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Hey everyone! I'm Becky, 37 pregnant with baby #3 a total surprise, so still getting used to the idea. My husband and I have been married for 7 yrs and live in beautiful Swfl smile.gif I'm currently tandem nursing my two kiddos, a 5yo son who just started preschool and my 2 yo daughter. I'm a pretty crunchy AP, peaceful parenting mamma enjoying staying at home with my lo's. I'm an artist and textile artist and love to cook and sew in my free time.
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Hi everyone!  I'm Anna, 39, pregnant with #3 - due Apr. 28 but expecting more like May 6th.  Like a lot of you, I'm feeling kind of stressed about this pregnancy and how it's going so far.  I took a nap with my youngest the other day and dreamed that I was having a miscarriage, butd I was sort of at peace with it and woke up totally thinking it had happened, even though every day my symptoms are becoming worse - nausea, soooo tired, totally emotional and freaky, and wanting to eat salad with really vinegary dressing and feta cheese (these have been my usual signs with other pregnancies too - I know the salad and feta is totally weird!)


I have a u/s next wednesday - usually I wouldn't be too hyped up about that, but I think this time I am needing some reassurance.  I am hoping that will help make me a little less worried, and that I am actually far enough along for a heartbeat to be picked up.


I work full time as a lawyer, and my partner is home with the kids, keeping our house somewhat sane and making delicious meals for us.  He's a total crunchy guy - we eat primarily organic food, grow as much as we can ourselves, and we help local farmers slaughter our meat (cow, pig, chickens) and we hunt stuff like moose and caribou and fish for salmon when we can.  Our kids are 3(almost 4) and 2.  I'm looking forward to this journey with all of you, and it's such a relief to know that I'm not the only one expressing anxiety about the first few weeks!

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Hello all! I'm Christina and I'm 27. I'm from Chicago, and my husband and I have an 18 mo old son, so this is my second pregnancy. We're really excited to be preggies, but I'm also pretty nervous. Had a pretty miserable pregnancy last time, so I'm dreading the nausea, fatigue,migraines, etc, BUT I'm still pretty hopeful that this time it won't be as bad. Positive thoughts! wink1.gif

The birth of my son was not at all what I had planned and hoped for, ending in an emergency csection, so this time I'm going to be ultra prepared so I have the best possible chance of vbac! Anyone else planning a vbac? smile.gif
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Hi ladies! I'm lurking as I starting having unexpected brown spotting yesterday. Instead of picking up and becoming a period, it's stayed brown streaky and mucusy for the past 24 hours. I looked at the calendar and realized that my period is due in four days. Soooo, I'm thinking it could be implantation bleeding! If so, this will be surprise #7. And that would give me a due date of May 15th. We shall see! smile.gif. I'll probably test on Wednesday or Thursday of this week.


Exact same thing happened to me. I had brown spotting yesterday and it was also four days before my period. I have never had implantation bleeding before so I was sure AF was just coming early. The spotting stopped and I took a test tonight. It was positive!! I hope you get a positive as well!

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I'm Kara and I am from IN. I have been married to my dh for 6 years, it will be 7 next month! We had our son Jude in August of 2011. I am still nursing him, and as of now, plan to tandem nurse. There are definitely some days I am ready for him to be done though. I'm just going to take it day by day and see what happens. We did get pregnant this last January but I lost that baby in March. I am feeling really good about this pregnancy though. I have already been having more symptoms then I did last time. Praying for a sticky bean!

I am currently a SAHM but I am a registered x-ray tech. I plan to go back to school after this little one is born and get my bachelors in ultrasound. I would like to work one day but for now I am perfectly content being at home with my babies :)

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I'm Georgia (35), married to my husband (40) for 13 wonderful years.  We have a 6 year old daughter who was born by cesarean due to breech presentation.  Looking forward to the joys of being pregnant (I was really good at it last time!) and hoping for a VBAC.  Due May 18th.  :)

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Hello all! I'm Christina and I'm 27. I'm from Chicago, and my husband and I have an 18 mo old son, so this is my second pregnancy. We're really excited to be preggies, but I'm also pretty nervous. Had a pretty miserable pregnancy last time, so I'm dreading the nausea, fatigue,migraines, etc, BUT I'm still pretty hopeful that this time it won't be as bad. Positive thoughts! wink1.gif

The birth of my son was not at all what I had planned and hoped for, ending in an emergency csection, so this time I'm going to be ultra prepared so I have the best possible chance of vbac! Anyone else planning a vbac? smile.gif

VBAC hopeful here!  My daughter was breech/cesarian, I was breech/cesarian when my mom had me, and my mom was breech/vaginal delivery with my grandmother.  It's a tradition!  But they also had other correct orientation vaginal births, so hoping for the same for me.  :)

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VBAC shout out!

I'm Faye. I have 2 wonderful girls and am really excited to be PG.  DD1 is 2yo and DD2 is 9mo so I'm suprised but very very happy.  DD2 was my VBAC baby so in my mind this next one is just going to be a plain birth, no V or C or anything.  Preferably at a birth center but we do need to do the math on that one.  DH is happy about this whole thing and can't wait to tell all his co-workers (family will find out at thanksgiving).  I like to sew, paint, and keep my house clean-ish.  I also enjoy BST.  My big ambition before this babe comes is to CLEAN HOUSE and dejunk.  

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Hi Ladies!  Happy to be here!


A little about me.... DH and I are both 33 (been together 15 years).  We live in beautiful Santa Cruz, CA with our 5 year old daughter and 2.5 year old son, plus an old lab and some chickens.  Santa Cruz is a fun place to raise a family, lots of stuff to do here.  I currently SAH but occasionally fill in at my old job at a non-profit.  


Looking forward to being a part of a DDC.  

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I'm Becca, 40 years old, happily unmarried for 19 years with an 8-year-old son.  We were okay with his being an only child.  Then we had a surprise pregnancy last year that lasted 7 weeks, during which all 3 of us got excited about the idea of a new family member.  After I had recovered from the D&C, we actively TTC'd for a while with no results, then decided it was a fluke and we're getting too old and should just enjoy our son.  Now this surprise!  It's been quite a roller coaster, but I'm happy to be expecting now, even though I feel lousy.


I work full-time as data manager of a research study on male lifetime criminal behavior.  I told my boss about my pregnancy yesterday because last time, I didn't tell him until I got the sad news and needed time off for surgery, and he was really regretful that he hadn't known I was feeling so tired and sick for weeks before that while he was pressuring me to make deadlines!  So now he knows and has told me not to worry if I need to come in a little late sometimes or take a nap on my office floor, so long as I work approximately the right number of hours.


My son doesn't know about the pregnancy yet.  Last time, we were wondering when and how to tell him, but after I made a number of comments about things smelling awful to me or feeling tired, he said, "Are you going to have a baby or something?!"  (He remembered my saying that when I was expecting him, I was tired and sensitive to odors.)  So we're thinking that might happen again.  If not, we'll tell him no later than the 24th after my ultrasound. 

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My name is Melissa, I will be turn 37 at the end of September. I live in Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia. I just married on August 3rd! This will be my first, although I have a step-son. There is so much to figure out! My last period started on August 11th.

Today I had a very sharp pain in my pelvic area on my left side. I have to admit that I am freaking out it. Doctor says it is normal! We shall see!!
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Hi ladies, I just got a positive pregnancy test result and my due date is June 2nd which is so close to May I thought I would join May and June DDC's. I am not quite 4 weeks pregnant yet as my period is due in 2 days. So I will be nervously waiting and hoping that it doesn't arrive as I want this pregnancy so much! We have been TTC for a few months now and I'm in shock as only just found out! I will be walking around in a daze for the rest of the day. So very anxious though...I will test again tomorrow and the next day to hopefully see the very faint line be a little darker more visible. It's definitely there and I can't believe it! 


Nice to meet everyone.  I will come back to read through later.

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yay Winter!  so happy for you - I remember you from the TTC boards!

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I'm Skye. I am a single mother. I just got a bfp this morning, and it was fairly clear. The baby's dad is in the picture but we're not together.

I have a 2 year old son. That's my biggest worry about this upcoming pregnancy /baby. How he'll deal and adjust.

My edd would be the very end of May, but I'll probably deliver in June.

I am still close with all the ladies from my first ddc, so I'm hoping good things will come from this one!

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yay Winter!  so happy for you - I remember you from the TTC boards!

Really? Thank you so much :love


Skye congrats to you! 

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  • mhamblin76, I freaked out about everything the first time too.  I don't know if there will ever be a time I can totally lay back and "enjoy" being pregnant (this, I think, is the perveiw of grammas and people who are fondly remembering this experience with a good number of years buffer). 

​winter, yay!  

welcome everyone!  so excited to meet you all!


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Hi. Just found out tonight that we are expecting #5!!!!!!!


I'm totally in shock and shaking.


Baby is much wanted...but I had taken POS tests and they had all been negative until tonight, when I just couldn't resist trying again after being on day 41 of my cycle and having no other explination for it. Imagine my (and my husband's!) shock when I saw a VERY strong positive.


This was only my second cycle post partum (I have a 1.5 year old nursling) and my cervical fluid (we do Billings Method, but now I wish I had been doing full-out FAM) wasn't so hot this month, so I feel that this is even more miraculous than my wildest dreams!


I started another thread for moms of many and I hope that some of you will join. I'm an Orthodox Jew who feels blessed to be living in Israel (though I was born and raised in the USA) and we are kind of hoping for a girl, even though we would truly be tickled...er...BLUE...with another boy (we have 1 girl and then a "run" of 3 boys). And, of course, our daughter has finally decided that she wants us to keep having boys so that she can be the only girl. :)


Also, for those of you that pray or do good vibes or intentions, my sister is struggling with secondary infertility right now and could really use all of our energy to help.


I'm likely "due" around the 24th of May and am around 5 weeks now. Does anyone have any recommendations of apps or email lists that send week by week or day by day updates about your baby's progress? I'm a REALLY far out there homebirthing hippy type, so usually wouldn't be into this sort of thing...but with all the other homeschooled littles in the house, I think I'm going to need something tangible to look at to keep me connected to this pregnancy.


Wow. All I can say right now is WOW.



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  • jul511riv - shalom!  I used to live in Israel, its a beautiful place.  I am excited to hear how your pregnancy care is different from and similar to ours in the US, I'm homebirthing as well (well, or birth center, DH and I havn't decided).  I like the baby center emails, they send you basically a picture of your baby and a paragraph explanation every week.  I am due just a couple weeks before you and joined the many mamas thread to chat there too.  :)  




another vbac mama! welcome!  I am on technical vbac #2 but consider this my dramaless "normal" birth.  I am praying for all of the speed and none of the stress of last time.  :)  Hey a girl can ask right?


envirobecca - that is so cute your son might guess.  My oldest is 2 so she doesn't get it exactly but we are trying to teach her to say "baby in Ima's tummy".  So far it sounds like "bye bye in a yummy"  but we are working on it.  Still havn't told anyone except my sis who is out of state (she rarely gets reception on her cell at college so it was one of those say-it-now-or-she-will-learn-on-facebook-later moments.  Not that I will say anything on facebook.  Hisfamily.... anyway, 'nother story, lol.

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My pregnancy care is self care, so I'm a bad gauge. Lol. I will likely be going with my friend and lay/ traditional home birth midwife who will test my urine for sugars and excess anything and likely ill have an iron hemoglobin hemocrit test towards the end...or not....if I feel I need it or there is any indication. I likely do a "gender scan" around 17-20 weeks, because I'm crazy like that, and that's about it. of course all of this is withs G-ds Help. If there are any contraindications...and Please G-d all will be well...Well take it as it comes.

Still in shock over here. Wow.
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And Faye....yay! How long did you live here for and why? I made Aliyah (immigrated) almost 8 years ago. smile.gif
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