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Feeding Frenzy!

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So please please offer up any ideas of finger foods your toddler will eat!  What type of cereal do you give them now?  We eat oat bran made with almond milk in the morning can I just give him a little of that?  


My little man eats basically nothing.  He takes it and drops it to the floor.  I try really hard not to get frustrated but I'm not usually successful.  Just now he took his turkey loaf bites, broccoli, and carrots and threw them all on the floor.  :(  So then I feel like crying and I avoid the next meal because I just have a feeling of doom about it. 


If we were still EBF I wouldn't be that worried but we aren't.  My supply dwindled at 7  months and although he still loves to nurse he's not getting much out of me, maybe 6 oz over the course of a day.  So we've been supplementing with formula and I was really hoping to just be able to get rid of it the day he turned one thinking magically the food and little breastmilk would be enough.  So I'm really disappointed that his love of table food has not transpired.  


Erg...I feel totally at a loss for any direction.  Help?

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We pretty much did baby-led solids starting around 6 months and E has always been a great eater so I can't commiserate but I can tell you what he likes to eat. We are a gluten-free household since DH has an intolerance and we are still going back and forth as to whether we think E has a milk allergy. Breakfast is usually rice chex with whole milk or almond milk. He sometimes uses a spoon but more often just reaches in and grabs the cereal and gets milk everywhere. He always has fruit as well. He really enjoys flavorful meats, any fruit (blueberries are his favorite). He likes gluten-free happy puffs in various flavors. Some days he likes tomatoes, some days he doesn't. He pretty much eats what we eat. I can always get him to eat fruit if nothing else. He does not like squishy foods like avocado, mashed potatoes, oatmeal, etc. He has always fed himself from the very beginning - never been spoon fed. Maybe just give him ample access to different kinds of food and try not to stress about it. In my limited experience, once I'm able to let go of my expectations and worries things work themselves out. Hopefully someone else will have more constructive advice.
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I agree with giving him access to foods that are safe and let him explore and see what he likes. I think oat bran with almond milk should be fine. If he likes banana maybe mash one up and mix it into the cereal. 


For grains I'd go with things that are higher in nutrition, like quinoa and millet. You might try some frozen vegetables and fruit to see if he is more interested in them. Some little ones love the coldness of them, especially when teething. Frozen sweet peas, carrots, blueberries, etc. Some babies like things you wouldn't think of, such as tomatoes and avocados. 


Here are a couple of books to check out:


Feeding Baby Green

Feeding the Whole Family


Here's a workshop we did a few years back Feeding the Family


Anyone else find foods their baby likes that somazzy might try?

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I have similar frustrations with my LO from time to time. Here are strategies that helped me. I should also mention that we did BLW (no spoon feeding/purees) and she is a champ at signing, so that has immensely helped with communication. 


1. I only give very few bites at a time, like 2 pieces of food. If I put a lot in front of her she gets overloaded and either starts dropping food on the floor or "cleans up" and starts wiping her mat in front of her. So start with 2 bites and offer more as he requests it. This also puts them in charge of the feeding and allows them to take ownership. I offer 2-3 different things at each feeding (sounds like you do too) and again it allows her to be in charge of things and decide what she wants and doesn't want.

2. I wait till I know she's hungry. So, instead of putting her in her high chair when I THINK she should be hungry, I wait until she signs for food or even until she gets a bit fussy and I know she's hungry and usually she cleans house. From all the reading I've done, allowing them to FEEL hunger helps them associate that food ends that feeling and helps them. 

3. I get really frustrated when I have cooked something nice/spent a lot of time on it and all she does is drop it on the floor. So, I stopped. She eats what we eat. And if she doesn't, then she doesn't. Basically, I stopped caring so much. I do have nursing to fall back on, but I guess what I'm saying is...they won't starve themselves (unless something is seriously wrong). Letting go of my preoccupation and obsession over how much she eats has really helped me ease my frustrations with it all. The book, "Why French Kids Eat Everything," helped me get a handle on this.


Here are my go to foods: avocado, sweet potatoes (try different flavors for variety), any type of bean (I'll make a pot and then saute a serving up with different flavors: garlic, basil, tomatoes, etc.), cheese (I use a yogurt cultured cheese as she doesn't do very well on regular cow's milk cheese), FRUIT of any kind. I also let her eat butter. Like pieces of butter (I'm able to find a great local source, but kerrygold is always an excellent choice at the market or an organic cultured butter too). Just cut up like cheese. She recently started drinking smoothies, which is awesome b/c I can hide so much great stuff in there! Full fat yogurt, kale, flax seed, nuts, anything you think they might be needing/deficient goes in the smoothie and masked with fruit and it has been a great solution for us. 


Hope some of this helps!!! Keep us posted on how things are going...

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Thanks for all of your tips and encouragement!  We have started signing and it is cool to see him want "more" unfortunately I think he thinks "more" means "more toasted Os"  :)  But that's ok.  At least we are communicating.  And I also get the very clear sign that when he takes it from my hand and drops it to the floor he is not interested.  So we move on to the next thing.  I started a journal today so that I can keep track of what's happening.  I have a tendency to negative flood so this will help me see objectively I hope.  It also helps me switch from right brain to left brain after a meal.  So no tears.  Just type.  :)  I'm definitely going to check out those books for more ideas.  Thanks again for those!  And yes, the less work the less of a feeling of defeat.  I have learned that well.  Today he threw his chicken and squash to the floor but they were just leftovers so no biggie.  (And there I go again negative flooding.)  He DID actually take three bites of chicken then threw the rest on the floor.  :)  


Many thanks for listening and sharing!

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ajmcallahan - Smoothies are such a good idea! I'm going to try them soon. Sometimes our baba boy loves eating, sometimes he won't even taste the food. Especially when he's tired or, recently, teething. I've been surprised by some things I hadn't expected him to be interested in: olives, grated cooked beetroot, 'french toast - egg bread'. We try to expose him to the same sort of food we eat. He's loving chomping on sugar snap peas, strawberries, bananas. He loves hummus, we put it on toast or rice cakes. He enjoys meat, but I need to work on getting him interested in veggies. I offer some every day. Some times he may pick something up and try it, or absolutely ignore it. He doesn't like being fed and we are much better offering foods he can feed himself. One day he absolutely devoured a hard boiled egg cut into quarters, then wouldn't touch it again after. :eyesroll


It also really helped me to be realistic about what amount of food is enough. I read that it's much less than you would expect, try to imagine their tiny baby fist sized 'tummies'. Good luck! 

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