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Need Doc recs in Columus, OH

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My DH and I recently moved to Columbus, OH.  I'm starting the process of looking for some helathcare providers for our family.  Here's what I'm looking for:


1.) A family Dr., or a Dr. for me and DH and a good Ped for DD.  We just all went to a family doc, since NONE of the Peds where I moved from would take anyone who doesn't vax.  This Dr/s needs to be ok with the fact that we don't vax.  Also, openness to alternative medicine would be a plus.  Or perhaps practice alternative medicine themselves.  Although, having a Dr. that is covered by insurance for emergencies is something that I would like to have first and foremost, and I'm thinking that won't be covered by insurance. 


2.) A good wellness chiro, or osteopath.  Basically someone who we can all see for preventative, manipulative care.  (So trained to see kids would be needed.)


3.) A naturopath.  I've never seen a naturopath, as the alternative medicine options were very limited where I was, but I have basic knowledge of homeopathy, natural/herbal remedies, and would love to have someone who is much more knowledgeable than I in my arsenal.


I think that's all.  If I could find a doc that did all of that, that would be a dream come true.  Until then, send any suggestions you have my way! Thanks!

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Bump. Anyone?
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I don't have children yet, so do not have firsthand experience with any of these doctors.  However, I have read many recommendations of them, and know some acquaintances who have seen them.


Family Practice doctor who is very alternative minded, usually recommends naturopathic treatments first:

Teresa Quinlen





Dr. Sant



Dr. Carine




and then finally, the chiropractic office I go to is phenomenal.  I highly recommend them, both doctors are trained to work with children and are very natural health oriented, but not in a gimmicky, or highly product focused way (i.e. they're not going to try to sell you anything)


Tri Village Chiropractic 





Hope that helps!!

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I've also heard great things about Dr. Carine.



My chiropractor is fantastic! Dr. Kevin Reilly: 614-488-8182

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