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Feeling the Baby Move....

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(No, I'm not yet, lol)......

This is my fourth baby, and I can't remember when exactly I felt the other ones start moving around! It's really what makes it REAL for me (as I'm sure for most) and I can't wait. I think with my first it was around 18 weeks.... then with my 2nd I am for some reason thinking 16.... idk..... anyone want to refresh my memory around when this happens? Gosh, I can't wait. (I'm 12 wks 2 days today)

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I have felt flutters, but only twice. One mama on MDC described it very aptly, like how if you have a goldfish in a bag of water you can sometimes feel movement from the outside. Like that. I am 13w3d.


I can't wait to feel little jabs. It's funny, i don't really remember first movements with my younger three but I'll never forget the first movements of my first. I never felt flutters, I didn't feel anything until 20 weeks. At first DH couldn't feel it. But it was like little pokes from inside, especially when i would lay on my back. Then one night, DH felt it too! 

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I am dying to feel those flutters too. I just started Wk 15 today, and nothing yet...After the last ultrasound, where we saw the baby doing all sorts of crazy dance moves, I am even more anxious to be able to *feel* it!  I couldn't believe all that was going on in there!!


I've read that it could start any time now, but is most likely from Wk 17 on....according to my pregnancy book.  Seems like a lot of people feel it waaaay sooner though!

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i think earlier is usually more with second + pregnancies. I have felt a couple flutters here and there but nothing for certain. I can't wait to feel those strong kicks either!

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I have felt my third and fourth by 11 weeks for sure. Flutters, not kicks. My fifth, I felt briefly at 10 weeks a couple times and then no more until 24 weeks. I had an anterior placenta. Same with this one :-/

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yeah with ds2 i felt the small flutters when the placenta was still small, then not again till later...this time i was feeling things at 11 weeks, little flutters but i haven't felt anything in a couple weeks. hopefully i don't have an anterior placenta so i will get to feel some real kicks sooner rather than later

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I'm pretty sure the books are referring to real kicks, the unmistakable kind. And of course, they aim towards later so moms don't worry if they don't feel it early. I have been feeling, on and off, flutters since 11 or 12 weeks. Now I feel them more than before, when I change position suddenly. Like a fish swimming in there or like something bumping around. Just for a moment, then nothing. I'm 16 weeks today.

By 20 weeks I feel real pokes. So fun! And by 22, sometimes dh can feel them if his hand is there waiting.
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I feel a lot of movement since last week! More and more. So starting week 12. Can't remember when I started feeling it with my son.
It's awesome. I hope you guys feel it soon :D

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I also started to feel those unmistakable little flutters about a week and a half ago (I am just about 14 weeks). They are so sweet and lovely. It's usually when I'm lying down, really still. Or when I make a sudden movement it's almost like a little fish is taking a swim in there. smile.gif Interestingly enough I always feel the movement on my lower left side, about 3 inches to the left of my belly button and 2 inches below it. I guess that's where the baby is most comfortable... Does anyone else experience this consistency?
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Mine is either at the top left of my uterus or the bottom right, by my hip. My uterus is measuring 17cm, so there's some room to move! :) That's also exactly where s/he moved during the ultrasound.

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I feel occasional goldfish flutters. Just randomly though. I'm at 11+6 today so I don't expect much for a couple more weeks. It's reassuring to feel them though, especially since I'm yet to have an ultrasound or Doppler or anything.
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I was feeling quite a few little flutters, also in the same place, at 11/12 weeks, then it faded and I rarely feel things now...and then two nights ago it felt like I had a baby cthulu partying in my uterus. I would be freaked about the inconsistency of feeling movement but with ds2 I felt movement at 11 weeks for about a week then didn't feel anything thing until 16 or 17 weeks. I was convinced Rowan was dead or sick...9 years later he makes up for it by never stopping talking lol

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Ugh! Now I'm worrying, bc since posting this, I was feeling some flutters (lets see... around 13.5 - 14 weeks...) but now, nothing. At all. Haven't felt anything for several days.... maybe a week. :-( Makes me worry. Of course.

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It is so common in the beginning for the movement to be inconsistent!! I remember feeling a bit very early on with DS2 and then nothing until like 20 weeks!! I had an anterior placenta, which cushioned all the movement for a long time. Have anterior placenta this time too so am feeling nothing at 13 weeks!!
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I totally understand worry, but it's super common. I hope you get some bopping soon!

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I felt something pretty likely to have been baby at about 11 weeks, but nothing certain, since. I too, am eager.

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Thanks ladies.... still nothing! GR... Move in there little one!

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I feel it- since around 13 weeks, very low, very light, and very occasional. Although last night I am pretty sure baby was bouncing off my cervix for a few hours...very uncomfortable!
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Eating sugar and then laying down can help feel it ;)

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Originally Posted by naturalmama1002 View Post

I feel it- since around 13 weeks, very low, very light, and very occasional. Although last night I am pretty sure baby was bouncing off my cervix for a few hours...very uncomfortable!

Now that you mention bouncing off the cervix, I think I did feel that a few days ago! It was pretty brief, but pretty unmistakeable -- it's definitely not gonna be gas on your cervix!!

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