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omg yes! hes head down!, if anyone saw my other thread he was transverse and killing my hip. im still in pain with my hip and left leg but hes head down and i only have 3wk left till hes here! plus now i dont have to worry about a csection ive transfer my registration from mays tough mudder to nov tough mudder( since i was 5mos at the time i could go :( im so excited to start training and to do this. plus my bday is in nov (dh bday to) we didnt do anything last time since he was on deployment.


aa im so excited to meet my son! i wish i could have him today but he still needs to cook :)

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Glad to hear he turned.  Hope your hip gets some relief soon.

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Way to go baby! No, really, that's literally the way to go!

mexiflower- hope your hips get better soon and yay for tough mudder! Obstacle races like that are the only thing that tempt me to keep running (I find running to be boooooooooring!)
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LOL THANKS LADIES.  i hate to run but i love it. if i start running ill end up running for like 3miles! in one workout.its they only things that i love to do as far as working out but i hate it. haha i got me a super nice jogger system so i cant wait to use it. :)


and my doc said my uterus is just big and thats why im hurting. but it hurts when hes kicks me and my left leg feels like i have a pinched nerve in my butt that is just killing me with getting up and walking. just pain up and down my leg :(.

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Good news!

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Good boy!!
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That's really good to hear!

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Hooray! So happy for you!
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thank you!! now im ready to have him haha!

Mothering › Groups › September 2013 Due Date Club › Discussions › HES TURNED!!! :)