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***The Vent Thread***

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Ok, maybe it is just the crazy hormones, but I REALLY need to vent.


Some days Im totally thrilled and happy and in love and so excited for this baby. The next day, Im crying and having second thoughts about EVERYTHING.


My man is super sweet and THRILLED to have a child. But I am a few years older then him...but I feel like a dozen years more mature then him. We have been fighting alot lately and Im getting scared that Im in over my head.


At the same time, I am totally in love with him and I dont want to do anything drastic. I know, Im really just ramboling at this point..but I think thats just what i needed to do.


Please tell me Im not the only one who feels like she is going crazy right now!

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Preggo crazies are here too. I'm on a rollercoaster of fear, joy, regret, and thrill about this pregnancy. Most of the fear lies with my career (this is undoubtedly a bad career move). But it'll be okay. 

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Im glad to know Im not alone. I hate to admit it, but I feel regret at times as well. I also have a career move...something that I have been working towards for nearly 8 years, and it was suppose to be finalized this november. Problem is, it wont happen if they find out that I am pregnant, and I will lose all the hard work that I have put in over the last 8 years to make this happen :(

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Don't let them find out! Keep going, mama. I plan on working hard every day til the day this one's born, like last time. You should too!

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Not just you! I'm feeling similarly about work. I am DREADING telling my boss. I have a feeling that I will be passed up on working from home if they find out I'm pregnant, too. So I want to try and keep mum until our busy season starts and they begin sending more agents home (should be happening in the next month to three months), but I don't know if I can hide it for that long. Then again, I'm so miserable at the end of pregnancy that working from home would be the better option because I know I could work until I go into labor. I cannot guarantee that if I have to get up, get dressed presentably, and drive myself 20 miles to the office everyday.
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I wish it was that easy to just not tell them. If they notice a belly on me, that's it...it's over :(


I would LOVE to still do it pregnant, but they absolutely will not allow it :(


Justamama, I hope you will get to work from home! That sounds like a great idea and alot easier on you then trying to make it in to work everyday.

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