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"My one year old never sleeps"

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Over in the Toddlers forum, a mom placed this post last year:



I haven't posted much on mothering.com since my youngest was born last year. So I'm not sure if this is the appropriate forum, but I'm losing my damn mind and I think everyone else I know might stab me if they see me whine about it one more time.

But my one year old does not sleep. I don't just mean doesn't sleep through the night. I don't mean only takes hour long naps. I mean, since he's been born he has barely slept.

I don't know if I can link to a blog, so I hope this is kosher - it's a blog post I wrote that sort of gives a gist of it:


Since I wrote that post in April, it has not gotten better. It has gotten worse. The ped is not concerned (he doesn't live with him!). I put the gates up on his crib, walked away to get some coffee and some deep breaths about a month ago and he climbed out. So, I can't even leave him somewhere safe while I gather myself (ftr, I've done the crib thing maybe 3 times ever). Today, I had to hand him to my 8 year old while I took a couple of deep breaths and cried in the bathroom. :\

it starts at 9:30 every morning. The whining and crying and rubbing the eyes. The clinging and tripping and falling cause he's tired. If we're having a good day, finally around noon or 1 he'll fall asleep for a short time (like 30-45 minutes) on a bad day it just continues on until bed time. on a good night he'll sleep 2-3 hours before he wakes up. On a bad night he starts right in on a 30 minute wake up cycle.

It has only been in the last 2 weeks that my husband has been able to help out getting him to bed and naps (on the days he's home), so for the last year it's been all on me. But honestly, it's not enough still. I need this kid to sleep!!

I'm losing my mind here. He was never a good sleeper, but the last 3 days (coincidentally while my oldest who's 13 and my husband are out of town so I have no help) he is up every half hour at night and not napping at all.

I'm like 2 steps away from a total nervous breakdown. If he doesn't sleep soon, I might run away.

Any tips, tricks, ideas, suggestions, slaps in the face are welcome.


I know lots of moms have problems with sleep but it usually gets better at some point as babies become toddlers. How is your little one sleeping? Is this mom you too?

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Well thank God not anymore.  And literally I was on my knees praying for help one desperate morning.  I. Know. The. Feeling.  Looking back, there were so many things I would change.  But one is that I focused so much on trying to make my son sleep where instead I should have just slept myself.  And of course I had every reason and need to do the soothing and feeding and nursing myself, but the real problem is that I needed sleep and rest.  And I needed to do whatever it would take to just get the rest I needed.  So, we figured out what would work for us and I would get sleep.  For us:  It usually meant two nights a week giving him to my husband and taking a tylenol pm to sleep through my little one's wakings from 11pm - 5 am but It always made the next day easier.  He still doesn't sleep through the night regularly now, and I still reach my tipping point, but MAN what ONE good nights sleep will do for your perspective is amazing.

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