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Hello All!


I have a 15 mo old DS and a 4 yr old DS.  I work OH part time and DS #1 is starting Waldorf kindergarten 3 days a week in Sept so our lives are going to be changing in a couple weeks.  I'm nervous about getting into a different rhythm and how its going to affect everyone but especially DS#2 since its hard to explain anything to him. 


I am also looking forward to spending one on one time with DS #2. 


I don't have any pictures on my work computer (where I'm posting from, shhhh!) but I will try to edit with some pics when I get home. 


Happy to have a place to laugh and commiserate with other 1 year old mamas!

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Hi I am Trish and this is my little Saige. She is a little over 14 months. Shown here hoop dancing biggrinbounce.gif

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Howdy, MLog, good to see a familiar... avatar!


He's such a cutie! Love the pants.


And, yes, another stubborn May baby over here. Dunno where she gets it. lol.gif

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Hi everyone! I'm new to the group and to the "one year old" status--DD's (Madeleine) birthday was Saturday. I'm still trying to figure out where the past few months went! Haha.

I'm a FTM and a SAHM who also works PT at home. DD is the textbook definition of a high needs baby, which has been tough. She's never been looked after by anyone but my husband or me and has never taken a bottle, paci, sippy cup, etc. so I haven't gotten much of a break from her! Although I so love being so close with her.

We're still trying to figure out sleeping and eating, but overall, she's a wonderful, happy, sweet little girl.

Looking forward to getting to know everyone!
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I'm Laura, 30-something SAHM and homeschooling mom with a 16-mo-old who tags along and tugs at my leg for attention while I'm trying to do lessons! I wear him until he squirms, then take him out of the wrap until he fusses and wants worn again. All. Day. Long. lol.gif I'm not comfortable posting photos of my babes in the open-field Internet, but take my word for it when I tell you he's supremely cute! joy.gif
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Hi Laura! Nice to meet you! I plan to homeschool DD, so hopefully I can pick up some tips along the way. :-)

Your routine of in and out of the wrap sounds just like what we do, except DD doesn't really tolerate the carrier so she's usually in my arms. It's exhausting.. I think I literally hold her 85% of the day!
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Greetings, everyone! Our daughter Luthien just turned one year on November 30, and it's amazing to watch her explore her world. She cruises and crawls at top speed, opening drawers, pulling books off shelves, flipping the lid off the hamper, and investigating whatever she finds. She comes to work with us (we're both physicians and share a private practice) and likes to use our rolling examination stools as walking aids, pushing them around so she can stay upright without toppling. She's a curious, bright-eyed, friendly baby who delights us with her sunny presence.

Here she is doing what she does best: exploring!

And here she's meeting a cousin in New York (we live on the Oregon Coast).

I look forward to sharing this amazing year with you all!

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Welcome, PacificMar! What a beautiful little girl! And I really like her name. It sounds so regal. That's great that you're able to bring your daughter to work with you. I bet she enjoys it!

I have a question: for those observing Christmas, what do you do to keep the ornaments safe from our little explorers? We have left the bottom portion of the tree undecorated (which looks a little funny), but DD still seems to love yanking the branches, etc.

Also, what holiday activities/crafts are you doing with the 1-year-olds? I'm looking for ways to increase our enjoyment of the season without just spending more on gifts.
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Hello Everyone.

I am the father of twin 13 month old boys and a 4.5yr old DD.

I work FT out of the home Mon-Fri and my partner works FT out of the home on 12 hour night shifts. The children are with a good friend 1.5 days per week and me and my wife the other days.

It is a difficult rotating schedule, but we make it work and still find sufficient family time.


Our DD is in junior kindergarten full days Mon-Fri 8:45am to 3:20pm. And she is thriving.


It will be fun to read about the adventures that others are having with their kids as they go through this next year of life.

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