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Boy or girl?

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I had a very vivid dream last night that I am having a boy. I never had any pregnancy dreams with my first, a girl. But just for fun, I thought I'd ask - who thinks they're having a boy or girl, and why?


Tremieli - Boy
Philothea - Boy for now
Steffanie3 - Boy
ShyiingViolet - Boy
Newgirlintown - Boy
Justamama - Boy
PurityLake - Boy
LightGarden - Boy
Yell - Boy
Momtoafireteam - Boy
Mody - Girl
Nillarilla - Girl
RosieL - Girl
juliarstone - Boy
LeavesofLaurel - Girl
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Great idea! How fun! That is so interesting about your dream!! We did not find out the gender of my dd and EVERYONE in the world said I was having a boy based on my symptoms, how I carried, ect ect. Well so I thought pretty strongly that I was having a boyand my dh was convinced. But throughout my pregnancy, I had like 20 vivid dreams every single night and in every single dream, my baby was girl! I told everyone that! My dh and mom and I told everyone at my baby shower. I was like, "my baby is always a girl in my dreams." And all nine months, even when consciously I thought I was having a boy, out of thousands and thousands of dreams, I never dreamt of a boy! So it was a moment I will never forget when my husband lifted my baby out of the water to me and cried, "it's a girl!" ...and somehow I already knew, deep in my heart we had already met and I was just like, of course! smile.gif

Now as for this pregnancy, it's too early for me to really feel one way or the other, but if I remember correctly, I'm pretty sure I feel less sick already. Maybe i'll feel sicker in a few weeks and it will remind me of dd's pregnancy but for now, I'm guessing boy! Lol we shall see! Would love to see what everyone thinks their having!
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I am guessing boy, mainly because that is what the last two were.... lol.  No real reason, I have felt a bit better this pregnancy, but I think I went into it healthier.  It would be fun to change things up with a girl though :)

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I'm guessing boy. But every time (and with all of my friends) I've been PAINFULLY wrong. So, I guess that means it's a girl. lol.gif

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So... so far we are all thinking we're having boys! Lol smile.gif
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I am not having much morning sickness yet. I was so, so sick with my daughter. That's really why I'm guessing boy. It's cool that you were right Philothea! My dream was strange. The baby was born, but I didn't know whether it was a boy or girl. He looked just like my daughter did as a newborn, except he was wearing glasses (weird) and I had to take off his clothes to discover he was a boy!
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I think Boy, too, since I am not as sick this time. But I have this theory that since I am still breastfeeding a lot, maybe my body´s giving me some nausea because that is what it does but at the same time is like, "please feed me, we are feeding three!!!"


I kind of hope it is another girl BUT of course I would love any boy just as dearly :)

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I'm guessing boy. I've had HG with DD1 and DS. With DD1 (and even my normal MS with the other two girls) it was a lot of gagging and vomiting, not a whole lot of actual nausea. With DS it was less vomiting and more soul-crushing nausea. Which is how I'm feeling this time. So based on that tiny blurb of info, I'm guessing boy. Also? I really want another boy!
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I've had two girls, with no morning sickness with those pregnancies. I've had nausea since conception with this one, so I, perhaps wishfully, think it's possible it's a boy this time. But I really have no clue.

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I just dreamed this morning of having a boy! It was a lucid dream, as in I knew I was dreaming. I'm a big lucid dreamer so once I realized I was dreaming I yelled: I want to meet my baby! And I was transported to house with a room where a little boy was swaddled in a dark blue blanket and I immediately lay down next to him and started nursing, so in love. And it was so sweet! But I thought I was having a girl because the last time DH and I made love was July 4th and the ultrasound says we conceived July 10th...

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I'm thinking boy over here.  Dh and I had sex July 27th, and an ultrasound dated the babe exactly back to that date.  Which makes me think conception was pretty fast.  And since boys travel quicker than girls I'm inclined to think boy!

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I really dont know, but I think I am going to say Boy. For no other reason than I am drawn to boys names right now. 

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Girl.  From the minute I knew I was pregnant, I've been calling the baby "her".  Just a gut feeling.  We'll see!  

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Based on the ring test and the chinese gender predictor it's a girl. Also I just have a feeling this is a girl I am off of coffee and no vomiting just nauseau and it was the same with DD with DS I could drink tons of coffee and vomited non stop.

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I'm *willing* this baby to be a girl. I think of her as a "her" rather than "baby" or "it." This is purely a reflection of desires. This *could* be our last baby, and if so I'd like to have one of each. 

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Hahahaha I'm looking at the list in the OP and we're all going to be SOOO wrong!

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I am thinking boy. With my 2 girls I was sooo sick. This time around I am nowhere near as sick.
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Same as Mody.... Been thinking of this baby as she from the start. Also (without indication on my part) everyone we've told only refers to the baby as she : )

No dreams yet...

Also if the pattern is to be sicker with girls, and this is a boy, good grief--- I can only imagine the next pregnancy. Could not imagine being any sicker....
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ShyingViolet -Ha. You are so right.

Rosie - I am doing exactly the same thing. It will probably be our last and I want a boy!
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