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Is it a big deal that AIOs take awhile to dry? I read anywhere from 6-8 hours (line drying in sun)~ I would like to have at least 24 so if I'm doing 8 changes a day I wash every 2 days- is that realistic? 


Also-is anyone else NOT having a baby shower/blessingway? I'm really depressed about this. as I said before all my "friends" have fallen off the face of the earth (or it's just summer and I have a bunch of childless self-centered friends) and I'm 31 weeks with no sign or warning of any baby shower/blessingway celebration happening at all. I really wanted to have a blessingway at the minimum... at 36 weeks or so so I guess there's still time- but I am not going to be the one to organize it - it would be so wonderful if one of my "friends" would take the initiative to be a friend and do that for me... but I'm not going to ask. My mom threw a little baby shower for me when I was FOUR MONTHS with her friends just because she really wanted to throw me one and it was her only chance- she lives in florida- so that was super sweet. At bare minimum we need more cloth diapers and all the birth supplies/postpartum stuff for me- it would be really nice to have a baby shower where everyone brings a cloth diaper- then we'd be set. 

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Yogini- just wanted to say, I know how you feel with it seeming like you don't have any "real" friends in the area that you can relate to or really get to spend a lot of time with. Most of my good friends moved out of state over the past year or two, and both my siblings moved out of state as well. So I totally understand feeling lonely sometimes! I'm starting to look into mommy groups in my area. Maybe that would be a good option for you, especially since you're disappointed about the possibility of not meeting any potential friends in a birth class? As far as the diapers go, I'm a newbie to cloth diapers too, but I think it's just a convenience thing for how quickly they dry. 

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Yoginimama - Its only a big deal that they take a long time to dry if its a big deal to you. If you don't mind it then no its not a big deal. Actually the drying thing probably would worry me less than the washing thing. But again lots of people love AIO's and if thats what works for you then awesome.


And as for a blessingway or baby shower... do your friends know you really want one? I found it interesting that ALL my local friends kept asking me if I was having one (as if one plans their own babyshower!) They also keep asking me if I'm registered. So I know they would love to give something to the baby, but I think planning and executing a baby shower is kind of hard and no one here wants to make the effort. My old friend from HS is having one for me when I'm in town but it was only planned a week ago, and it will be super small like 3-4 old friends and their moms. If its really important to you, just ASK a friend to host one. I know this probably sounds tacky, but think if you were in the opposite situation and a good friend came up to you and was pregnant and said it was important to her. Your friend will not judge you and will be happy to plan it. Plus I'm sure your other friends would be super excited about it, it just takes a lot of work/effort to be the planner and your friends may not realize its that important to you.


ETA: Also you guys who are looking for mommy friends should check the website meetup.com for any groups in your area. When we first adopted our older kids I was 22 and didn't know a single other person with kids! I joined a meetup group for parents in our area and it was awesome! I'm still in it today.

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Morning ladies, Wednesday here, and what a glorious morning it is! Amazing what some sunshine can do for the soul! :-)

I still have a hefty list of to-do's before this little lady decides to arrive, moving house really threw a spanner in the works. This week well the rest of this week is still being used to tie up loose ends from our previous house, the only baby related thing I have planned is to head out today and get the last of the essential clothing we will need. We had far far too many clothes with the boys and with my cousin having twins I happily found a new home for them there, and we've basically started a pink stash from scratch so we are going for bare minimum this time so everything gets used and loved. Its also fathers day here this weekend, so i will be getting a few things for my own dad, plus dh and fil.

Have a wonderful day mumma's! hearts.gif

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Glad you're doing so well, Danielle! Clothes shopping is always fun :) I washed a load of baby clothes today, and it was funny how much pink there is. I've tried getting a wider range of colors for her, but people love giving pink clothes! 


I'm feeling really crampy and tight right now, after having more pelvic floor pain than usual this morning irked.gif Here's hoping it just chills out. 

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I have to say I cant help myself pink is just such a change after having two boys. There is so much variety in girls things here at the moment. Im also a bit shocking wanting things that match all the time.

Shopping was productive and Im certain we are all set to go now, part of me (the anxiety part) hopes we will have enough clothes lol practically and logically i know we will, but im so used to being well and truly over prepared by having a gazillions things. I guess it makes me feel "safe" but we will be absolutely fine.

Will keep everything crossed your crampy tight pains are short lived Dahlia!

Im feeling like I could certainly use a nap about now, as we are going to mil's for my sil's birthday dinner.

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Love pink...
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Hi, ladies!  Glad everyone is doing well.


I had my little shower/BBQ this last weekend that my husband I essentially ended up throwing for ourselves - my in-laws are notorious flakes, it wasn't unexpected, honestly.  It was just a small handful of people, not a lot of gifts (and the only people who bought off of our registry were kids our own age who had recently had their own kids, which made me laugh), but I wasn't expecting any, really.  I just wanted to have a bit of a party, and I'm glad I did.  Well worth the effort.


Last night, I'm convinced I had a couple of true and proper contractions - they were a bunch of tightening like a Braxton Hicks along with some deep period type cramping.  It was interesting.  My midwives have been pretty clear that real labor will be rhythmic, not sporadic, so I wasn't concerned by it, but I did find myself unconsciously breathing through it.  Weird.  :P


I would call my nursery about 95% done at this stage - I keep rearranging things for no reason, but it really is done.  I have one more piece of furniture that I want from Ikea, but I may not get it if time doesn't permit - no biggie.  I'm pretty obsessed with organizing and rearranging in general, anyways - I'm a Virgo in every sense of the word, lol.  I'm all about lists and storage baskets.  Heehee.  :)


The cloth diaper stash is also about 95% done!  I have one dozen more prefolds to order from Amazon as soon as my little 10% off completion coupon shows up, and that's all she wrote!  I managed to collect prefolds in all necessary sizes, and I have a HUGE stash of covers.  I went mainly with Thirsties Duos and somehow managed to get like 10-12 of each size.  Craigslist is to blame.  :P  We do have 16 or so pockets as well, I believe they're Alvas, which I also got on Craigslist.  So those will be for little trips and whatnot.  I basically sat down and thought super hard about what I really wanted from cloth diapering when choosing prefolds vs AIOs, and I ended up realizing that while prefolds are a little more work to put on and off, the ease of laundering them will be where it pays off for me.  I don't mind a complicated diapering system, but man, I hate doing laundry.  :P  And it was awfully cheap to build my stash, which is super important for us right now.


Other than that, just a few more things to pick up and a few more things to do, mostly labor prep stuff.  I realized today in the store that I haven't bought sanitary pads in about 15 years and I had NO FREAKING CLUE what to get when I was in the aisle.  I ended up grabbing a brand I'd seen recommended on some other site like Babycenter or whatever - I just need something I can use until the major bleeding is done and cloth pads are more feasible.  I'm too dependent on my menstrual cups, I think.  Lol.  Stupid plastic diaper-like pads.


Left to buy: manual breast pump (just in case since I can't even order mine from my insurance until the baby actually arrives), a liner for the diaper pail, aforementioned prefolds, and some postpartum things like bath herbs and mama spray.  I think that's it!  Holy crap.  I guess we are pretty much good to go.  :)

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For left to buy, I have pretty little. I need newborn socks (which I think we still have somewhere but I can't find any). I'd also like another pair of babylegs in newborn size (I ordered two pairs off Amazon but one never came) and another pair of split crotch pants. I'd also like to finally make that prefold belt and lanolize the piddle pads (maybe I should get off the internet, lol). We could use more clothes, but since I have such huge babies, I don't feel like I need a whole lot of newborn or 0-3 month clothes. Watch me birth a 6lb baby this time. I wouldn't complain, but we'd be pretty unprepared. I also need to get a new messenger bag and diaper sprayer (though I know this moved here and wish I could find it) to use as a diaper bag since my old one also got lost in the move we made since my second child used diapers.


I do have a lot to do in terms of just getting the house together. I'd really love to at the very least have my kids' rooms reorganized before the baby comes, finish the chicken run, finish trimming the bedroom and get matching curtains, and have everyone's immunity for whooping cough checked and maybe vaccinate anyone who doesn't show immunity.


Rainyday: I got postpartum pads this time, because I hate how plastic feels. I do have one package of a generic overnight pad to use in case I don't keep up with the laundry (just like I have a package of newborn paper dipes for the same reason).

Yogini - I didn't have a baby shower or blessingway for any of my pregnancies, and I sort of have a complex about it.

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I hate showers. Some end up being so materialistic, etc. But I also don't expect people to buy me squat and we're not poor so I need to give stuff away not take in more!

I'm throwing a welcome to the world little flower party that's mixed after she's born and strong enough to be passed around. If people want to bring gifts cool but in my culture we don't "register" even for weddings as a gift is a gift but we cannot tell people what (hence we usually get cash so much easier) or people will buy me what they want for what they can afford. I also in my line of work have mostly male friends and collegues who might remember flowers, bottle of wine or just bring a smile lol.
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Revolting-My first two babies never fit into newborn or 0-3...just 3 months. My third was 7lbs. and we had to stop at the only open store (Walmart) on the way home from the hospital to get some sleepers because he was absolutely swimming in everything we had!
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Don't get me wrong, I love pink! But it starts to feel like everything is pink, and I need a little more of a mix of colors :) 


Danielle, thank you, everything calmed down after a while and the cramping/contractions stopped. They weren't timeable, so I wasn't too concerned. It's so exciting to actually be feeling my body working though! Oh, and about the illogical worry about not having enough clothes, I totally understand what you mean! For some reason a few weeks ago I was so fixated on worrying that we didn't have enough pants for the baby lol. So ridiculous.


I think we're pretty set on clothes, we have plenty of newborn and 0-3 sizes, and I think our diaper stash is pretty good as well! In the nursery, I still want to get a rocking chair/glider, and to put up a few little book shelves as well as decorate a little more. We also still need a diaper organizer and a pail for dirty diapers, but we have a big wet bag for our dirty ones that we can use and just throw in the wash with the diapers if we don't end up getting a pail. I just finished the last load of baby clothes that needed washing, now I can start on the diapers! I guess I should prewash my cloth wipes too? 

Rainyday- I have no idea what pads to buy either.. revolting, what are postpartum pads? I'm seriously considering depends haha. 
Shiloh, I agree that sometimes showers can be too materialistic, but at the same time it is really nice to feel celebrated and to feel like everyone is excited to meet the new little one :) Your idea of a little welcome party is cute and sounds like a good happy medium
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My girlfriend who promised to throw me the shower called today and said she's sorry but she isn't throwing me a shower and isn't even going to come visit while she's in the country (she lives in London but is in this country for about ten days doing things with her family).


Oh well.  My best friend who is local who wanted all along to plan my shower will probably try to organize something for me but I'm a little burnmed about the friend who asked me in spring if she could be in charge of throwing it flaking like that, so my mood is all grumpy about showers now.  So I feel you, Yogini.


I'm 2cm dilated.  36 and a half weeks.

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I think showers are great for first babies when you know and have nothing but for me it would be silly (check siggy)
Becoming a mom for the first time is a huge event...#5 not so much lol.

PINK! After a blue decade bring the pink!
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Haha Shiloh, I can understand why you'd want pink everything after all those boys! 


That's exciting, Serafina! Maybe we'll have our first baby soon! 

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I'm sorry your friend flaked on you, Serafina. It's exciting that your baby may be coming soon, though!

Shiloh, I totally agree about baby showers. Someone asked me if I was having one this time and I just thought "I have three kids already!", but she said it was different this time because it's a girl. People are already buying clothes for her, which is all we need, really. It's funny because I don't think I've bought anything pink yet!
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Yeah I didn't think people would think I was having a shower since its my third... but everyone is like "but its your first newborn!" and I guess its true we never really had the newborn things with DD since she was 12 months when we adopted her (DS was 4). There are a few things from my daughter we can use (her stroller, wrap, older baby clothes) but she never had any of that little baby stuff. Though we were lucky to be given all the newborn stuff by my my sister in law so a shower/registry is unnecessary.


Even still no matter what number baby it is I think its nice to have some kind of celebration. A friend just had her 4th little boy and we celebrated by taking her out for breakfast and all putting in 20$ for a gift certificate to the spa. Another mom also babysat her children when she used the gift card. Even though it was her fourth it felt good to celebrate him and her and just show her we were excited about it.... Another friend had her third recently and we did a baby shower where everyone brought a freezer meal... Yet another friend had her third and we did a shower where everyone brought a board book (super inexpensive and definitely something you need new since little ones always rip/chew them up).


I think the reason people like having showers is because it makes you feel like everyone is happy and excited for you. Its not so much about the gifts, just the fun anticipation of a baby.

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rainyday-  I had what felt like real contractions as I was trying to go to sleep last night. By the time I realized what was happening they had stopped, thankfully.  But dang they made it hard to get comfy. 


I still need to read through most of the thread this week. It kind of got away from me.


So, let's see. I did have a small baby shower for my first pregnancy that my mom organized. We're not doing anything this time. Maybe, like Shiloh, we'll have some kind of introduce the baby to the world party once we've settled in but I don't think it will be a gifting event. We're pretty set for baby stuff.


I'm mostly focused on making this quilt for the baby and getting freezer dinners made. So far I have about 11 days worth. I've been doing a lot of bean stew type things that will be filling and warm for the Fall. I've also done a bunch of packages of pasta sauce.  Garbanzos are soaking right now for the enormous pot of Spicy Chick Pear Kale stew I'll make tomorrow.  Yesterday I bought some of those disposable type aluminum pans for freezing lasagnas and pot pies.


I also realized this morning that I have no idea where I'm going to actually put all the baby's clothes. I need to figure out some accessible storage solutions that fit in our room.


I guess I have been picking up cold weather infant stuff when I see it.  DS was born in the spring so there's a hole in that department. Revolting, you just reminded me that though I'm hoping for a smaller baby this time I am a little concerned about the fact that I don't think we have many 0-3 month clothes since DS came out the size of a 3 month old and I ended up giving a lot of that stuff away really fast.

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I'm swelling hands badly...
We're moving today
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Good luck with the move, Shiloh! I hope it goes smoothly! Sorry to hear you're swelling up though, that can't be very comfortable. 


Who else has had a sudden increase in appetite? I get much hungrier between meals than I used to, to the point that I feel like I want to eat something every 2 or 3 hours. I'm trying to just have high protein snacks like apples with peanut butter, and cottage cheese with fruit, but it's hard to hold myself back from raiding the fridge sometimes! I guess my little one is putting on some fat in there!

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