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Anyone NOT emotional or exhausted yet? I'm 7wks3days. I had 2 days where I was a little teary, but nothing in the past few weeks.  However, I am very low stress right now, so maybe that helps! I would say my energy level is slightly lower, and I'm ready for bed at my usual 9:30, but I don't feel exhausted during the day. I'm nauseous all day, but not throwing up.  I force myself to eat the few things that don't turn my stomach, but I feel sick after I eat, and then better 20 minutes later.  I'm dealing with digestive issues for the first time in my life.  No fun!  I used to snack constantly on fresh fruits and veggies, now my snacking is pretty much gone...I know that must make it worse in addition to the hormones.  I'm starting to get a good feeling about this pregnancy.  It's my first one, and tons of my friends miscarried their first 1-2 pregnancies.  I have kept expecting to start bleeding every time I go to the bathroom, and I expect every little twinge to turn into painful cramps...but they don't.  I've started thinking, "I think I'll actually have this baby!" It's exciting!

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When do the sore boobs go away? Mine have been increasingly tender since 4 weeks pregnant and I am 5 and a half weeks now. When I take my bra off they feel so sore, painfully almost...and if anyone bumps them ouch!!! How long does this last for?

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Honestly, I'm 8 weeks today and still going through sore boobs. It helps to not sleep with a bra on and wear a shirt that is relatively loose around the breast area, or even going up a bra size can take the pressure off. Also I'm feeling twinges on intense pain lasting maybe a second every few seconds or so that comes and goes for around 10 minutes which is apparently due to growth.
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I'm 6.5 weeks today and I have sore boobs, I pee a lot, have some cramping, tired, spacey, and I cry at certain commercials, when I see a sad animal or an old person eating alone in a restaurant.  I can't handle it.  I saw a lady who normally walks with her dog walking alone and I burst into tears because I thought her dog died.  I don't have any nausea.  This is the exact time when I had my miscarriage last time so I'm trying to stay hopeful!

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I am just over 6 weeks now, and have the following symptoms. Extreme bloating and gas off and on. Boobs growing bigger each week, though not too sore. Sensitive, yes. Nausea only happens for a minute here and there, and I have a hint of dizziness off and on too.
I also have a low and dull ache in the unterine area that is pretty constant, and has been for a good 3 weeks now.
I have been healing my gut and storing up minerals etc for years now.
Magnesium chloride oil on my feet and magnesium glycinate orally everyday, just about guarantee no nausea. And neither will cause loose stools, as they are properly absorbed, unlike the citrate version, which is poorly absorbed.
I have normally lost all my pregnancies by this time, so I am in new territory!


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I am 6 weeks now and hoping the sore boobs are less tender in a couple more weeks. The past 2 days I have woken up feeling nauseous but only briefly, then it's gone yay! I would rather keep sore boobs than be feeling sick. Getting more tired during the day and peeing a lot, but I always pee a lot anyway, weak bladder.

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Okay, so along with horrible nausea I don't like the sound of anything at all, it all makes me wanna puke. I've also been peeing constantly and have been extremely constipated to the point when I do go it hurts. My breasts aren't sore anymore, all I want to do is sleep, and have had headaches alot.
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Cause I need a happy thought to deter me from my nausea and lack of appetite.

I have nails. I've always had frail and flaky nails. Even in my last pregnancy. I can grow my nails out. And they're so strong. It's weird but absolutely welcome.

Anybody else having positive symptoms?
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Oh yes, I have the strong nails too. Very exciting.

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I normally have strong nails, but I have noticed they're even stronger now!  I had a hard time trimming them...I had to buy sharper nail clippers!  

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My nails have been good, except for the thumbnail I accidentally sliced with a paring knife yesterday. :irked Glad I didn't cut my thumb, though.


My nausea is finally gradually lessening!!!!!!  Almost 13 weeks.  I think this is about the same time it started to get better in my first pregnancy.  And then it was the week after that when I felt the baby move....  I'm so looking forward to that!  A couple of times in the past two weeks, after coffee or orgasm, I have felt maybe a little flutter, but it hasn't been recognizably definitely the baby.

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Yes, my nails are looking great now! I usually have peely, easily broken nails. My skin seems a bit oilier too, which is a bit annoying, but I usually have uncomfortably dry skin, so it's kind of a relief too. Maybe come winter my skin will actually be nice!


On the not so positive side, I have been losing A LOT of hair. I assume this is a pregnancy symptom. It's annoying and kind of gross. I'm tired of sweeping it up!

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I have positive symptoms!  :)  My nails are also strong and growing like crazy but I have to keep them trim otherwise they wouldn't be very sanitary at work.   I think my hair is growing longer too, usually it grows so slow, but I feel like it's an inch longer than last month. I haven't had any nausea for over a week now, but I have developed a mild case of car-sickness that I never had before.   I've been more tired in the evenings and have had a hard time getting up in the mornings, but once I shower, I'm pretty good for the day.  My growing umbilical hernia assures me that someone is growing in there! LOL.  I thought I had a bit of a belly last week, but it is gone again this week.  However, my growing umbilical hernia assures me that someone is growing just fine in there.  I've been walking for about 20 minutes on my lunch break each day and then another 45ish minutes each evening with hubby.  Proud of myself for that.  Midwife said that continued exercise and keeping weight down is the most important thing we can do to increase our chances for a healthy pregnancy and smooth delivery.

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This pregnancy has been very different from my other pregnancies. I have barely any appetite, but also barely any nausea or vomiting. I vomit once or twice every couple of days. Normally at 10 weeks I would've gained 10 lbs but so far I have lost 3, gained 3, lost 3, and gained 3. I have a tummy, especially in the evening and my boobs are sore off and on and I have already leaked occasionally. I have been pretty exhausted. Last night I was in bed by 8 because of feeling nauseous but around 2:30 couldn't sleep any longer, got up to pee and still felt really nausea, had a yogurt, DTD with DH which actually did help my nausea (surprisingly), and then still didn't fall asleep again until 4:30, got up for the day at 7:30. I shouldn't be tired with that much sleep. It takes me the first half of the day doing nothing until I feel up to do anything.


Anybody else starting to get nesty?  I always have a early nesting phase. Right now it seems to be cleaning my house. My mop broke last night and I went and bought a $150 hard floor cleaning device. lol. Because apparently another regular mop wouldn't get my floors clean enough. I also contacted a cleaning lady to see how expensive it would be to have her deep clean my house once a month. Oh well, DH should be happy it is so clean I guess.  :p

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I am now 13 weeks, so I am already feeling so much better. I had morning sickness at the beginning and no apatite. I also had a lot of cramping every day but that seems to have gone away now as well. I do have round ligament pain every once in a while. I have bloat every evening, horrible acne on my chin, chest, and back. Last week I had low blood pressure for a couple days. I really do hope that I love this second trimester better then the first, but I really shouldn't complain because it could have been worse and I am so happy to have a little baby on the way!

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