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Okay I'm now 31+4. Baby is active, big head down. I've had cramping after dtd. But really zero BH. Zero. This is not my first baby rodeo. I had bh in each one text book types. Nothing yet. What's happening with the rest of you?
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I have them all the time. Sometimes it is like all day long. Honestly, they knock the wind out of me and I'm not too fond of them. Started having them at 12 weeks!
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I haven't really had any yet
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I have them daily, and I'm with Dalia- they take my breath away. Recently they've been more crampy feeling instead of tight but painless, but not every time. 

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I've had my uterus contract after dtd as well but that's it. Absolutely nothing otherwise.
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I have them ALL the time! I hate it! I have been having them since about 20 weeks.
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My mw says some multis are driven nuts by them...so far nuttin
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I've been getting them since 19/20 weeks noticeably and they've definitely been increasing and getting stronger. Having an orgasm is NOT fun, because it feels like a boa constrictor is around my stomach.... and my husband wonders why I don't want to have sex. It's my first baby. I've been drinking red raspberry leaf tea since I found out I was pregnant (and before actually... i'm pretty sure my pms tea had it in there) so I think that has something to do with it. Now that I'm in my third trimester i'm upping the red raspberry tea to twice a day everyday.. i read a lot of studies that it equals quicker more effective labor. 

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I started noticing them at 8 weeks. Then they went away for a few weeks, which was nice! Now I get them every day, but luckily not all the time. I get super crampy after sex, too. I didn't even notice them until the last couple of weeks of my first pregnancy (and even then, they weren't that noticeable). I don't remember getting them a whole lot until near the end with my other pregnancies either, although more than with my first. This has definitely been my crampiest pregnancy.

Yogini, I've consumed red raspberry leaf tea in all of my pregnancies and, so far at least, I've had quick, effective labours...even with my first baby who was posterior. I'm not sure if the tea's responsible, but it's always something I don't do without during pregnancy!
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I think I'm having them but not feeling them. Maybe its the anterior placenta.. I get breathless, and if I touch my stomach its hard but not always everywhere...lol 6th pregnancy and always something new!
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Shiloh, that sounds about right. I get really breathless as well!
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Yes! I feel mine, but the breathlessness is what really gets me! 

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I have felt like I was having a panic attack and then I am like, oh it's just a contraction LOL.
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So reading the last few replies made me think. I have noticed a few times recently feeling sort of breathless - kind of like how it feels when I lay on my back and I feel like someone's sitting on my chest because of that big vein being compressed. Just now I noticed that feeling again and took the time to feel my belly and it was pretty hard. And it's happened a few times in a row now, so I guess I AM having contractions and I didn't realize it. It's definitely a new development in the last week or so though. Very interesting!

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I am having them but never sure when. I don't notice or realize its happening unless I touch and feel from the outside. My BH with first preg were the same - I could only feel them from the outside. No complaints! smile.gif
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Having them here too, pretty regularly.  I get the a lot at work; my job is pretty physical at times.  They don't seem to bother me.  I'm on the RRL wagon too.  It didn't help me with my first (20 hours of labor).  I tried to do the strong infusion the day of the birth but couldn't keep anything down.  I know it tones the uterus so I'm still hoping for the best this go around.   34 weeks.  I can't believe it's gone by so fast.  

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First pregnancy for me, at the start of week 34 now. I think I was having them before I really knew it. For at least a month {if not a little longer} I'd wake up about half the time to a very tight belly/core but didn't think anything of it. The ones I that make me stop and take notice haven't happened too often. Cramping type pain in my lower back, then the muscles tighten and bunch all around my core and I have a rock for a belly. Mine seem to last a while too. And I'd rank them as more of a discomfort then real pain at this point. I wonder how much genetics play a part? My mother never really notice any in all five of her pregnancys. Drives me nuts when they come on when I'm hungry though, there isn't much room in then before all that bunching.... I did tell DH that if I feel real labor in my back like that then there is a very good chance I will want some rubbing. How hard is it to tell the real thing from BH anyways?

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I'm 32+2 now and over the past week or so, I've really noticed an increase in my BH contractions. I had a lot last night, but they were clearly just BH, so I didn't get worried or anything.

OklaFarmMama-It's kind of hard to explain (plus I'm not great with words), but BH do feel different from labour contractions. I want to say there's more pressure with labour contractions, and they get more regular and intense. I do, however, spend a good chunk of labour in denial, saying they might just be BH, which isn't great because I tend to have quite short labours! I will say, though, that I've had three babies and I've never not made it to the hospital/had the midwife not make it in time. I'm sure everyone's experience is different, though.
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