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Hello ladies! Im very new to the forum and its my first time posting in the Due Date group, we are 35 weeks along now due early October. I have a 2 1/2 yr old son and we are waiting till our newbie arrives to find out the sex, its so much fun not knowing this time around! We are having a home/water birth and are currently doing construction on our bedroom floor so unfortunately the whole family will be sharing the couch till its done! REALLY hoping the babe doesnt come early, my companion(Im not married but may as well be) says the floor will be done in 2 weeks....fingers crossed!


Reading all of your posts has made me realize I should get into gear and start whipping up some freezer meals! Im just now getting the time to go through my sons old baby clothes, if we have a girl Im not opposed to her wearing my sons hand me downs, its mostly tie-dyed onesies and neutral colored organic cotton anyway. Having a second baby now has made me realize that I dont really need all that much as far as baby "stuff" goes, we co-sleep, babywear, cloth diaper/EC and breastfeed so all of that makes my life and budget MUCH easier! My main goal this week is to start getting the homebirth supplies together, just in case babe decides to come early.

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Welcome, Irielyn!

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Welcome Irielyn! All the best with your home renovations! I too will be on the hunt/gathering this week for home birth supplies. I need to go and get a new fixture for our kitchen taps so I can fill the birth pool.
I have managed to catch a winter bug from my sons, hubby also has it so I guess it was inevitable. :-(
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haha superbeans, i totally hated the abbreviations when I join my first DDC but somewhere along the way I embraced them too. I'm just going to stick with 'em.


DH just started a new job this summer so he doesn't have any paid vacation time stored up. We're still trying to decide how much time he should take. My mom will be here for about a week after the birth (since she'll be coming at 38 weeks to be with DS when I go into labor, I'm banking on a quick recovery so that the overall stay won't be too long..i love her and she is amazing at taking care of me and DS but I know having the MIL in the house for too long will drive my husband insane).  So, anyway I'm sure he'll take a few days off right at the beginning but we're figuring it out.


Hi Irielyn! welcome


Dahlia-  I had some Bravados last time that I thought were super comfy and awesome. My friend gave be a whole boxful for this time but unfortunately I don't think they are going to fit me for a while.  They are all 36C and smaller and I'm at 36D without my milk having come in. We'll see.


I feel like there was something else I wanted to respond to but now I'm spacing on it.


Oh, danielle i hope you feel better soon. DS threw up in his car seat on the way to the dentist the other day and even though everything pointed to him just being car sick I've still been waiting for DH or I to get sick.

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Whew, long day! Had a good appointment with my midwife . . . Baby is so low in my pelvis that she actually had to have me put my legs up a little and really work to find it! Her response? "Wow, that can't be comfortable!" Ha! That would explain my low fundal height measurements and the horrible "charley horse" style cramps I've been getting in my thigh-groin area! Blood pressure is still good, did my last blood work today.

Due to a big GBS issue (I am a carrier, count in my urine is high, causing non-stop UTI issues), the fact that her head is already so low and the fact that I tend to labor well and show up at 9 cm . . . . We had a good discussion on how to work things this time around re: making sure I get in early to get some abx in my system AND avoid having the baby in the car, ha!

Can I just say how much I adore my midwife??????? If you ever need better care, move to Orlando just to have your baby!!!!!

Okay, this is long enough. My "boys" go home this weekend (see sig) for 3 days and that will probably be our last big break before baby comes. So lots of resting planned, along with lots of projects to be done!!! 4 1/2 weeks and counting . . . .
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Welcome Irielyn!


I'm not sure how much time DH will take off. Probably a week or two. He's a bartender, so it won't be too hard for him to get shifts covered if needed. But since he works nights, it might not be too big a deal for him to be gone at those times. I guess we'll see how it goes.


Eloise, how exciting that baby's so low down! I think my girl is pretty high still. I wish I could count on a speedy labor, lol.


I'm doing pretty well on my to-do list so far. I still need to wash my used diapers, but I will probably start that tonight. DH has cleared out the vast majority of the stuff in the baby room, so yay! I ordered the crib, changing table, and dresser and they will all be here between today and Tuesday. Decided not to list things on Craigslist after all and hold onto them for one of DH's friends, so that's one less thing to do. I made my first freezer meal! It was really just leftover soup from a high-yield recipe, but whatever, it's a start. This weekend I need to do a good bit of cleaning before a friend comes over on Sunday.


I have been really looking forward to decorating the house for fall, though it's kind of too early. But this morning I got an email from Michaels that some fall stems/bushes/garlands are 50%, plus a 20% coupon, so I foresee a Michaels trip tomorrow!

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Welcome Irielyn!


So nice to hear everyone's preparations and baby news!


Going back to page 1, I'm also busy prepping old cloth dipes by boiling them in a stockpot to disinfect (you don't smell the stink until after they've got pee on them), then washing in hot water and sun drying. The boiling seems to take care of the need for special soaps. (Then I find they need boiling about once every 4-6 months, dictated by that urine smell.)


Ordered the birth kit and gathered most of the other items.


Got a new booster seat for big sister who is 4, and pulled the infant one out of storage.


Compiling recipes for freezer meals. No meal train this time; my tummy's too sensitive for so much variety even though I adored seeing all those friends and trying their foods!


I'm having a Blessingway in a couple weeks, but this one will be way smaller than with the first.

For those lamenting not having friends step up, would you consider throwing a small one yourself? Once your friends are there, they might catch on to the energy and help carry it forward. You may have to buy the henna for example, but they will gleefully paint! Sorry you have to be the one to initiate though! Who wants to do anything right now!?!?


I do recommend showers for the first baby but with good, clear guidelines for the guests on what to buy!  It's nice to feel the gathered support if nothing else. But yes, only if someone else takes the helm on that one.

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Is it over yet?!?!?!? Physically, I feel pretty good, but mentally I'm losing it!!! I have handled things pretty well throughout my pregnancy, but now I'm at a breaking point. My grandpa is getting worse each day, my house isn't ready, my nerves are shot, I'm crying or yelling all the time, and I just can't take anything anymore!!!! Losing my mind....seriously!!
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Hi Irielyn! Welcome and congrats! 


Aw Abk, sending big big hugs your way! I'm so sorry about your grandpa, and that everything is weighing so heavily on you right now. Babies don't care about your house, I'm sure it'll be just fine mama. Take good care of yourself; you're sooo close to being through this! :Hug

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I am a bundle of energy.  Now that I'm full term (well, in two more days) and baby's head has engaged and I'm 2cm dilated, I feel elated that this might not last much longer, and I am not holding back or putting my feet up overly much at all, I'm just a dynamo, wanting to be active all the time.  
However, hip pain is a major drag, I can't get comfortable even in bed, and getting up after being down awhile means about 5 minutes of limping or holding on for support before my hips figure out how to support me.  They are so loose.

I'm trying not to be sad that my friend who was supposed to throw me a shower has bailed on me and isn't even going to sit on the train for 90 minutes to come and see me at all while she's in the country.  We haven't seen each other since almost a year ago.  :/  

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It always figures that when I'm busy, the threads move along like nobody's business.  :)  I do read everyone's posts, but I feel so bad that I never have time to comment on everyone's!  :P


I am officially FREE from the damn hypertension specialist - I had my last appointment with him yesterday!  I'm so happy - he was just awful.  He made a point to imply right before he left the room that I'm an idiot who doesn't understand how birth control works and that's why I got pregnant - what a lovely parting gift.  I didn't realize that a woman who was 31 years old and had been married for 3 years is considered to be on the same level as an irresponsible teenager.  Who knew?  Lol.  Man, I am so glad to be done with that jerk.  I vented a bit to my midwife today about him, and she was very sweet and sympathetic about it.  He's very knowledgeable, but his bedside manner is just freaking idiotic.


The last piece of furniture for the nursery has been bought, and now all that is required is some late night unnecessary rearranging and I'm good!  Also... my husband is installing the car seat this weekend.  We made a deal months ago that September 1st would be the date... and for some reason, I'm finding it terrifying.  It's just that it's practically the last thing!  And it will be a constant reminder that soon, there will be a baby in it.  Holy crap.


My right boob finally kicked in and even though it's not leaking independently, when I squeeze it, all kinds of clear liquid comes out.  I'm so happy, but only because it was driving me crazy being lopsided.  Don't ask me why.

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Haha, it was bugging me too when I was lopsided, Rainy :rotflmao Mine only do any tricks if I squeeze them, and it's still only a tiny bit of liquid.. buy hey, it's something. Yay for your nursery being just about complete! I think we'll install our car seat on Sept 8.. exactly a month before my due date. I just got really emotional when I thought about our little girl being in the car seat, damn hormones lol. Your hypertension specialist sounds like a jackass. That's good that you don't have to deal with him any more! 

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At 36 weeks 1 day, I finally got one drop of colostrum from my left nipple only. Oh well, I have the next two years for leaky boobs! I am in no rush!
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Lol, so true Abk. I have mostly just been really curious because it's all so new! I'm sure that once they're actually leaky and I have to use nursing pads, the novelty will quickly wear off!

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okay this is so random but is anyone else dealing with peeling fingertips.  Yeah, all my fingertips but especially my thumb pads are peeling.


also, is anyone finding this site to be super duper slow?  Like, it takes forever for me to scroll through the threads and no other sites seem to be having the issue.


and yeah the novelty of the leaking boobs wears off the first time you're caught out without nursing pads and end up looking super smooth with two wet spots on your shirt.  That happened to me so many times.  But right in this moment where they don't leak spontaneously its kind of exciting to see the ways my body is getting ready for this baby.  That reminds me I need to either find of buy nursing pads

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Ouch, that sounds painful ciga! And I was having issues with the site awhile ago, but not so much recently :-/ Frustrating!


Ugh, I must be super hormonal today. I've been going through periods of feeling really antisocial, not wanting to be around anyone but my husband, and just feeling down. And it's definitely one of those days. I got in a little bit of an argument with my husband about him making plans with friends when I had told him I'd like to do something like a little date with him today. So instead of wanting to go to this bbq that he agreed to, I got upset that he hadn't tried thinking of anything to do together. Long story short, he kissed me goodbye and was about to head to the bbq and I started crying, which I hate, because I feel so stupid. We talked about it, but in the end he went to the bbq anyway and told me to join him there later. Which I still don't feel like doing. I'm just so weepy and I don't feel like I'm any fun for anyone most of the time. I'm sorry for being a downer, I just feel really alone sometimes. And I feel ridiculous saying that and even feeling that, because my husband is really a great, loving guy. I just don't know what to do with myself. Arg, hormones are awful!

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much love Dahlia, and massive cyber hugs! Its one of those days, i was super hormonal this morning and had a wee cry while making dh pancakes for Fathers day! A long shower worked wonders!

I hope you enjoy your evening whatever you end up doing xxx

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Thanks Danielle, big hugs to you too! I had a good cry, and feel better than I did. I'm probably just going to take it easy tonight though.. watch some of my favorite show, order a little dinner. 

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A quiet night in sounds lovely!

Its the first day of spring here! I have to say although the weather is not perfect, im quite excited!

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It's still weird that our seasons are switched! Fall starts in 22 days, here! Either way, yay for nice weather!

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