have had success. He needs to realize that doctors are not the almighty and all knowing, that they do things because of fear of being sued, because of convenience, and because they are misinformed or have evidence contradicting beliefs. Yes, they go to school, but OB's do not witness a completely natural birth without any interventions as part of their education. Also, if you avoid Pitocin in your attempt to VBAC, you decrease the chances of something going wrong significantly, its something to research. My advice as your first step would be to find a couple of VBAC friendly doctors that you would go to if you did become pregnant and you and your hubs talk to them with a handful of questions before you get pregnant. 

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My ceserean was due to a failed induction that I allowed myself to get talked into. It took me a long time to come to terms with it. 


I had a successful VBAC last year. The biggest hurdle is finding a TRULY supportive provider. Many providers will say they are supportive, but as you progress, they start to show their true colors. Check you your local ICAN chapter for reccomendations in your area.


I will also reccomend that you find a doula. Mine was instrumental in my VBAC. In fact, she was so inspiring that I am training to be a doula myself. 


I am also going to suggest presenting your DH with research. Improvingbirth.org and Vbacfacts.com are two great places.

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I will do my research very well this time and know my rights. I am a mother who wants a healthy baby and have it the way it was intended- down there not across my belly. I get encouraged whenever I read all the successful VBACs.
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indeed -- educate yourself as much as possible.  


i had a successful vbac (drug-free and intervention-free just as i'd always hoped) after one c-section.  i found a local i-can chapter and attended a couple of their meetings.  i found the women there to be very helpful and full of knowledge.  they also had lots of logistical tips just concerning where we live -- things i hadn't even thought of.


perhaps also subscribe to the vbacfacts e-mails.  jen's got tons of good info.  


most importantly, you've got to get your husband on board.  having his support is imperative.

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sorry, just now read the other posts.  everything i suggested was already mentioned.  great minds, you know.  :)


sorry ladies.  duh.gif

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