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I have yet to put Jaya in tummy time for more than 2 minutes. She will instantly fuss, which turns into an full blown scream. We work on her neck strength a bit when i hold her high on my chest or I try sitting with her in a semi reclined position. Should I work on it more? I talked to her PCP about it and his response to everything is "she's perfect don't worry about ____."

we were told by the midwife and the hospital that what you're doing totally counts as tummy time. 

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I think even baby wearing counts - exactly what you're doing, but hands free wink1.gif. For me, tummy time on a flat surface becomes more useful/fun around 4 months or so to help baby prep for crawling
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See, I see this as a time for fun not just utility.

Jean Piaget, A developmental psychologist, used to joke that whenever he was in the US he would always get the same question. He nicknamed it the "American question." That is, "how do I get my kids to speed up developmentally?" Apparently, this is not such a universal source of stress in other cultures.

I don't see tummy time as anything more than something fun for DD to do when she is alert and content.
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Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to speed her through the stages. I made that mistake with DD1: i wanted her to crawl already, then found out the hard way what life with a crawling baby is like lol. What I meant was that around 4 months is when DD1 started really enjoying it as it helped her do more fun things. Tummy time isn't much of a hit with DD2 yet but she's loving being sat up straight on my lap. A big hit all around is DD2 in the baby swing while DD1 sings and dances for her. DD1 is 2.5 so the singing is "lalalala" and the dancing mostly involves spinning and jumping lol
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I was reading an article about different words parents use to describe their kids, and "highly developed" and "intelligent" were unique to North America.

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I read an article about that. It makes me SO sad! Kids aren't allowed to just be kids anymore! Don't get me started! Lol
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