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Hi! My name is Gabrielle, I'm 22 and pregnant with my first child. My due date is May 11th, though it might change considering I still haven't have an appointment for a scan. I feel like baby is a girl.

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Hi Everybody. I am Bethania and I am due Late May to Early June.  My official date is June 4 but at my NT scan last week, baby was measuring a full week ahead;  I expect my doctor to want to change my due date.  I was not tracking my O date and it is possible I O'd early.  I am really expecting this baby to appear right at the end of May.  He will be my 4th baby, my 3rd boy in a row :-)  My oldest, my dd is 19, ds1 is 14 and ds2 is 10.

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I am so late to join! My last DDC kept going in a facebook group format and I've just been venting to those wonderful ladies so far ;) I was skittish about joining early because the waves of "I'm out" are so discouraging, and I felt super protective of this pregnancy from the start. But I think it'd be nice to have a date-specific group now that things are sticky!


My name is Hannah, and I'm due late May with #3. Planning a homebirth with the same midwife practice we used for the first 2. DS is almost 6, DD is 2.5, I have no idea on baby's sex this time and we never peek!


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Hello everyone!


My name is Sarah, and I am due on May 8th with baby number 2! I have a four-year-old little princess, who is very excited about being a big sister! I'm 26, but will be 27 by the time my new little angel arrives. My DH is 27, and still will be when his little bundle is here. This is my hubby's first child, as I was a single mom before we married in January. I'm desperately praying for a boy, even though I'll be enormously happy with a little girl too! My mother and both my grandmothers and I are calling boy, but my husband is convinced we're having a girl. We find out(finally!) on December 23rd, just in time for Christmas. :) I'm looking forward to getting to know all of you!

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Hello Everyone,


I am really excited to be joining this group. For a while I thought I would be part of the June group, but a questionable last period and a sonogram puts my EDD in late May - around the time my first will be 4. :eyesroll


My name is Melisa (melisar) and I am a proud mama of one spunky at home and extremely reserved outside 3 and a half year old, Pia, who is still an avid nursling and co-sleeper.  My partner is a stay a home dad working on finishing his PhD remotely and training for marathons after long days with our little one. I work full time as a teacher in a small alternative NYC high school and really appreciate my community and the freedom to work with some pretty amazing young people.


I will be 34 when number 2 is due to arrive, and this time around am feeling a little guilty about how little attention I am paying to this second pregnancy - which seems to be flying by. As we are not sure if this will be our last, I feel like I should be enjoying and documenting this pregnancy as much as our first. Pia is growing more curious about my growing belly and her "hermanito" (little brother) - although we don't know or plan to find out, she seems to have her heart set on a brother.


I was in great shape before my first pregnancy, and was fortunate enough to remain very active until Pia was born. This time around I am very inactive. I was able begin running again in the summer, but with work and wanting to spend my time out of work with Pia and resting (when possible) I have become pretty sedentary and am worried about how that will effect this pregnancy.


I am very thankful to be part of this group and really appreciate all of the words of wisdom and conversations that happen here. During my first pregnancy it felt very special to a part of a community on Mothering, and I am very happy to return this time around!


Thanks ladies!

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Hey everyone!! I am a little (very) late to this forum. I was recommended this site by a friend. :]


My name is Aydria!

I am currently 22, but will be 23 when the baby gets here in may.

This is baby #2 

EDD is may 4th 2014.

my gender guess is girl :]

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Hi May 2014 Mamas!


I don't know what took me so long to get here, but I'm so glad to be joining this community!


My name is Saadia and I'll be 29 years old tomorrow, December 23rd! I am pregnant with my first child, who is due on May 17th. No real guess as to the sex of the little bean yet and we're hearing guesses of both boy and girl, though my students' guesses seem to be all based on their own sex :). (I'm fielding lots of comments such as, "Oh, you don't want to raise a boy - they're so annoying!" and "Teenage girls are so complicated, you're definitely going to have a boy." Ah, to be 15...)


I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, where I still live with my husband, parents, two sisters, a brother-in-law, 2 nieces and a nephew, and a whole host of extended family just a stone's throw away. It's wonderful!


I work at a public NYC high school where I teach 10th grade Humanities to a rambunctious group of 15-year-olds who keep me on my toes daily. I just shared the news with them (not showing very much yet, so they weren't at the guessing stage) and they are adorably psyched for me.


My current stresses include trying to figure out what to do in terms of working after the baby comes and whether or not to have an anatomy scan in the next couple of weeks. My current joys include being able to relax and drink tea with the husband at home (hooray for winter break!!) and feeling baby's squirms and rolls.


I look forwards to spending the next 5+ months with you all! I can't believe it's all going so quickly! :)

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This will be Baby #1 for me, due date 5/5 - Cinco de Mayo.  My name is Adrienne and I just turned 30!  Oh yea, IT'S A BOY :)

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I'm pretty late joining in here, but I'm due with #3 May 6!

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Divaostrich- due April 30th with what looks like a boy even though we didn't ask to know, I am 33 and this will be baby #4! I have had two babies right on due date and my toddler was exactly one week past due date, so I have a feeling this will be a May baby!

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It's good to see so many new women joining! Hi, all!
Can my info be changed? I am 33 now but will be 34 when baby is born.

Baby #3

Also, we know it's a girl. Can I be added to the girl group? Thank you!
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I'm 29 and expecting my 3rd baby around May 24th. First 2 babies took more than 40 weeks so a June baby is possible too!
My 2 boys say that this one will be another boy. Or a baby duck.
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Hey everyone I am due on May 28th 2014. but i am going to be induced on May 7th due to a stillbirth with my last pregnancy.

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Hi all! I'm late to join, but better late than never, right? I'm expecting my baby #2 due on May 23rd 2014. I'm currently 30, but baby is due close to my birthday, so I may be 31 when I give birth.

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Hey there everyone! pretty late on joining in! my name is jillian, and im  a first time mommy-to-be! my due date is may 2nd and im beyond excited! ill be 25 weeks tomorrow (oh my!). i dont know the sex yet, but will find out at my gender reveal baby shower! (march 2nd!) i dont care either way, just for a healthy baby! this is my first post, but i have been reading the posts :) hope everyone is doing well!!!!

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oh ya!- im 26 years old...and will be when i deliver as well :)

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Hello ladies!!  I'm new here and thought I'd drop in to share some info.  A mom from one of my local FB groups said she found a great birth month group on Mothering, so I thought I'd give it a shot.  I was in a May '14 moms group from BabyCenter but we didn't seem to share the same "life philosophies" to put it nicely.  So anyway, here I go:  


My real name is Dawn, I'm 37 but will be 38 in March.  This is my 2nd and last pregnancy - due to MANY health issues my doc is recommending a hysterectomy after this baby.  I'm very depressed about it - a whole other issue. 


My due date is 5/23 but my first son was born 3.5 weeks early, so I'm just telling everyone to keep the whole month of May open.  I have felt, even before conception, that I would have another boy.  E.V.E.R.Y.O.N.E. I know is saying this baby will be a girl (just because THEY want a girl - not for any particular reason.)  And to be honest it's starting to tick me off.  My husband and I had decided to stay neutral and be surprised but at the last us the tech said "look away if you don't want to know" and I kept looking.  I'm *pretty* sure I saw a penis!  And when hubs and son went to the potty I asked her "So, it's a boy isn't it??"  And she said yes, she thinks it is.  YAY ME!!  


**To be clear I wouldn't have been upset by a girl.  I was just happy to know my gut instinct was right.  So no one but you girls know that I know ;)  Shhhhh......



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Hi everyone! New to the boards but have been looking throughout the pregnancy :)


sarasoulshine- Sara


1st baby and 1st pregnancy

EDD May 14th

guessing its a girl- I had a dream ;)

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Welcome Sara :)

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Hi everyone, I'm still here!  


I've only been able to post to this DDC/thread once so far since my BFP (so I'm already mentioned in the roll call list above).  Life has been quite hectic and crazy - we've moved twice since Sept (currently living in the Bay Area), I have an 18 month old son who is very active, and my husband travels a lot for work so I'm on my own a lot with no family or support nearby.  I'm now 29 weeks along and we are having a Baby Girl.  This pregnancy has flown by so quickly and I still haven't really had much time to prepare for things yet.  I guess the big news for this pregnancy so far is that I have placenta previa (which I'm pretty confident will resolve itself in a few more weeks) and I found out last week that I have GD.  And I'm also doing a lot of soul searching right now regarding my birth plans - deciding whether to go for a VBAC or to succumb to a 2nd C-section (DS was born via emergency c-section, so I've got some baggage there).


Now that I'm in my 3rd trimester, things are really picking up momentum and this pregnancy is demanding more of my attention.  I'm really going to try to find more time to be present in this DDC and to catch up on most of your recent threads to see what everyone's been up to!  Hopefully I'll be able to share more in the coming weeks....  

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