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Roll Call and Due Date Thread - Page 5

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-EDD middle may, not really sure since we literally just found out!

-Gender guess boy 

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-EDD around May 17

-no clue on gender 


Congrats to everyone!

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I was holding off on joining as I have a history of miscarriage, but an ultrasound yesterday showed baby measuring exactly to the day of when I O'd and a healthy heartbeat!




Baby #2

EDD May 1, but I was 12 days over that with my daughter

I'll guess girl!

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-EnviroBecca (How do I change text color?  I like purple!)



-Baby #2

-May 1


I'm feeling skeptical that this is going to work out because I had an embryonic demise at 7 weeks in April 2012.  We had a hard time conceiving our son, who's now 8 years old, so it's weird having two surprise pregnancies in two years!  But there is a pattern in my family that some of the women have extremely irregular cycles from the beginning, have trouble conceiving, but then after giving birth have more regular cycles and can conceive easily after that.  (My great-aunt took 12 years to conceive her first child, then had #2 exactly when she wanted and a surprise #3 only 14 months later!) 


JenRN, it's so encouraging to see that you have the same due date and have already seen a healthy heartbeat!  I'm holding off on ultrasound until the 24th.


Anyway, for now I'm excited to be here!  I am feeling queasy and tired but also looking forward to the possibility of buying cute little clothes again and having a fuzzy little head to snuggle!

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Hello! My name is Wendy and I'm due May 5 with baby #6. We have four little girls and were surprised with a boy the last time around. My girls all came on or a few days after their EDD but my boy came 12 days past his EDD--it's a pretty safe bet I will have a May baby :) We already have 3 May birthdays so May is a fun month for us. Congrats to all!



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Unfortunately I've lost mine at 6w4d. Good luck to all you ladies, hoping I can join another DDC in the future.
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I'm so sorry for your loss, Verdahekawi. 

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hugs Verdahekawi!  I am so sorry.

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Very sorry for your loss Verdahekawi.  


This will be baby #2.  By my calculations I'm due May 18.  I'm 28.  Still nursing DS, who will be 3 in November.  Got very strong girl vibes from the get go, but it might just be wishful thinking.  

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Forgive me if I am doing any or all of this wrong...I'm totally new! smile.gif

kmhoth03, pink
Age 30/31
Pregnancy (and hopefully baby) #3
EDD mid May
After two boys, I am wishing a bit for a girl
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I meant to, but forgot (is it starting already?! wink1.gif) to say that I'm very excited to be a part of this group! We are probably going to wait at least until 8 weeks to share the news of this pregnancy with our family, so it will be very nice to have a group of fellow moms to talk with. It's also been hard not to share it with our boys (4 and newly 7) but I have a feeling they may tell everyone they come in contact with...so it's under my hat for now.
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So sorry, Verdahekawi greensad.gif
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Hi... I'm unexpectedly going to be a May mommy, again!!

I'm Amanda.
I'm 26 and will be 26 upon delivery.
This is baby #4.

We have three beautiful baby girls... Not babies anymore!! greensad.gif
Ava Brinn that's 5 ( May 08)
Leah Grace that's 4 (July 09) &
Sofia Rose that's almost 3, our December oppies baby!!

We have been married 7 years... (Yesterday 9-10)

I'm nervous about this pregnancy as I've just started to see the light of no more infant, toddler stage... None the less, I'm here and a new life should be celebrated and exciting!! smile.gif
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Oh and EDD... I haven't looked? Early-mid may? My last baby was 9lbs 5oz so, I'll be begging to be induced early as always. My Dr induces with no problems 2 weeks early. So, EDD- EARLY May!! :-) ill be miserable and begging!
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Verdahekawi, my heart aches for you. I am really sorry.

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Verdahekawi - I am so, so sorry that you lost your baby, especially after all you've been through getting to this point. I hope you get your take-home baby soon!

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Updated to here!


Welcome to all our new moms!


EnviroBecca - If you look at the buttons at the top of the reply box, there is one that has a capital letter A that is underlined. If you highlight text then click on it, you can select the text color.


kmhoth - Hopefully you like the pink I picked. All of the pinks look a little bit purply to me, but I did the best I could!


Sorry it has taken me a few days to update. My son has been the toddler from he** the last few days. I'm hoping he's finally, finally getting the top teeth that have been threatening for months, and that he goes back to his usual sweet self soon!

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Aloha!  I just found out I am around 4 weeks pregnant plus a few days.    I already have one beautiful and sweet little boy who is 1.5 years old so this pregnancy I'll be chasing after him.   


I'm 30

Due date May 18th...though I believe it will be later based on when I conceived

Baby #2 


I've told most of my close friends already but won't be going public until at least after my first scan.  

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I'm 28 (29 at EDD) and am almost 6 weeks pregnant with baby #1 :-)  Been with my husband for 2.5 years and got married this past April!  EDD according to online due date calculator is May 12 but midwife said May 8.  I feel great so far and have NO pregnancy symptoms yet other than sore breasts and a little more tired than usual! :-)  Hopefully it is a sign that I will have an easy and healthy vegetarian pregnancy!

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Welcome OtherSoul and NatureMama14! Congrats to both of you!

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