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August/September Chat Thread

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Since there's less than a week left in August and we're just starting to get our BFPs, I figured I'd just make a thread for both months.


How are you doing? How are you feeling about your pregnancy? Told anyone yet? Any symptoms?


As for me, I'm over the moon about this pregnancy. We've been trying for 10 months, which isn't all that long in the big scheme of things, but the other three were conceived very quickly and I was starting to be convinced that there was something wrong. DH and random strangers here on MDC are the only ones who know so far, and I'm not sure how long I'll keep it that way. I just want to keep it a happy thing now, and I suspect my family, at least, is not going to react well, despite the fact that we're in a much better place in life than we were with any of the other kids. But it's #4, and I'm sure they think we should have stopped with #0.


Only symptoms so far are some weird fluttering feelings (almost like kicks, but, at 15DPO, obviously way too early for that) and the ever so wonderful diarrhea that's been a consistent early symptom for me.

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This is my first pregnancy so I'm taking everything day by day. Typical period systems (mostly cramping). Dreading the morning sickness if it ever kicks in. My mom said she never had it so hopefully i'll take after her in that regard. This pregnancy happened fast. Within a month of going off birth control I got the BFP. My DH has been ready for kids for a while now, but i've been dragging my heels a little. I finally felt ready to expand our family and it's probably a good thing it happened so fast so i didn't have time to change my mind. Since my DH and I couldn't keep the exciting news to ourselves we agreed on telling one friend until we're in the safe zone. I told my best friend who is currently pregnant and due in December that way I have someone close to talk to about pregnancy until we tell our parents. Planning on telling our parents after my 6 week appointment next friday and then the rest of the family after 8 weeks. It's so hard not to tell anyone especially when I see my mom everyday! So glad I have our DDC to talk to! I was thinking Sept. 8th would be a good day to spill the beans to our parents since it's grandparents day...still debating about that though since my mom will be in Hawaii (might shoot her a text hinting the fact).

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We're visiting my family next month, and I suppose I'll probably tell them then. Not 12 weeks, but at least a little further in.


It's a little complicated because my brother and his wife announced that they were pregnant with their first about two months ago, so it's totally going to look like we rushed out and got pregnant too, but we've really been trying for a while. 


Last pregnancy I told my kids when I got so sick and tired that they were starting to think something was wrong. I'll probably do similar this time. But hopefully I won't get quite so sick this time!


I'm going to amuse myself and keep it quiet for as long as possible at work. In the past it's taken me a long time to show, so I'm going to tell one person and have her let me know when people start talking. 

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I'm not telling anyone but my husband so far. Last month I made the huge mistake of telling my 5 year old and a few friends, and then it turned out to be a chemical pregnancy and I had to go around telling everyone never mind. 


This is a place where I feel safe to confess this: I'm 18dpo and have been taking tests every single day for the past week like a crazy person. I want to confirm that the line is getting thicker (it is) but there's a point where it becomes a bit overboard, and I think I've juuuuuust about hit that spot. But I'll still test again tomorrow, by gum!

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It's nice to be able to read a bit about what's going on for you guys.


Ocelotmom ~ I know what you mean about telling family. This is our 4th as well and telling them was actually something that I was dreading so much it almost swayed my opinion about ttc. I realized that I felt that that was a crazy reason not to have a baby so here I am.


I am not feeling any real symptoms except regular hunger and increased urination (which I could be imagining). Usually I'm pretty free and clear of symptoms until 6 weeks when the food aversions and nausea kick in. I'm loading up an greens and tons of veggies before I can't eat them any longer and can only handle eating white foods.


I've been spotting ever since Thursday it has been brown and extremely light but consistent and I'm not feeling super secure about the whole thing. AF was supposed to start on Thursday and would have ended today so I'm hoping that my body is just a bit confused about the fact that I'm pregnant and that there should be no AF and that tomorrow this spotting will end.


Until I feel more sure and this spotting stops I'm not saying anything to my kids. I won't see my midwife until mid October so I feel like I've got time to decide when the time is right.

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Originally Posted by Anaralia View Post

This is a place where I feel safe to confess this: I'm 18dpo and have been taking tests every single day for the past week like a crazy person. I want to confirm that the line is getting thicker (it is) but there's a point where it becomes a bit overboard, and I think I've juuuuuust about hit that spot. But I'll still test again tomorrow, by gum!

I'm glad I'm not the only one obsessively taking tests.  I'm starting to feel worried, though.  I've gotten faint line positives on four early detection tests (two different brands), but the line never gets any darker.  It is always barely there.  I'm technically 1-4 days past my expected monthly, so I'd think it would be getting darker by now.  I was never this anxious and impatient with my other pregnancies, always waiting the week after a missed AF.  

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I took something like 6 tests, but eventually stopped because they weren't getting darker fast enough for me and it was stressing me out. I'll continue along in blissful ignorance instead. 


I've never been so pregnancy test obsessive before. Two is the most I've taken in the past. But I had internet cheapies this time, and still have about 15 left.

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Well, I haven't done any more pregnancy tests, but I did decide to do an LH test today for the sake of science (seeing how early the LH test turns positive), and because I have about 6000 of them because I decided I didn't like them for ovulation predicting purposes. That turned out to be a much clearer positive than I've ever got around ovulation!


So I guess the answer is that they turn positive around day 16. I tried on day 14 and it wasn't positive then.


http://www.justmommies.com/articles/opk-as-hpt.shtml for those who don't know what I'm talking about.

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Hmm...never heard of using those tests before.  I have one pregnancy test left.  I'm forcing myself to wait until Friday to use it.  Aaaarrgh!  I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas morning, but not sure which day it is supposed to be because my parents keep telling me it will be one of these days.  lol

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I use Wondfo. They caught my BFP 3 days before First Response digital and 2 days before First Response non-digital. 50 dip sticks for $19 ...kinda can't beat it! http://bit.ly/wondfopreg

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I got a major major squinter with wondfos at DPO 10. Faint enough that I couldn't quite convince myself that it wasn't just my imagination. On DPO 13 there was a line that I felt comfortable other people could see, but it was still very faint. But you definitely can't beat the price.


I was just out for a walk with my daughter, and decided to go ahead and tell her. She said "That's why you're belly's been getting so big!" Gee thanks, kid :) No, if my belly is getting big, that's from too many cookies at work. I have gained some weight recently (and can't help wondering if that's why I finally got pregnant), but I didn't realize it was that noticeable! 

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I have the Wondfo's too, and I do agree that they're much less sensitive. But that's one of the reasons I got them, was so that when they turned positive, it would REALLY be a positive. But I was in hell with them for a few days, wondering if there were actual lines, o evap lines, or....? 


I'm 19 dpo and even now, the Wondfo's are not giving me a test line as strong as the control line. The line is clearly there and getting darker every day, but I bet a First Response would be much darker by now.

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I also have wondfos and ended up getting annoyed about the faint, faint line that I was sure I saw but may have imagined so I ended up buying a First Response just to confirm. The First Response line was way faster and way darker. Now at 20dpo I'm getting a clearly visible line on my wondfos but, like Anaralia, my line is nowhere near the darkness of the control line.


I'm still spotting and am not enjoying this experience at all especially since I've now been searching for reasons for spotting in early pregnancy online (stupid thing to do, I know) and have discovered that it can be a sign of ectopic pregnancy. If it doesn't stop by next week I think I'll be asking my midwife to refer me for an early ultrasound.

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I don't think it's stupid at all to be googling about your worries. I've been doing it too. As long as you don't overreact then it should be fine. Especially now in very early pregnancy where we don't have a whole lot of options: I know my doctor would tell me to go home and rest and "Come back in a week if nothing changes," if he agreed to see me at all. It's too early in the pregnancy to be taken seriously. :(


I think you have a good plan. I hope the spotting does stop, right now tonight. Hugs.

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I am sorry about the spotting. I know how stressful that can be. I had only one pregnancy so far without any major bleeding. one was placenta related, the other one was a twin that I miscarried. actually the twins I miscarried never  bled either. It was a missed miscarriage and I had to be induced. Never a sign that anything was wrong. So, you might bleed and all is good, or you might not, and all is wrong. :(

I still breastfeed my 17 months old, and I had sworn I would never nurse during a pregnancy again. I guess that joke is on me...

We have told two of my closest friends who were very excited for us and my mother. I only told her , so I have it done and over with. She is so NOT happy. It is amazing how much our parents still have the power to hurt us, no matter w old we get. I know what kind of reaction I would get, and still it hurt.

Otherwise I enjoy the days, I feel well enough....

We also have an exchange student living with us for a year. I found out about the pregnancy when he was about to board his plane. I plan to homebirth, we will see how this all goes:) Always something going on here!

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I'm looking at prenatal vitamins, and wow, what a mess of conflicting info! DHA is important but most of the ones on the market are rancid and/or contain heavy metal (and/or are incredibly expensive). Most of the whole foods vitamins seem to be implicated with having high lead/mercury levels and/or taste horrible or have raw sprouts which pregnant women aren't supposed to eat because of potential bacterial contamination. The gummy ones are tasty but have the wrong form of vitamin A. And that's not even getting started on the stuff I don't care about like whether a vitamin containing D3 can truly be called vegan.


So I just randomly chose something where the only complaints were about the taste instead of health issues. But I can't help wondering if that's because it's too crappy to attract the picky people.

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I know what you mean. I have been taking multiple pills because the prenatal I was taking made my face itchy and red. My mother thinks it was the niacin. I would love to hear some suggestions.
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I think I'm going to start taking the doTerra multivitamins, and add some folic acid. I'm miserable at taking my vitamins.

So, I'm still taking daily tests (cheap dollar store ones) and they aren't getting any darker, and it's stressing me out. The weird thing is, that I can barely see a line if I only wait the three minutes, but if I wait longer (like 10 minutes) it does get darker. Is that strange, or normal?
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Multi vitamins make me nauseous when I'm not pregnant, and have never been able to tolerate them.  However, this time around I have been taking my children's Now brand chewable vitamins.  I panicked when I suspected pregnancy, so I started taking them for the folic acid.  They haven't bothered me a bit, so I think I'll continue with them as something is certainly better than nothing.  I also started taking their Omega 3/ DHA gummies.


Piratemere - Mine get slightly darker after sitting a while too.  Maybe it is because some of the liquid evaporates and what is left is more concentrated?  IDK 

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I've found that vitamins without iron make me less nauseous. Also, I take mine at night instead of in the morning, which seems to help.


My son is trying to help me with the computer now, back later!

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