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Who made the circumcision decision for your child?

Poll Results: who made the circumcision ( or not circumcision) decision for your child?

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 62% (202)
    My partner and I both did
  • 22% (72)
    I did
  • 8% (26)
    My partner did
  • 1% (4)
    Family member(s) helped
  • 1% (6)
    the doctor helped with decision
  • 4% (13)
323 Total Votes  
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sorry, the balnk post was a screw up lol

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My husband and I both made the decision not to circumcise our older son Sam. We were living in the States at the time and I remember us having discussions about it. My husband had a concern about DS looking "different" from him, but then we talked about it being such an uneccesary procedure. Our doctor told us that the insurance would not pay for it and that she did not like to do them, but it would be her who would have done it. I remember us having to sign a paper in the hospital before he was born saying what we wanted to do. We decided not to.

Our younger son was born in Norway and it just isn't done at all there except for religious reasons.
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Neither of us made a decision, just like we didn't decide to keep our girls intact. It's something I always knew I wouldn't do. I do remember one conversation about it, but I don't remember how it started. My husband wanted it done so the child would look like him : and I said no way, and that was that. No decision to make because it was never an option for me in the first place.
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I knew I wouldn't have it done to my son. I told dh, he said "okay." (Which really was the only response I would have accepted! )
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I voted "other" because the one who will make the decision is the owner of the penis and nobody else.

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I was the first to say no, even though DH is not circumcised : and originally he wanted it done. I never had any intention of allowing it to happen, but didn't argue the point...instead I pointed DH to literature and let it go for awhile. I brought it up again as I got closer to the due date, and at that point he'd come to the same conclusion as me.
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When I was pregnant, my doula/lmp gave me alot of info. on circumsion. After reading it and deciding for myself not to circ. if we had a boy, I had to talk w/my dh about it. Believe this or not, he didn't even know he was circd'!!!!!!! Anyways, after reading the info. he too agreed w/me not to circ. We have a beautiful, intact little 5 yo boy!


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Our Bradley instructor lent us a video. That was all we needed, and our son is intact!

- Dawn, mom to beautiful, intact Jonathon
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I'm one of the "other" votes because there was no decision that was made. I will confess that I was the person who put my foot down and said "this is not an option" but voting "me" would have meant that "I" was the one who made a decision... and I didn't make a decision- I never considered the alternative.

Why is it that MY answer is never an option on a poll? Yesterday I saw a breastfeeding poll on americanbaby.com... there were about seven reasons listed for

"Why did you stop nursing"

Not a single reason listed was, "we were both ready to allow our nursing relationship evolve into something else." or even anything even remotly related to child led weaning- the reasons were like:
it hurt
I didn't make enough milk
I had to go back to work
It was time for other food

etc etc... all really bad seeds to be planting into a woman's mind to be sure that her fear of failure grows into an insurmountable mountain.

Aaargh. Sorry for the OT vent.
love Sarah
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With my first ds it was my husband who made the decision and I will regret allowing him to do that to my sone for the rest of my life. With DD (before we knew she was a she) and this PG DH and I (a new husband) decided taht we would not circumcise under any circumstance.
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Actually it was not something that I thought about until I was close to the end of my pregnancy. My dh is circumcised, figured we'd probably go that route, but hadn't discussed it yet. Then my brother and sil mentioned something about it (they had a boy 5 months earlier) and I started to do some research on the internet. From that, I formed strong opinions on not circumcising, talked to dh about what I had learned, and he agreed, though his opinions were not as strong as mine. So we kind of both made the decision. I'm so glad that someone opened my eyes to the truth before I made a mistake. Now I'm passing on the favour to pregnant women everywhere. My sister is pregnant, her dh is circ'd and is hard headed so I'm passing on as much information as possible. The funny thing is, when I first asked her if she would circ (before she was even pregnancy), her immediate response was "No way!!!" Then I asked if her dh was circ'd. She said "No" in a rather matter of fact way. Then she asked her dh and he is (she has only been with dh, how she's supposed to know what any other penis looks like...). So he's using the typical ignorant arguments. Hopefully I can enlighten them before December (due date).
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Both DH and I made the decision. Luckily, it was an easy one, we're not circumcising this baby. We both regret having had DS #1 circumcised, and didn't want to make that mistake with this son, especially after doing all the research about circumcising.
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T Carmen, I love LOVE the Dr. Suess quote! Where did it come from?
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I voted "other" because it was a total non-issue -- it never came up. And because we had a homebirth, and didn't see a pediatrician until a couple weeks after the birth (midwife did the first exams), there was no one else to bring it up for us.

It wasn't until well after the birth that I started to become informed about circumcision -- and I was VERY grateful that we hadn't done something dumb before we really knew anything about it.
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We had been discussing it mostly leaning towards no, and then at our last day of childbirth class, the teacher showed pictures, and that decided it.
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I put "other" because our decision was made by our son's birthparents and the country where he was born -- since they do not do circ there at all (THANK GOD!!) DH and I had already decided we would not circ. and were so thankful to discover that the good people of Haiti like to keep their boys nicely in tact. And -- nw -- when MIL makes a comment about it, we can jsut say, "Oh well... WE didn't make the decision." One less arguement to have (You should have heard the one about cloth diapering.)

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My partner and I made the decision together, and it was a very easy one to make. He's not circumsiced, and I couldn't imagine letting someone do such a thing to my little baby, so we quickly and effortlessly agreed-absolutely no circumcision for our boy!
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It was discussed before we even got engaged! I wouldn't have stayed with him if he was adamantly pro circ. However, being Irish, dh is intact, and is as adamantly anti circ as I am. Then it became a moot point because we had girls!

We have two foster sons, one intact, one circed, and there is no comparison as to which looks better!
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me and my two boys like to call it "intact". uncirc sounds like we are without when we are definatly with. when you have something of value, dont you usually keep it wrapped?
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