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Using an Antique/Handmade Cradle?

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Something made in 1980 probably doesn't count as antique, but that sounded nicer than "old" :)

My Dad made this beautiful handmade cradle when my older sister was born. All of my siblings and I used it during the "cradle" stage, e.g., before we could roll around/move much. Since we were planning on doing floor beds once the babies had good head/neck control and started to roll around we had been looking at moses baskets/basinettes for the early period. I had completely forgotten about this piece of furniture until I came home to visit my folks.


My parents want us to use them and my husband and I both love the idea but I'm slightly wary and want some reassurance. The balance is fine, they sit level and rock gently if you move inside them. I can fit inside one "shell" and rock it back and forth vigorously without tipping it over. Since there were only single babies in my family one half of the shell stayed on the floor and one half stayed on the rocker. We played inside the floor half for years and years after we outgrew it's bed purpose.


Anyhow -- because of the unique shape my Dad had a mattress custom made by an upholsterer. He just cut foam and then had it upholstered in ... naugahyde! Ha! It was the 80s... In any case, it fit perfectly inside the egg but my parents got rid of it a few years ago because a dog got a hold of it.


In order to use these cradles we need to have two safe mattresses made. I'm guessing safe = extra firm and well fitted with no gaps. I was also contemplating having both eggs on the floor instead of on the cradle rockers. My Mom said that unless she was actively rocking us she put blocks under the cradle so it couldn't move, but I'm wondering if it wouldn't be easier to just have both halves on the floor.


Any thoughts on how we can make sure these are safe to use for our babies? Obviously we all survived the use but you know, the worry gets the better of me sometimes.




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Those are gorgeous! My only advice re:safety is that you make sure the custom mattress is made with organic materials, as some studies are linking crib mattresses containing preservatives and flame retardant chemicals to SIDS.

My other thought is you'll definitely want to make sure the shells have some kind of block to prevent them from rocking while on the floor...keep in mind that carrying two itty bitties around and nursing will cause your back and arms to ache at the very beginning, and your back will appreciate the cradle holders. You might not like having to get up and down from the floor.
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Finding someone to make a mattress is proving tricky. I hope we can figure something out though, as I would hate not to use these.

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The mattress part is easy. Foambymail.com. choose what type of material, I like natural latex for babies. We built all our mattresses this way, using standard sizing, but they can cut to any size and shape.
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@jekyph Thank you! What a great resource!

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