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low laying placenta

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Hello, I'm a new member, not sure I'm doing this right... But question for you, I'm currently 33+3 and have a low laying placenta, there's been talk of a cs which I'm fine with, having another US at 36wks to re check pp, but I've noticed sharp pains like my baby is trying to engage his head then after a few attempts he's really kicks and thrashes about... Should I worry about my baby becoming distressed? Or maybe rupturing the placenta? Xx
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Welcome Rhys mummy! We are very pleased to meet you and glad to have you join the Mothering community!


I'm going to move your post over to the I'm Pregnant forum where you can get some input from members there. Best advice I have is to see your healthcare provider for a check. Good luck!

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Of course talk to your doc for medical concerns, but I wouldn't worry. Baby is in with the placenta no matter what the position of it is, it grows to withstand anything baby can do in there. Also I wouldn't expect the baby would become physically distressed because of getting blocked from engaging either, more commonly it would be more from umbilical cord compression or things like that. I hope the placenta has moved up before your next scan though, to avoid the risks of detachment or it blocking the baby from birth, and avoiding the surgical birth if possible. If not I wish you a smooth and happy birth and quick recovery either way.

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