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New Flu Shot Requirements

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This is so depressing. All the news about the ineffectiveness of the flu shot means nothing. Every fall, like clockwork, you should come to expect stories like this. When will the public catch on? Ever?




"Flu shot now required for state health care workers"


if they have a religious objection to being vaccinated, they can apply for an exemption to the vaccine. If they get an exemption, they may be asked to wear a mask when they are around patients or in patient care areas during flu season


Ok, fine, they have an option. Good. Until......


A person must have documentation from their church to qualify for the religious exemption.

So now, if your church does not provide documentation, your religious exemption does not qualify? What if I were in this position? My church would not give me an exemption if I asked. I know this because the pastor's wife runs a nice daycare, but she would not accept my daughter because my daughter is not vaccinated. What if I needed a religious exemption in order to keep my job?


Would I interview churches and join one that believes in vaccine freedom? What if there were no local churches that would work with me ?( this is a possibility where I live, people love their vaccines here) This policy seems like it's putting church in the middle of a state issue. Also, what if you are not a member of a church, but vaccinating is against your religious beliefs?


One step closer, people. Watch what happens in the years to come. We are losing ground here, I'm afraid. Bit by bit, our freedoms are being removed. I'll be saving up to move to Colorado lol! Seriously, it's in my plan if my state continues to deteriorate like this.

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Becky, I am not sure CO (not that I wouldn't love you to live here!) will be any better in the future. Health care workers are required by law to get the flu vax, and it seems there is a move afoot to re-examine the exemption laws. 


If we don't have health freedom, we have no freedom, we are just slaves. 

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There are multiple online churches that provide such documentation. Here is one ( not vouching for it, just found it online) http://universalfamilychurch.org/
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There was a case years back that challenged the religious exemptions need for a specific church with documented rejection of immunizations and they won. I can't remember what it was called, but it should set precedence in other jurisdictions if anyone went far enough to have to take their case to court.


My sister works in a nursing home here in CO and said she was not required to take the flu vax. Maybe it depends on what position you are in exactly, I think she is in the kitchen or housekeeping or something like that.

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In CT doesn't matter where you are in relation to patient contact.  My MIL works for one of the major hospitals doing paperwork - absolutely zero patient contact.  But she's required to be vaccinated.  Now she doesn't mind it at all, but a friend of mine wanted to get me a job doing patient intake (barf!) and thought she'd be doing me a favor, but no way I'd get the flu shot so it definitely wouldn't work out for me. (That and the fact that I just don't like working with people thus my degree in animal science, lol).  We're not members of any church.  We got DD baptized/confirmed (Ukranian church does it all in one) mostly to appease the family but I have no desire to join anywhere.  I did 9 years of Catholic school, was an alter server, the works, I'm not an organized religion kind of person.  I have my beliefs and when DD starts school I will be filing a religious exemption.  I find it absurd that schools are not supposed to question what religion or what church, and yet employers somehow can?

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