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Making things for baby!

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I was looking for a thread for sharing pics of things we are making for our LOs.  I didn't see one yet.  I would love to see what things you guys are working on making for baby.  I know some of you were talking about making longies and other things.  I have been working on blankets and burp pads and could use some inspirations for other things.   :)


Here are a couple of blankets I made so far.  The bottom picture is what I plan to use for crib bedding, not that baby will be in the crib much.


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There was such a thread, because I put pictures in it...not sure what it was titled though.


I will get more crafty in the fall as the weather turns colder; in the colder months friends and I do a craft night every week.  

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I love the bedding fabric, so cute!
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I don't sew but I did dye a bunch of dingy white onesies pink and purple. That made me happy. :-)

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So far, I've only made this little hat (as modeled by My Little Cthulhu):




I have a men's sweater all chopped up into pieces for 1, possibly two pairs of wool longies and two wool soakers, but I haven't put them together yet. I'll put up some pictures when I do.  I have lots of other plans, but thus far haven't been able to afford the materials I'd like.

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Yeah, for handmade things! I need to get cracking on that. These boys will be here before I know it!  Yeah, there was another thread, but no one had posted to it since 6/19/13. I guess our summer got away from us. http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1384429/making-things-for-baby

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I was on a roll making diapers and some sleepers for the baby, but haven't made anything in weeks now because we are in the middle of moving. I want to get my sewing stuff set up so I can finish my small size diaper stash and make some 3-6 mos size clothes.


I think I have 4 gowns like this one in the NB size: 



5 or 6  NB/0-3 mos size sleepers like this:




I only have a few jumpers like this, but I think I want to focus more on the 3-6 mos sizes for these:



I swear I have other fabrics! I just had a lot of this particular one and it's my most gender-neutral so I used it for trying these new patterns before we found out we're having a girl. I have other stuff sewn-up but I still need to apply the snaps to them.


I've also made 3 of these cross front shirts: 

The pattern says this is the preemie size but when I compared it to a store-bought 0-3 mos size onesie it's actually slightly wider than the onesie! I knitted a pair of brown wool longies that I think will match all 3 shirts.

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My gosh, Trish, those are fabulous.  Well done!  See, I can sew, but you are why I say I don't REALLY sew.  You really sew, like they look like you bought them.  Things I sew look like I sewed them ; )

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I saw this thread for making diapers from old t-shirts on another thread on mdc. I thought it was ingenious.



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Awe Jenny, thank you! I still feel like it's obvious that I made them. The patterns I used are pretty easy to follow too.


Lilac, that is a pretty cool way to use a t-shirt for a diaper! One of those "good to know" things, just in case. I've used the material from old t-shirts to make my whole newborn diaper stash. Since they're itty-bitty we'll probably only be able to use them for the first month so I didn't want to use my "good" materials on them. 

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I finished the glider cover and cribskirt for baby and made the tissue paper mobile. I hemmed the curtains too wink1.gif
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This stuff is awesome! I crochet a little and been meaning to make little booties and hats...haven't gotten around to it. I should probably get on it!
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Lida, that rocker cover is so pretty!
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Thanks, it was actually pretty easy to make...I found all the directions on a blog and took it from there. It cost me less than 30$ for materials, and there is nothing like that out there in the world of boring neutral gliders wink1.gif here is the before picture:

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I finished up two more things on my list of "stuff I'd like have but not buy" lol. I made a diaper changing clutch for the diaper bag and a waterproof car seat cover/blanket.


Changing pad: (sorry for crappy cell phone pics)


I followed this tutorial but just used two big pieces of PUL with the batting in the middle  instead of messing with the seperate inner and pocket material.


Car seat cover:


This is just a big rectangle of PUL and flannel sewn together with velcro straps added after. We tend to have mild but wet winters and springs here so I wanted something waterproof to put over the carseat when going from the house to the car, plus I like that I can take it off and use it as a playmat or ground cover if we're out somewhere and want to give her a clean/dry place to stretch out. Right now it's acting as a a dog hair barrier in the house, lol!

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Those are awesome, Trish!
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Nice, Trish!

And great glider cover, Lida, I love the pattern!

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Lida, your glider looks so much better than mine! I covered mine, but it's bleh. At least it didn't cost me anything and it's still cleaner looking than it was before. lol

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Wow Lida, LOVE the glider.  I wish I was handy with a sewing machine.  I am very crafty and artsy but not at all with sewing.

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Taryn, I'm the exact opposite. I can sew most things, especially if I have a pattern to work from, but not very good at other crafty type stuff. And I have almost no imagination, lol! 

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