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Trapped Gas or Contractions? Henna to blame?

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Hello! I'm 21 weeks pregnant with my first, and am hoping some of you here can ease my fears. I had intercourse with my husband last night and a while later started experiencing some trapped gas. As the night wore on it seemed to worsen a bit. I was able to relieve quite a bit of gas by changing positions in bed/walking around for a while, but the pain persisted. It's the worst very low, right above my vagina, towards my left side. It has definitely improved, but the dull pain is still there. It feels a bit like round ligament pain, which I haven't had in a while so I forget exactly what it feels like. But it was always a sharper sort of pain for me, like this kind. I also had a bit of diarrhea this morning.I should note that this has happened before to me after sex as well, right around the time I got pregnant (though I didn't know I was at the time). I often had terrible gas/bloating/IBS symptoms before my pregnancy.


I used henna on my hair last night (pure red henna from Light Mountain that I bought at Whole Foods- it had one ingredient, so I know it was only henna). The last time I used henna I used the kind from LUSH and it had clove oil in it. I also had added hibiscus tea (which can bring on contractions - obviously I didn't know this at the time) and left it on overnight. Those pains were more achy/menstrual kind of pains. I rested and drank water and they subsided (I was also only around 14 weeks). I have never read anything about pure henna causing any sort of contractions in pregnancy and have only read about it's general safety. But the fact that the gas/pain happened as I was using it/after is freaking me out a bit.


I called the hospital and they said it could be round ligament pain, and to just rest and monitor it and drink lots of water, which I'm doing.


Do you guys have any thoughts? It could just be bad trapped gas/round ligament pain, right?

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I would stay away from henna the rest of your pregnancy if this is the second time you used it and had contractions.

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Yes, I definitely plan on doing that! I just really have a hard time believing it was the henna - all 3 times I made sure to use pure henna (besides the addition of the hibiscus tea) and I have never heard/read about anyone having a similar reaction during pregnancy. I thought I was doing the right thing by going the pure natural route. Crazy stuff!


I actually just got back from the doctor, who seemed to think it may have been the henna and not round ligament pain. So definitely no more henna until after baby is safe in my arms! But baby's heartbeat sounded great, no signs of a UTI or high blood pressure, so everything seems to be okay!

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