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Empowering Pregnant Women

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My name is Jamie Hocking and I am the mother of two girls, ages 6 & 1. I am originally from the Metro Detroit area, but now live in Canberra, Australia.


When I was pregnant with my second daughter I had just overcome severe anxiety and panic disorder. Becoming pregnant started the cycle of anxiety over again. I didn't want to go down that path, and decided to try using affirmations for pregnancy to overcome my fears and stresses. Affirmations had helped me overcome my fears around birth as part of the Hypnobirthing course I took when I was pregnant with my first daughter; and they helped me with my generalised anxiety when I wasn't pregnant. 


When I looked for pregnancy affirmations I could only find birthing affirmations. So I decided to create my own affirmations for pregnancy. When I realised that so many other women were struggling with anxiety, depression, and overwhelm during pregnancy I decided to record my affirmations properly and set them to relaxing music. My Affirmations For Pregnancy mp3s are available on iTunes, Amazon, and on my website. There are Affirmations for all three trimesters available. 


I have found that I really enjoy connecting with other pregnant women and pregnancy support providers. I am now training to be a Hypnobirthing Australia Practitioner. My mission is to empower and support women through pregnancy, birth, and beyond. 


If you're looking for some empowering stories, affirmations, or support or have your own stories to share I'd love to have you join me at www.facebook.com/affirmationsforpregnancy.


I am also a work at home mum, and along with my work on Affirmations for Pregnancy, I am a web developer. I am interested in hearing from other work at home mothers.

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Hi and Welcome to Mothering!


We have a pretty active Work at Home Moms forum.  Sounds like you have a lot going on! It sounds very interesting!

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Awesome! I will definitely check out the Work at Home Moms Forum. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. 

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