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spilled milk;)

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I am 37.3 weeks pregnant with gestational diabetes and a really big baby.  To avoid Cytotec/Pit induction I am working some more natural ways to get my body into labor or at least ready (acupuncture, herbs, breastpump).  Last night was my first try with the breastpump.  I've never nursed a baby before and didn't expect to get anything out so i didn't put bottles on the pump, just the sheilds and tubing.  After about 5 minutes my right breast starting squirting all over my pants and the floor!!  I quickly turned off the pump and ran in the kitchen to wash all the parts and bottles so I could collect anything else produced.  Sure enough, when I turned the pump back on I almost immediatly started getting more milk (though this time not all over my pants!).  Still only from the right side, not a drop on the left, but I guess thats an issues for another day.


My question is:  if I start producing colostrum now does that mean that  I wont have any/enough when the baby is born?  Can I "waste" my supply by pumping before the baby comes?  My midwife talked to us at the last visit about preparing to be offered formula at the hospital because the baby will be adjusting to a lower glucose environment and my need supplemental food, but if I can pump and save now maybe she can have that instead??


Thanks in advance for your advice:)


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You can save it in the freezer. I like to pump into bags, they take up less space in the freezer. Why give formula when you can plan ahead.
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