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PCOS, trying to concieve, feeling hopeless.

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Hey there ladies. Came upon this website and decided to make an account. It looks like there are a lot of supporters giving great advice and that's just what I need right now. I have had PCOS for about 3-4 years. I got pregnant about 4 months after I was diagnosed, but unfortunately miscarried.. that was in 2011. I am married, and stable and feel like I'm just ready for a child and I keep getting BFN's. I charted my cycles.. I have a 33 day cycle. I keep TTC on my supposed ovulation days.. and it seems to make no difference at all. I still end up with BFN's. I'm so confused as to why I was able to get pregnant before and now I can't. I feel like I have a mild case of PCOS.. I never have any sort of pain. The biggest issue was that I gained weight and developed acne. I just lost a bunch of my weight and my acne is now going away. I'm not on any sort of medicine. Just trying to make healthier choices for my body. I dont want to try a fertility drug right now, I feel like there are other options and things I can try but needing a little help deciding what exactly to try. If there are any of you ladies out there who have PCOS and have success stories on getting pregnant, please comment and let me know. Explain little tips and tricks you maybe used to finally get that BFP! Thanks so much!

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Hi corkyanne!

I wish I had some great wisdom to impart but I do have lots of understanding! I'm so sorry you have gone through a miscarriage and now are not able to get that BFP!

Have you seen a doctor just to talk about future options? 3-4 years of trying (I think that's what I'm reading) is usually cause for some more testing. On both you and your significant other. I hope some are able to chime in with more natural helps too!

The only thing I saw was that you said you were TTC on your supposed fertile days. One thing that is very encouraged (yet tiring to some!) is trying to BD (baby dance ;) ) every second day. The thought behind this is to make sure the sperm is at it's optimal level and freshness and tries to cover a good portion of the month for whenever you may ovulate. 

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Hey, I know the frustration as we ended up doing IVF. Hugs to you...trying to get pregnant isn't always so easy. Have you had any doctors appointments for you or your partner. Sometimes even sperm can change it's mobility and quantity as you mentioned you had gottan pregnant before and having no success now.

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