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One Year Olds Meet & Greet

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Welcome everyone! Please post a brief introduction and, if you are inclined, share a pic of your little one year old. We'd love to see them!

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Been reading Mothering.com for some time and it has helped me immensely when I needed answers to questions about pregnancy, birth and newborns. Not a normal/frequent poster or replier and yet I felt I wanted to share, since I am a Mother of a One year old.


My name is Jacqueline, my daughters name is Eleanor. Something that has come about in the last month is the confidence to have my daughter be babysat by my friends and family. Before I had felt too guilty in asking for time for myself, in just spending time by myself, not anything in huge specifics. Just to take time for perspective. I've gravitated back to doing Yoga, being an avid devotee before she was born. As I was saying, there was a change and perhaps all I had to do was ask my loved ones to care for Eleanor for a couple hours here and there and they were all more than happy to entertain. This seems huge, HUGE to finally feel comfortable. 


As a Mother of a One year old, I feel the rightto paint again, to write again, to think up creative photo shoots again. Asking for "alone" time to nurture the other parts of myself. These mediums came so easily to me before and I never thought I would feel so out of touch with my creativity and it did leave, somewhere I felt I needed to deal with Motherhood solely. It took me a whole year and part of my pregnancy to get back to who I am besides being a Mother.


This is more confessional than introductory. 


Hello Mothers of One Years Olds! I feel the milestone of a vast difference of what one year can do! I'm glad to be here, on the other side, since for the first time in my entire life I feel I got roots, I have a constant. And now, I am regaining creativity. A creativity I am excited to see grow, upon the grounds of some real hard work.


Where you at?



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Hi there, all you other one year old mamas! Glad to have some company in the insane world of a young toddler.

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Hi everyone!


My name is Shelley and I have a 16 month old who is the youngest of 3. Her name is Sahira. I  Also have a 4 year old and a 10 year old.  We are a homeschooling family and right now I am trying to juggle the one year old with the homeschooling.  I find myself often holding the nursing babe in one arm and helping with math problems with the other.


We live in the south but we are fish out of water with our more liberal views.


My dh and I have been married for 8 extremely happy years.  Not without their turbulence of course but we have so much fun together no matter what we are doing.  Be that raising a family and getting no sleep at 3 am or watching movies and talking in the living room after the kids go to bed. 


I haven't yet summoned the courage to leave my one year old without me but I can relate to finally feeling like I can be me again and have time to myself.  At least in the bedtime hours anyway....


Anyway, kind of a nebulous intro, I am happy to be here!

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HI All!


I'm Velvet, mom to Lucy (15months), and Trevor (5years).  We live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.  I work full time outside the home, and my partner is a stay at home dad.  We're going to start homeschool this year with Trevor, although it's not much different from what we've been doing up until now.  I'm also feeling the ability to be more independent, although I've not left Lucy with anyone other than here dad yet.  For me the hardest part of parenting is that first year, and I'm glad to be into what I think is the easier part.   Here's my sweethearts:


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Hi Mamas! I am Bruna, Mother to my son, L, who has just reached 15 months. Amazing year behind us. We are preparing to move into the country, onto an island off the British Columbia coast in Canada.

Mothering has been a great source of commiseration, comfort, caring and curiousity since starting my Motherhood journey.

I am expecting to be appreciating the company of distant but shared perspective Mamas even more as I move away from my city connections!

Hello to Jacqueline, tatangell9, Shelley and Velvet!

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Welcome everyone! So nice to have you here!!!



Jay Braun - love that image of you and your little one! And I know exactly what you mean about getting back to being who you are other than a mother. It took me a long time to do that and guilt stopped me for a long time. But I am a much better mother when I give myself the time I need to enjoy the other things in life that are important to me. love.gif


BrokenFish I agree that the first year is the hardest simply because it is so demanding of you as an individual. 


bruna - hope you have great internet service where you are going so we can stay connected with you! smile.gif

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Hello. My one year old is the fourth baby. He is a funny, active little fella. Life is busy, but I have to say I find parenting easier as time goes on. Busier for sure, but I'm not so worried about all the little things- how much he eats, how much he sleeps. It all gets sorted out eventually!

Hmm. I'm not sure how to add the photos into the post... Help?
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Hi. Our current one year old is #6 and the 5th girl of our brood. She is growing like a weed and constantly on the move, loves food, singing, and biting my fingers.

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Hello Everyone,


I have a 14 month old girl and a 5.5 year old boy. I am currently home with them but DS goes to school a half day (SK). My 1 year old is into everything but is also super funny. 

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Originally Posted by fruitfulmomma View Post

Hi. Our current one year old is #6 and the 5th girl of our brood. She is growing like a weed and constantly on the move, loves food, singing, and biting my fingers.

wave.gif  I think you were in the July 2012 DDC with me, right?  Or the September 2010?  Can't remember, but you look familiar! lol.gif


DD is #4 in our family, and our first girl. She's 13 months. This year has been so very sweet- the big brothers/baby sister dynamic is just too cute and I've loved watching her develop into her own person and seeing each of their relationships grow.   She likes to nurse.  And try on everyone's shoes.  And nurse.  


We're also newly expecting our #5.  This year is sure to be (another) great adventure. 


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Hi! My daughter, Ellora, is 13 months old. We are having a blast and enjoying this journey.Our current challenges: Ellora still nurses every 2-3 hours all night long and has only been falling asleep for naps in the car. I have to keep reminding myself it's all a phase; the good and the not so good.
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wave.gif  I think you were in the July 2012 DDC with me, right?  Or the September 2010?  Can't remember, but you look familiar! lol.gif

Hey, yes she was born in July and I was in that group. It got quite right after all the babies were born though.

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Hi all,


Just logged in first time in a long time. Have been checking in on mothering a lot lately but not logging in as I keep forgetting password so just as easy not to log in... But haven't been posting then. 


Happy coincidence just got the invite from this group too yesterday!


Glad to be here and meet other like minded mothers. DD3 was born April 2012 and is 16 months! Look forward to getting to know each of you.

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Hi Mamas, 

K is 15 months (almost 16). We've been having an amazing summer this year (no rain--and for BC, that's saying something) and I have been so grateful because we still live in a 1BR apartment (don't get me started about Vancouver rental prices!). We have our pre-nap outing and post-nap outing--she's fiercely active (nature or nurture? I'm not sure).  She's very much a water dragon: we swim about four times a week.


What an adventure it has been! The newborn stage is still vivid in my memory, when the thought of this little creature sitting up--let alone running--seemed forever away.







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Howdy!  My little guy just turned one and I was searching for some advice and ideas about meals for him now and found this new group starting.  Yippee!  So hello to everyone!

We are from Texas and I worked as play therapist in my pre-baby life.   It was a challenge figuring out how to be a full-time nurturer but I am happy to be at the one year mark.   We have finally found our rhythm!


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Hi new friends!  Elliott is almost 15 months.  DH and I just celebrated our 7th anniversary.  We live in Maryland where I own a dance studio.  DH is a dj, owns an energy auditing & retrofits company, and does construction in his"spare" time.  It is a busy, busy life we lead!  We are really enjoying our parenting journey.


Rowdie - we were both in the May 2012 DDC.  I was hoping there might be some people from that group over here! biggrinbounce.gif


E has inherited our "best" qualities - stubborn and completely adverse to change.  Here he is:


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Welcome everyone! So nice to see these gorgeous one year olds!! 


Kuba'sMama - I placed your images in your post for you. What a cutie! love.gif


Would be great to get all your DDC pals into this group - the more the merrier! So please invite them over if they are still around. I sent out invitations to DDC members but some folks don;t have notifications enabled. 

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Hi everyone,


Charlotte is 16 months old. I also have a 5 year old DS who is starting Kindegarten this week - I think Im going to have a heart attack Im so nervous!.

DH and I both work full-time so both kids have been in daycare and or preschool since 4 months old. Neither one of us have any family in the area either and I find working full-time with no family around with 2 active kids very stressful! I can't imagine have more than 2! Anyway happy to be here :) Here is my DD, although this picture is a few months old.





here is a more recent one

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