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It's my due date!!!

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Originally Posted by Mama505 View Post

It's my due date!!!
Yay Mama! Wishing you a wonderful, peaceful, relaxing due date!
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Graysmama - I am glad the drama has calmed down a bit. FWIW, DH and I can NEVER agree on a name beforehand and he rarely likes my picks. This time, a week before Natalie was born I started a fresh list forgetting about the other ones I had chosen. When Natalie was born (within minutes actually) DH actually chose two of the names, including one on the old list. Once we saw her, we both knew what her name was.


mama505 - happy due date, hope you are in labor soon or at least comfortable until you are.


The in-laws left this morning so DH and I are on our own with all 3 girls for the first time. My baby sling is absolutely essential but it was actually fairly uneventful. DH was busy all morning building the girl's new playset and the sling at least helped me go to the bathroom and fix the girls lunch and keep the baby happy at the same time. A little hectic around lunchtime and some jealousy from DD2 but the house is still standing at least. My parents get in on Thursday to take their turn and I am thankful for that! We do have to venture out to the grocery store later so that should be....ummm.....interesting!

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Crunchy, I am glad your first day as five is going well. We have yet to try all three to the grocery store
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My due date today, too and we had our 1 mo check up. They're both doing well, gaining great of course mostly on bottled pumped milk. However I have stepped up nursing attempts today and my little guy got 28, 18, 26, 10, 14, and 12 ccs. My bigger guy did not do as well today. But we're working at it. I am hoping all the nursing will also help my supply. It has been lower the last couple of days. I meet with my LC tomorrow. My mom is here helping this week and she has been helpful and encouraging me to keep attempting nursing. It is nice to see the boys' eyes open more although it means they aren't napping as well and we're all quite exhausted.

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Hey ladies.  Sorry for the lack of personals.  We are home now and I got to sleep in MY bed last night. :D  Ah how I missed it!  Julia is VERY clingy and wouldn't sleep a second in her cosleeper, but she slept on my belly most of the night and I got some rest that way.  She woke hourly, which sucked, but oh well!  I'm hoping she's just working hard on bringing the milk in and things will get better in a few days!  Of course right now, she's sleeping in her P&P quietly. :p


Anyway, even if it was super broken, at least I got a "full night's sleep". :)


Hope everyone else is well and sending major labor vibes to the preggos!

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So glad to hear about all the families doing well!

Edelweiss, I love hearing about how the twins are doing! I'm glad nursing is going well for you!


I agree with Calladona, labor vibes for all of you still pregnant, especially overdue! goodvibes.gif


Things are going pretty well here, though I'm having a really hard time emotionally going to 2 kids. I remember feeling the same way when DS was born, feeling like my relationship with DH would never be the same. Unfortunately, I can't remember when I started to feel better. Hope this is only a case of "baby blues" and not PPD. ugh

Woke up last night with a huge lump in my neck, right over my thyroid (hoping it isn't the thyroid!). Playing the wait and see game and hoping it will go away. Breastfeeding is going well here, though. DD has really been cluster nursing and my supply is up, lots of drippiness in bed during the night.

DS loves DD, which I'm thrilled about! He's a little rough in his cuddles though, which I'm trying to work on but not having much luck. He's a really big, strong kid and jumps around and rolls... any tips?

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mamapigeon- DD really liked the What Baby Needs book by Dr Sears and it did have stuff about not waking a crying baby and having mommy and daddy help with letting big sib. holding baby. But I would just keep encouraging soft touches, only handling when parent is present, etc and reinforcing the times he is gentle.

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MamaPigeon, what is helping Bee (who is the very same age as you DS) is having baby in the bouncy seat or swing. She can still give hugs and kisses, but the frame and being raised up that little bit keeps baby from getting squished beyond what she can handle. We used lots of these with Monkey when Bee was born (same age difference)


Our rules,

-only grownups can pick up baby

-nothing on baby's face - ever

-no bouncing on my bed (since when the come, baby is usually in it with me), this is a holdover from pregnancy when I did not want to be landed on



-kisses, particularly on her tummy and feet

-raspberries on her tummy

-singing, Bee loves to sing twinkle twinkle

-tucking baby's body in gently with a blanket, which has been part of Bee's play for years already

-holding hands

-patting baby's back when I hold her

-playing this little piggy with her feet

-gentle tickles (my kids love to play tickle)


I hear you on the drippiness in bed. I have all the sheets for my bed somewhere in the laundry process between me leaking and her spitting up. I can't keep the nursing pads in at night.


Calladonia, My #1 reason for a home birth was to sleep in my own bed, it is just blissful. Even with a baby who refuses the cosleeper (C does too mostly).


I dreamt last night that C was not born and I was at the midwifes office for a check. They did something along the lines of stripping my membranes and I had to push and out she came. Then I was all a fuss because I had just ordered her birth announcements (in real life) and thus the birth date was wrong on them.

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We had a good day - DD has been very sick since Friday with vomiting, diarrhea off and on and extreme lethargy (she asked Grandma to turn pages in a book for her and fell asleep just sitting at the breakfast table). We were very worried about her but she saw our nurse practitioner this morning and the lab results were all good so I'm relieved that she doesn't have some horrible scary long term disease, just a little dehydrated and is feeling a little better today.

We also met with my LC today and the boys did even better than before! They got 52 and 66 ccs but 32 was through an SNS type of thing she made up but still both hit new records for milk removal. She also let them on much longer than I ever let them nurse. But I've been nursing them both all day - 5 x so far and they've gotten anywhere from 6-26 ccs from me at a time other than when we were with the LC. My big guy made noticeable progress from just yesterday so i really feel like they're turning a corner. I hate to get my hopes too up since DD never really got nursing well but they are not DD and they are making progress.

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Edelweiss, You are a champion!  So happy for you and your boys.  Hope DD feels better soon.


Uhhh, are you guys gonna kick me outta the DDC if I don't get moving on this baby??? Do you think it's too late to join the Sept DDC?  orngtongue.gif 

I was soooooooo sure this guy was going to be early too.

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mama505 - thank you! I'm sorry you are having to wait so long! It could be any day, you know that. You still have a few days of August left and I think you're stuck with us either way! (you all are stuck with me and my July babies).

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I guess that's just what he needed, my water broke!

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Ooh Mama, exciting! For me 6 hours after water breaking I had my baby in arms. I wish you a similar - or shorter if you prefer - journey. Come on baby!!
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3 hrs for me! Yay!!!

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30 hours for me! orngbiggrin.gif But relax, you're having this baby in AUGUST! You're going to do great!
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20 min after my water broke...but I wouldn't wish that on anyone! XD
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Omg banana - seriously, water breaks then baby 20 min later?! Holy moley!!
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Originally Posted by skycheattraffic View Post

Omg banana - seriously, water breaks then baby 20 min later?! Holy moley!!

I know right? My labor seems downright boring compared to the rest of this DDC!

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Well, at least his head looks nice. And to be fair, I was having contractions all day before that. They were just not that strong smile.gif
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