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I like that line about fear being excitement with out the breath.

People are more likely to be negative when they think they can talk you out of it. So stay positive. Keep that negative talk opportunity out of your life.

Rock it girlspn!
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Originally Posted by prescottchels View Post

Just keep breathing... anxiety & fear is usually just excitement w/o the breath! 


Great line! :)

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Thanks ladies!! Still waiting for my cycle to start. I need to distract myself! 


I told my youngest sister (22 years old) about the divorce and my SMC plan. She said if I had talked to her earlier, she would have suggested using a sperm donor to me, lol. Overall very supportive. 


My brother is now pushing for me to move back to Hong Kong, where he and all my sisters live. It's true I would get a lot more family support there, which is the only reason I'd move. But I do not like the rigid education system, and I find the city lifestyle incredibly stressful. Oh well, I've time to think... I'm in a good place now, a job that's not too stressful and I like my dd's toddler program. ART is not legal for single women in HK anyway.

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My cycle started! On CD 4 now. Made an appointment with my doctor on CD 10 to check on how the follicles are growing, then go on from there. I'm so excited I'm afraid of the disappointment. 


I'm preparing myself to inform my dad of my SMC plan. He loves my dd even though he initially disapproved of my marriage, so, I'm hopeful things will be ok. 


The other day, I ran into an acquaintance, and he said his friend is interested in me. I was taken by surprise. Now that my ex-husband has left, I'm open to dating, but still don't want to get into a relationship just for a kid. I feel a lot more relaxed now with just myself and dd. 

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So excited for you girlspn!
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So exciting!! Things are moving along!! I'd wait to start dating until you get pregnant. You don't need the extra stress right now even if it's kinda fun. You also don't need some guy that doesn't know anything about you talking you out of your plan for whatever reason. Ask me how I know :wink

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For real. I would have my SMC babe now if I didn't get so distracted by dating.
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do share, prescottchels!!! :P

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Had an ultrasound today to check on follicle growth. According to dr, the follicles are smaller than he expected at this stage of my cycle. He offered Clomid to help stimulate. 


I didn't expect this, but I'm neutral about it. My last few cycles averaged 35ish days, so I know timing it may be harder. 


So I accepted, and started Clomid today. 


The pharmacist where I went is dad of 3 kids who go to my dd's school, so now somebody in the community knows I have fertility issues. Kind of awkward!

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I got a positive OPK last night at 6pm! I'd been testing negative since Wednesday.. 


Going to inseminate today!

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So excited for you girlspn!! Sorry I've been absent...my puter fan died and it took forever for the new one to arrive! 

I'm in the midst of OPK & temping land too! I can't remember if I mentioned my possible known donor who then got into a relationship w/a friend of mine who wasn't down with him being my donor while they were together, but now they've broken up so he offered again so we're doin it! Well....not doing IT exactly lol it will be AI, but I'll be inseminating at home w/his fresh donation :innocent starting tomorrow. He agreed to a few donations so I'll have lil swimmers in there when the egg drops and then we'll stop. Feeling really good about this opportunity and if the Universe smiles on me I'll know by my birthday next month if I'm pregnant or not fingersx.gif


Ok, So there was this guy years ago that I met and had serious physical chemistry with right off the bat and it was around the time I had first decided to be a SMC, which he knew about cuz he had googled me before we met up and found a blog post about it. I was totally fine with him knowing and he seemed fine about it too, but then after we'd been hanging out for a while the idea of dating me pregnant with another man's baby kinda wigged him out, so that put me off trying for a little while, cuz he was also kind of toying with the idea of being my donor/co-parent blah blah.... so just stay the course and don't get distracted by these curve balls disguised as hot guys that the Universe sends our way :lol


And also the next 2 weeks are quite possibly going to drive you insane so try to keep busy and not think/obsess about every possible early symptom you think you might feel. It will only lead to more madness.


What's been goin on for you FarmerMomma?

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Yay, yay, yay, girlspn!!!

That's great news prescott!

I'm here loving on my 9 month old. And just adopted 2 month old girl..twins.

Okay well so they're puppies.

But the farm really needed them. Been having raccoon attacks. I can't believe I was dogless so long.
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:lol Famermomma, I was all like, "whoa, she's got her hands full!" but come to think of it, it doesn't matter if it babies or puppies you've still got a lot goin on lol What kind are they? Names, pictures, come on! They're your babies! You should be telling us all about them! :love

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Well as for the new girls, we've had them about 6 hours. They're border collies. We have been bouncing up and down and shouting "puppies" every few minutes or so.
They are sooo stinking cute and wiggly. Their markings are like mirror images, especially in the face. We got the alpha and a laid back one. So sweet.
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Omigosh! They ARE new to you! Holy moly! Love me a well-trained border collie. I have a friend that has always had those and they are just so sweet and loyal, but a little OCD if they don't get enough exercise or jobs to do. Enjoy all that puppy love!!

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prescottchels, glad to see you back! That's exciting news that you're doing AI with a donor! Even better that you get a few tries. I only had one IUI for this cycle (dr said that's all that's needed). 


I'm also sure that these 2 weeks will be insane. It's only 12 hours and I'm already wondering how it's all going in there. 


farmermomma, how do you manage to take care of kids and dogs???

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Facing some post partum puppy depression. I thought 2 would be great and they'd play. Well they play and fight. Grr.
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My 6 year old helps a lot.
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Its nice to see an active SMC thread here. I don't know why I didn't see this before.

I'm a single mama by choice to a 3 year old son and am hoping to get started with number two this year.

Nice to meet you ladies.

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girlspn-how's the TWW? Should be over or nearly there... I still have a few more days of my TWW. I have a sense that I'm PG. I hope it's not wishful thinking :wink
Famermomma-are the puppies settling in? Hopefully things are a little less chaotic...?

esg-welcome to our thread!! Do you have a plan for how you'll conceive #2? 

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