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That's a wonderful OB!
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That's amazing! Were you expecting a cs? Is she doing well?  Congratulations! I know one Clementine...it's a beautiful name.

Thank you so much.  I cried when the ob said she would do it. We did not know she was breech.  My midwife checked me when I got to the hospital because she could not figure out how baby was lying from feeling.  I was 4cm and breech.  I said, "how can you tell?"  She said, "I feel a butt.  LOL"   I was instantly devastated, but thought to haggle them to see if she might turn last minute, which wasn't going to happen because she was already on her way down and out, but before I said anything, my midwife said she would go talk to the ob, who I had never met, to see what she said.  She had told me early on that the ob had been known to deliver frank breech babies. 

She came back in a few seconds later and said, "She said to let you labor and she will deliver!"  I cried.  :)
The ob came in 30 minutes later and checked me herself and said, "7cm".  The midwife asked her what she felt and she laughed and said, "A buttcrack."  LOL

It was amazing.  She was born an hour later.  I told the ob how incredibly wonderful she was.  She said, "my colleagues think I'm crazy." LOL

I feel blessed beyond blessed. 


Clementine is doing great.  We left the hospital at 24 hours.  26 really. :)  She has had a bit of a latching and doing the sucking work issue because she is early, but it is resolving now that my milk is in.  All of my babies have had the same issue, but it resolves in a few hours, but Clementine had a hard time on day 2 and 3 with nursing.  I ended up nursing, pumping and dropper feeding for two days, but she is totally getting it today.  Yay! 
They made us do the 1 hour "car seat" test before we left the hospital, because she was not 36/6.  I guess being 37/1 makes all the difference. 

At any rate, she is delicious and precious and yummy, and I can't stop snuggling her.  She has a perfectly round little melon, from coming out breech and changing diapers is maddening because her legs automatically pop straight up to her face.  LOL

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Congrats on your empowering birth!  I am glad you had a positive experience and enjoy your new baby!

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