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Waiting for the May DDC Thread

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I'm sure I can't be the only one anxiously waiting for the May DDC to open. I'm technically due April 28, but my first was 4 days late, so I figure there's a good chance that this is a May baby.


Anyone else waiting and want to trade symptoms/plans/concerns/excitement?

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I'm hoping to join it :)  The 2 week wait....ahhhh! haha

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Tentatively joining with a May 5 due date. I expect I'll actually have an April baby since my longest pregnancy was 38w4d, but I'll stick with the may DDC smile.gif

(Tentative because we've been trying for a while and it is still really early, but the line was dark enough today that I feel comfortable calling it BFP and not just wishful thinking! )
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MrsGail - Good luck! When does your 2WW end? Or at least when do you plan to break down and start testing?


Congrats, ocelotmom! Welcome to our unofficial DDC. :) I'm not a big fan of the limbo time between 2nd line on the test and being able to hear a heartbeat. I'm finding myself more relaxed about it the second time around, at least. I've definitely got enough symptoms going to feel confident my placenta is growing, and hopefully my little bean is, too!


AFM, the nausea kicked in a few days ago at 4w3d or so - about 3 days earlier than last time. Bleh. But it hasn't been too bad so far. I'm trying the strategy of eating every time I feel nauseous, and so far it is working. I spent the 6-16 weeks with my son basically laying on a couch moaning all the time from the unrelenting nausea, and I'm really hoping to avoid that this time. Partly because it generally sucked, but mostly because, well, somebody's got to watch my kiddo! I've already got the constant urge to pee going, too. I thought I was completely crazy for feeling that way this early in my first pregnancy, but then I read that increased progesterone levels cause more frequent urination, not just having a baby bouncing on your bladder. I'm tired, but that's pretty normal, so I don't know if that counts. Mostly, I'm really excited for this baby. I wish my dh were feeling the same, but he's mostly very worried about the future and how we'll handle two kids. I want him to be excited with me! It's not like he wasn't an informed and willing participant in making this baby, but I guess the reality of it is really hitting him right now.


Anyway, hope to have more people join us soon!

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No real symptoms here so far, but I'm still only 13 DPO. I've had a little lightheadedness, a little loose stool, which is a symptom for me, and my face had been breaking out a little, but nothing definitely related. Nausea hit me like a ton of bricks at about week 5 last time, so I'm hoping I get a little time to just enjoy things!
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Hoping to join the May due date club as well!! Got my BFP today! It will be our first so I'm nervous and excited at the same time.
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ocelotmom - I don't remember loose stools as a symptom from last time, but it has definitely hit me this time. Not a big fan!


Gigi - Welcome! I understand the nervousness. I was a WRECK with my first for the longest time. Every little thing convinced me it was all over. It didn't help that our son took a year and a half to conceive, so I had time to read plenty of stories of loss in that time, and it didn't seem like we could really be pregnant after all. Hugs to you, and sticky vibes!

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What are people thinking about care providers? Going with someone you've seen before? Planning on finding someone new?


We haven't really decided anything yet, except dh is definitely not on board for a home birth. I'm semi-interested in home birth, but not enough to make it a fighting point. We had a birth center birth last time, and I think there is a good chance we will go with the same birth center/midwives, but I'm not sure. My son's delivery was pretty traumatic in some ways, though not due to the midwives or anything they did. I did dearly wish for an epidural at about 8 cm, but I don't think they would have given me one in the hospital at that point, and I doubt I could have held still for one even if they had. I also don't think I could deal with being made to lie on my back during labor. I don't know - so many pros and cons!

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Probably the homebirth midwife we went with last time. If, for whatever reason, it doesn't work out with her, I'm really not sure. There aren't really a whole lot of options around here. I'm not ideologically tied to homebirth. My second was a wonderful hospital birth. But I do feel like it has to be the right hospital, and the ones around here pretty much aren't. I went into this thinking that maybe I'd at least give the new OB in town a chance, but now I just don't want that bother. My midwife last time was basically on the same page as me the whole way through, and it was so pleasant.

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Yay! I got my BFP on Monday (tested at only 10 dpo because I had morning sickness that day...already. Joy.) due around May 3 give or take a day, and I've been very impatiently waiting for the DDC to open. This is #1 though so I'll probably be late wink1.gif Planning on a homebirth.
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Monkey science--:) I'm only 3 DPO!  But we've been planning/hoping for a May 2014 baby for over a year now and I've been "counting down" the DDC's as they are posted... My gut feeling is that I'm not pregnant, but what do I know.  It's not like I have done this before, and it's WAY to early for any symptoms.  I'm just reallly hoping!

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We can certainly launch the May 2014 DDC now. :) Any volunteers for group leader? We prefer at least two. :)

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Monkeyscience - Thank you! It only took a month! Which from all the fertility comments (mom is very fertile, rained on my wedding day also a sign of fertility and we had an astrologist at my bachelorette party who also said I was fertile) I figured it wouldn't take long after I went off birth control and I'd be pregnant within a month. Everyone told me I wouldn't get pregnant that fast and after I went off BC I then started thinking it was going to take a lot longer. It's been exactly a month, how crazy! Due date is May 3rd (husband's birthday). Everything is working out exactly how I hoped it would (which is weird). However, we're both so excited!

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ocelotmom - Hey, why mess with a good thing? I guess my thought is that I could perhaps have a better experience than I did with my first, but it would be pretty easy to have a worse experience, so maybe I should just stick with what I know!


Verdahekawi - Congrats, and welcome! And sorry about the morning sickness. Hopefully it was a fluke and you get feeling better!


MrsGail - I was on another site where they have DDCs open 3 or 4 months in advance, and they are FULL of people planning for a baby a particular month. It's kind of nuts. I hope your plans work out the way you want them too. And yeah, definitely too early for symptoms. I was SURE I wasn't pregnant this time around, because I had none of the symptoms I had with my son, and my temperatures were a little iffy. I was very, very surprised to see that second line!


Cynthia - You can count me in for a group leader, as long as no one cares that I'm technically due in April, and I don't have to do anything weird like sacrifice my firstborn child. winky.gif


Gig - Lucky!!! Some people have zero trouble getting pregnant after going off BC, other people have a nightmare of a time and wish they'd never taken it. You just can't know until you try, and I'm glad you were a fortunate one. I'm still so happily surprised that this one only took a month, too!


AFM, went to a little celebration today at the local hospital for moms who made it to a year of breastfeeding, which was fun. I am so tempted to spill the beans to everyone, but I'm holding back. We have told our families (parents and siblings), mostly because I'm so excited, but partly because I got so sick last time and we want them to know what's up in case I need help with our son. Also, even if we do end up having a miscarriage, I would want my family to know about it. I would hate to have the first thing they hear about my pregnancy be that we had lost the baby. So we are celebrating for now! And that's also why I come on MDC, too, so I can share but still keep my secret. orngbiggrin.gif

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I'll probably be floating between here and the April DDC. Due April 27 but all my babies have come between 41 and 42 weeks so I'm expecting a May baby. This is my 4th and will be my 3rd HBAC. I'm a midwifery assistant for the midwife who was here for my daughter's birth. She's going to be out of the country for part, or most, or all of this pregnancy so I'm doing a combination of unassisted and having her around for support during pregnancy. The actual birth will hopefully be her and another midwifery friend of mine, but much more there as friends and support than "midwives". So, sort of a UC, I suppose. Still sorting out the details. A part of me really wants to UC. I think it'd be really empowering and I've come up with all kinds of idealistic plans for doing our own prenatal care and such. But a part of me feels like I'll be missing out on the quality of care you get with a midwife. There's plenty of options in our area and I guess I should feel lucky since I know that isn't the case in a lot of places. But I'm picky and frankly don't really want to birth with anyone but "my" midwife. Honestly, I started crying when she told me she might not be around for the birth and will likely be gone most of the pregnancy. But we'll see how it all plays out. Feeling okay overall. Pretty exhausted. Nausea off and on. Really crampy today though which has had me a little freaked out but I"m hoping it's just my uterus started to stretch and grow! (I'm 5w2d today)

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Found out this weekend that I have a EDD of May 5th!  This is also my dad's bday.  It's likely more like May 7th based on when I ovulated but I'm fine going with May 5th since its easier for everyone.  I go for bloodwork tomorrow to confirm!  This is my first baby and I'm so excited/nervous!  I've had a little light cramping on the right on and off but I'm reading that that's normal...

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bmetz: Congrats! I'm totally with you on the nervous/excited. It's our first too and right now it just doesn't seem real. We want to tell everyone so bad but we're waiting until we're in the safe zone (parents excluded since we'll be telling them soon). My EDD is May 3rd, which is my husbands birthday. I thought that was cool, however, he's being selfish and hopes its not on his birthday which chances are he'll get his way. I've been having cramping too. Didn't look too much into it since I tend to read TO much into things so i'm trying to keep the internet searching to a minimum. 

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Wow, what's with all the husbands with May b-days? My husband's is May 8th. I'm hoping he and the baby don't share a birthday for two reasons - that would mean the baby was 10 days past the EDD, and hubby's b-day already falls on Mother's Day, so we don't need any more craziness. I think a Cinco de Mayo baby would be fun, though.


Also, cramping is often very, very normal. I was absolutely convinced I was getting AF when I got pregnant with my son because of all of the intense cramping. But it can just be implantation/placenta growing. I actually thought I wasn't pregnant this time because there wasn't any cramping. I've had some in the past few days, though, which has actually been reassuring to me!


Anyone else want to  be the fearless co-leader of the May DDC so we can get the ball officially rolling?

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Originally Posted by Cynthia Mosher View Post

We can certainly launch the May 2014 DDC now. :) Any volunteers for group leader? We prefer at least two. :)


What's involved? I feel like I should volunteer, but my plate seems to be getting excessively full already.


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Found out this weekend that I have a EDD of May 5th!  This is also my dad's bday.  It's likely more like May 7th based on when I ovulated but I'm fine going with May 5th since its easier for everyone.  I go for bloodwork tomorrow to confirm!  This is my first baby and I'm so excited/nervous!  I've had a little light cramping on the right on and off but I'm reading that that's normal...


You're my due date twin, in that case! 


I have a funny symptom - little flutters that feel almost like kicks, but it's obviously entirely too early for that. I'm guessing muscle twitches or something. 


Also, the DDC picture for June 2014 looks just like someone I work with. A little strange!

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ocelotmom - Here's a thread with info on being a group leader. It doesn't seem like it would be too much work - it's not the same as being a mod. And I would imagine that the group would be open, so we wouldn't need to approve join requests or anything.

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