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I'm expecting TWINS!

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Thank you for having me join this wonderful group where I can learn all that needs to be learned especially all things related to having multiples.  I do have a child who is a lot older so it's like starting over from scratch, but with multiples.  I'm very excited! I can't wait to meet my little bundles of joy.  I know a lot of you have very valuable advice and I can't wait to hear it. 

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Hi and Welcome to Mothering!


You might check out our Parenting Multiples forum as well as I'm Pregnant.  Lots of great resources!  


Have you joined a Due Date Club yet?

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Hi there


Congratulations on the twin pregnancy! twins.gif I don't know anything about singleton pregnancies as my twins were my first time if you like, but if you feel like asking anything feel free smile.gif x

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