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I'm new to the site after hearing about the mag on a PBS special the vaccine war. I'm not decided on how I feel about all vax, but I tend to want to keep them out of my lil girls life as much as necessary. I'm happy to say I've exclusively breastfed my now nearly 7 month old and I'm a believer that any woman who wants to probably can too. I feel sort of bad, but I really get annoyed with the excuses people make for why they "can't " breastfeed. Just own the fact that it doesn't fit your lifestyle and we'll all move on... I'm trying to figure out why I even care, but I do. Aside from that and my minimal babywearing experience via moby, which we've outgrown months ago; an ergo that was never my fave, a ring sling I first hated then adored, and now a std std kinderpack in an ugly print Bc that's all that was left in the comfort mesh at the local store. Umm I guess that's mostly it, I'm married, to my baby's daddy, and we have the best dog ever.
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Welcome to Mothering. I'm sure you will find lots of helpful information and advice in the forums. I am also on the fence about vaccinating and I also feel very strongly that every woman should at least try breastfeeding and that those who say they couldn't, for the MOST part, probably were misinformed, uneducated, and unsupported. I care because if I can spread the right information and help just one new or expectant mom give her baby the most precious of gifts then I have done something wonderful with my life. I probably sound crazy but if someone would have support and informed/educated me when I had my first and second child, things would have been so much easier. Yes, I breastfed them but I so wanted my first to take a bottle (he refused) and thought formula was somehow better than breast milk and that is why I supplemented so much with my second and weaned him from the breast at just 9 months. When I had to witness him with croup, ear infections, and on a nebulizer time after time I did some research and vowed to have a no option attitude towards breastfeeding. I went on to EBF my third and fourth and am currently still breastfeeding my fourth who is 10 months old. 

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