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Friends, keep me in your positive thoughts today. I started having some spotting yesterday, passed a very big clot today (dark and old looking), and I am not certain what turn this will take. An u/s yesterday showed a sac, but no heartbeat or pole yet (could be too early).  I am still having lots of nausea and sore breasts, but I am scared, for sure. Should know with some beta results today, and depending on what they look one might have new ones drawn on Saturday.

Oh Kaliakra, you will be in my prayers for sure.  I hope everything turns out okay.

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Will definitely keep you in my thoughts, Kaliakra.  Hoping everything will be good.

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Thank you, sisters. Early pregnancy is so confusing at times, and the fears and anxiety that all the changes provoke are difficult for me. I am finding myself on an emotional roller coaster. It's not fun to know that this could be the beginning of the end, or it could be totally normal. I am still rooting for a May miracle :)

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thinking positive thoughts for you, Kaliakra!

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Thinking good thoughts for you, Kaliakra. Let us know how things are going when you can.


AFM, I had some pinkish-red spotting today. :( It is almost certainly from an irritated cervix due to a frisky dh this morning, which happened last pregnancy, too, but not exactly reassuring to see! Freaked me out quite a bit, actually, until I remembered the morning's activities. Sigh. Hoping to not see any more of it!

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Spotting has turned to red bleeding and cramps. Midwife says it's most likely a miscarriage, and all we can do is wait.
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I'm so sorry, monkeyscience. I was praying no one else here would have to join my club greensad.gif
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Oh no, I'm so sorry. This is just terrible, I'm so sorry.

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So sorry you are dealing with this, Monkeyscience.  Wishing you peace.

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I'm so sorry for you Monkeyscience.  wishing that this will turn itself around but peace for you if it doesn't

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I too, am out. Bleeding now, and last known beta was only 3200 in what was supposed to be the middle of the 6th week. My midwife is amazing and says it's a miscarriage likely. I have been crying like a baby on and off. 

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I'm so sorry, Kaliakra and Monkeyscience.  Many thoughts and hugs sent your way.

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I am so sorry monkeyscience and kaliakra.
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Hello, sisters. I had a bad weekend, to say the least. I am hopefully now completing the last parts of a natural miscarriage at 6w4d when it started Wednesday night. I am moving out of the DDC for May, but will be active on the board. If anyone ever want to talk to me about the experience, for any reason, just PM. Of course, I hope no one will ever have to. I also really hope to rejoin a joyful board in due time.

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Kaliakra, my thoughts are with you.  I don't know if this was your first, but I had a miscarriage at almost exactly the same point prior to getting pregnant with my first child.  It's an awful thing to go through, and I wish you all the best with future efforts.  hugs!

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Yes, it was my first. I want to feel hope that there will be more and happy ones.

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I don't mean to give you false hope and it's possible that many other people have a different perspective, but my feeling on my miscarriage was that my body needed to do that to prepare itself.  I'd been on birth control, had really tough, heavy and painful periods, with lots of clumps and things prior to (sorry if TMI), so I just took my miscarriage as being some way for my body to "clean out" my uterus and get ready for actually carrying a baby in a good space.  I also felt (after a bit of time and perspective - certainly not right away) that the miscarriage also gave me a bit of a preview of pregnancy - it made me surer of myself, of my partner and of really wanting to have a child.  Those things were, in retrospect, the really strong and helpful things I took away from it.  At the time, I wept, and was certain something was wrong with me or I'd done something wrong.  Give yourself time, healing, and love yourself and your body for knowing what it needs to do. 

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manysplinters, thank you. This was a beautiful, powerful post. It gave me great consolation.

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I'm sorry for your losses, monkeyscience and kaliakra. I am having some mucousy pink bleeding today, and it is making me nervous. I called the doctor's office and the nurse said she wasn't worried about it, but I am! I had an ultrasound on Friday and everything looked as it should, but it's too early to see a heartbeat yet. My next ultrasound is not until a week from tomorrow (I used Clomid to get pregnant and the reproductive endocrinologist monitors you very closely the first trimester.)

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