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Good news!

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No, I'm not pregnant, but my doctor said I don't have PCOS! (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) He actually said "If you had PCOS, you wouldn't have this brood."


So maybe I can get pregnant again after all. I was wondering after almost 3 years of no baby, no breastfeeding, no pregnancy.


I'm enjoying this break while it lasts...and happy that at least that much is not wrong with me. :)


I hope you're all having a good day, too!

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That is great news! 

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That is good news, I am sure you are relieved!


Perhaps God is just giving you this break because next time you are going to have triplets!! :love


(teehee!) ;)

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Thanks tolovemercy and zjande. I know you're joking, zjande, but I hope you're wrong...I've always thanked God that I have babies one at a time, they're hard enough to take care of that way!


This might not sound very good of me, but when I hear babies crying, or think about sleep deprivation, I'm so glad I'm experiencing this break. I hope and trust though that when God finally does give us #5 He will help me get ready for him or her, emotionally and otherwise.

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thats great! I have PCOS (and triplets!! :p ) and its no fun. I hope that #5 decides that the right time is SOON. :)

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Thank you momtoafireteam. I will remember your enthusiasm and try to be more excited about #5 (or G, as we already have C, D, E, and F).

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