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wave.gifWelcome, new mamas!  We are getting to be a big group!  I'm glad to have so many old-ish companions.  I am one day older than Greenluv!  But it's good to see the younger and first-time moms too.


Mama Butterfly, I remember you from way back!  Congratulations!  I am in almost the same place with an older kid (just one), a miscarriage that eventually brought me peace with the idea of not having any more, and now a surprise pregnancy.  We still have some of the baby stuff but not a lot.

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Hello! My name is Rebecca (I am 35 years old) and we just found out we are pregnant with Baby #2 due May 30th, 2014. This is a bittersweet day as it is the day my father died 10 years ago! Maybe this is his whisper grandbaby. My son is 3 years old and hoping for a homebirth this time!

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Updated to here.


I have updated the roster. Please, everyone, check the first post out and see if I missed anyone or forgot anything and just send me a PM. 


Congrats to all the new mamas!

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Tina, could you change my due date to May, 3rd and for the record I will be 38 when the little one appears. Thank you for taking over the thread!!!

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ChiaraRose updated your info!
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Sourire! I am so happy to be sharing a ddc with you! Huge, huge congratulations to you.
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Tentatively stepping in here. No way to know if I will make it all the way.
My history involves 8 early losses, but this time, I am actually progressing well.
I am approximately just over 5 weeks. This time, I have all the symptoms and they are growing stronger each day.
My normal has been to miscarry by now, so this is new territory!

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BubblingBrookswhat's your info so I can add you to the roster?
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Hykue - your name is familiar! We were on the TTC One thread together when you were TTC you first weren't we? I grew up in SK wink1.gif

BubblingBrooks - wow I can't imagine how hard it has been for you to go through 8 miscarriages. My fingers and toes are crossed that this is the one for you.
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Age: 38
9th pregnancy
End of May

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This time, I am progressing like the very first one. Symptoms are gaining momentum!
I have been working hard for several years to heal many issues, no thanks to professional help.
Adrenal Fatigue, low thyroid, celiac, and just a few weeks ago, finding that I can no longer do dairy, even raw.
I have a sneaking suspicion, that dairy congestion may have been playing a hand in this mess.
Earlier this spring, I started using some essential oils, and ended up killing off something in my body. Had real detox issues, and then I started getting better for good!

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Congrats to all the new additions!!:joy

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Edited because I didn't know the full story. Doh!
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Updated to here
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Hi everyone! I'm hoping to join your group as well.

My name is Katie and I will be 8 weeks tomorrow.  I have two daughters, ages 5 and 2, so this will be baby #3.  I am 36, will be 37 at delivery. Due date estimate is May 10th.  My husband is hoping for a boy, but so far no gender predictions.  I'm really hoping to make it through this next month or so, as the morning sickness is kicking in right now and really getting me down!  Last pregnancy I had hyperemesis and was hooked up to an IV for 3 weeks, so I'm doing all I can to stay hydrated and out of the hospital at this point! 

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Welcome! I will add you to the roster as soon as I get back on the computer, I use my phone to check in. Congrats on the soon to be!
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May 31st (so likely June with my history of going over)

I don't really have a gender guess. I'm actually kind of bummed this is going to break our even 4 girls and 4 boys. But maybe I'll end up with another girl AND boy for my third set of twins. ;)

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Congratulations to the first time mamas, the mamas of many, and all the in-betweeners! 

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  Baby #5 for me

  End of May 2014.

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Kathleen, we match up on all counts!
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