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the thought of returning to work is making me sick :/

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My little girl is 10 weeks old and i have only 6 weeks left of leave greensad.gif i know thats more than some people get, but it isnt enough. Im already making myself sick thinking about going back. The good thing is that my mom lives in the town i work and she will be watching her so i can visit during lunch. But right now i ebf and im dreading figuring out how much to pump and how/when to pump without screwing up my supply (had serious oversupply issues and dont want to make it worse). Im so depressed that ill likely miss milestones like first steps, etc. And my LO has been a handful from the start with weeks and weeks of crying. Shes settling down a bit but still needs to be held most of the time. I know my mom loves her and is great with kids, but im scared she wont be able to comfort her the way myself or my husband can. Ugh. Im a childrens librarian in a public library and my hours tend to suck so by the time we even get home ill pretty much have to put her right to bed. I guess thats all my whining for now greensad.gif im just really stressing and upset about this greensad.gif
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Ahh, it is so hard. I was usually in denial at the point you are at, with a few weeks left. It sounds like you've had a rough time with a fussy baby, and you just want to relax and enjoy her.


I'm assuming you can't take any more leave time or you'd be doing that. It is so great that your mom can take care of her. I think people who are related tend to have the same sort of physical gestures and strategies, so I bet your mom's care will feel to some extent similar as yours (rocking, swaying motions).


The nursing/pumping stuff can be a challenge at first, but it does get to be a routine that works out for most, and it is not forever!


Enjoy these sweet moments when you are together. It will work out as she gets a little older and you adapt to your new routine.

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It can be so hard to go back, try to enjoy your remaining weeks hug.gif

As far as pumping goes, I'm sure you'll get it figured out pretty quick. I'm sorry about your hours making it hard, have you considered trying to move your DD's bedtime? Not sure if that would work better for you. As far as milestones go, I know this can be very hard, but even if you SAH you can miss milestones too, so try not to feel too bad about that. The first time you see crawling/walking/etc. will still be the first time for you and it is still exciting!

So glad your Mom can care for her. It won't be the same as you and DH, but having family care for her is as close as you can get, so that's wonderful. And your DD will be able to get to know your Mom really well and vice versa, so that's nice for the two of them as well.

hug.gif for you again!
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Thank u both for the words of encouragement smile.gif ive always been a career oriented person and didnt expect that the thought of going back to work would be soooo hard. Im hoping that my LO will settle down more in the coming weeks and my mind can be at least a little more at ease.
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This was me a few months ago! Our situations sound very similar as well. My mom watches my son while I am at work, and I go home at lunch every day to nurse him. It has worked out well. He is so loved and they are very attached, and I dont think he has been hurt at all by my working. Sometimes I feel sad, but it is just me feeling sorry for myself that I miss out on things. It will be hard, but you can do it. As far as breastfeeding go, it is not as difficult as I anticipated. Breastfeeding at lunch helps alot. I also pump twice a day at work. I also had oversupply issues in the early days, and still tend to pump more than my babe eats but I am able to donate it to other babies. Good luck! Let us know how it goes once you are back at work.
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