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Congratulations!  I can't wait to read the birth story and see a photo!

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Congratulations!  That's some serious sucking!  Smooth nursing vibes coming your way.

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Congratulations!!! Welcome earth side, little one!! smile.gif
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Congrats! I think we're all excited waiting for the pictures! =D

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Congratulations!!!  I'm sure she will heal soon and hopefully the nursing will go well.

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Congrats, letniaLynne!

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Congratulations!! Can't wait to hear more smile.gif
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Still trying to write the birth story but their is no time!! Lol But I thought a few pictures would be quick smile.gif

Nursing has been really tough. She has a few bad habits from sucking her hands and fingers which make it really hard to get a good latch!!! I'm already cracked, bruised and bleeding on each nipple. We are making progress and I hope in a few days things will be better.
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Beautiful baby, congratulations & hope the nursing gets better from here!

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Awww what a cutie pie!!!!

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She's adorable!!!
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What a cutie!!!  Such big eyes.  Hope things get better with the nursing

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She's beautiful! Congrats
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What a cutie! Wishing you smooth progress with the breast feeding.

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So adorable! I'm stunned at the owies on her little arm: I've never heard of a little one doing that before. Congrats again, though. She's lovely.
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Really been trying to write the birth story but things have gotten even tougher here. First the nursing difficulties, I'm still really cut up and nursing leaves my toes curling!!!! But we are making some progress on the right side so it's looking up.
But even wirse I came down with a fever on the evening of the second day. Anywhere from 100-102, which gives my the sweats and uncontrollable chill which make my whole body shake. My midwife came to check everything and I'm healing great so it's either an actual virus/cold or more likely it's due to my milk coming in (which due to her constant nursing happened at the end of the second day ) I guess it's rare but some moms get a fever when they first get their milk. She said if it clears by tomorrow then it most likely was that.
Needless to say I feel awful and exhausted! Luckily I have a learned high pain threshold and have had all sorts of nursing problems I know who to call for help and how to not make the situation worse in the mean time. Tomorrow i have another lactation consultant coming to the house. Also my midwife thinks that she could use cranialsacel work to help with her jaw tension. So we are hoping to get someone here tomorrow as well.

It's been a long few days.... She is only going 4 days old yet I feel like its been months
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I'm sorry you're having trouble with nursing. I had so much trouble with my daughter that I had to give up in the end, so I know how you feel. I hope it continues to get better for you and that your fever goes away soon.

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What a cutie! So sorry to hear you're having such difficulties, LetniaLynne. :( Hopefully the adjustment, and time, will help. In the meantime, I'm amazed that you're nursing through so much pain and troubles. You're a strong mama! Keep up the good work, and I hope things turn around for you really soon.

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Hang in there, letnia! Sorry to hear you're having a rough time. Hopefully with more time, patience and perseverance you will both fall into a good rhythm. Sending you well wishes and healing thoughts!

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