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I am pregnant and scared rant.

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I am pregnant for the 3rd time and becoming very anxious as the time passes by. My oldest was born at 28.6 weeks (60 days in the NICU) and my youngest was born at 35 weeks (3 weeks in the NICU). During my second pregnancy I was on weekly progesterone injections, and had bi-weekly cervical length scans until I delivered. During this pregnancy my Doctor is not watching me as closely (which is fine), but I am on weekly progesterone injections this time and will have a follow up cervical length scan on the 30th because my cervix measured only 2.8 cm during an abdominal ultrasound (the technician was new and the Doctor said she might have measured it incorrectly, which I am hoping with all of my heart she did).


I have always felt braxton hicks early on, and each time I feel them with this pregnancy it freaks me out. I know they're normal, but they still scare me and I worry they're doing something to my cervix. I am terrified of going into preterm labor again. I want nothing more than to make it to 36 weeks at the least and skip the whole NICU fiasco for the first time.


The whole short cervix thing has put a damper on everything at the moment. I am not looking forward to the appointment next week because I am scared it's going to confirm my cervix IS short. During my last pregnancies I did not have a shortened cervix, so why would I this time around? :( 


Grr. I just wish for once I could have an uneventful and normal pregnancy. greensad.gif


Sorry for the rant.

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I have no advice but just wanted to send some virtual hugs! I'm sorry you are going through such a rough time after a couple other rough pregnancies. I am wishing you well and that your scan turns out normal!

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Drink lots of water for those Braxton hicks and just take it as easy as you can for now.  Pregnancy will all of it's unknowns is scary.  Take things as they come a day at a time.  Wishing you an uneventful pregnancy.flowersforyou.gif

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I figured I would update this post! I gave birth a week ago at 38.4 weeks to a healthy little boy! I am so relieved to have made it to term, and it's been a wonderful experience having him with me straight from the start, and not having to spend anytime in the NICU! :joy

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Hooray!  Great update!

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Wonderful news!
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