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I'm new here and have been reading over the mental health board. I am hoping to find ways naturally to eradicate the phobias and anxiety/panic I've been challenged with since 2000. Phobias may be something not covered here, but I'm hoping. The main phobia I'm challenged with is taking any kinds of medicine and pills. I have dealt fine with things until I was recently diagnosed with a stomach bacteria, and was given two different meds for the anxiety along with two different kinds of antibiotics with Lansoprazole DR. (Also a pill and medicine) which is for acid build up or something and substituted for prevacid. Until a severe panic attack in 2000 I was a healthy individual for the most part. Having to take harsh drugs is something I hope to be able to avoid, as I have been given every kind there is for the panic/anxiety  (have yet to be able to take anything.) Hope to find more natural ways to cope and heal is my reason for signing on. Please to meet you all.

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Welcome maydoll! We are very pleased to meet you and glad to have you join the Mothering community! Looking forward to reading more from you. love.gif

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