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@beautifulnm Thanks! My husband and I manage a biological research station up in the cloud forest. We host different researchers from the States as well as host a semester abroad program for college students. 


@manysplinters Costa Rica is awesome. Let me know if you have any questions I could answer for you. We have done quite a bit of traveling through out the country. 

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Hi everybody, I kind of stumbled across this board after leaving BBC. I have always just sort of lurked in the other forums. My name is Nicci, I'm 24 and mother of one almost-two-year-old with a little May baby on the way. We're a military family currently stationed in Texas with hopes of moving back to Oklahoma someday to start our homestead. I am a SAHM/ blogger/ psychology student...life keeps me pretty busy.


I look forward to getting to know y'all better. =D

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welcome mama mermaid!  I have a 2yo too, she is hard to keep up with.

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Hi! My name is Amanda! I am 24. I graduated with my Masters in Counseling this last May, got married in June,  moved to Wisconsin (I am a California girl) and now I am pregnant for the first time ever (Due May 25th!). I can't believe what a whirlwind this year has been!! It is so amazing to meet you ladies :)

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Hi! I'm a mom to two girls and another on the way. I'm a huge babywearing fan and generally pretty crunchy. Happy to be joining you.
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Hi, everyone! I am Cathy and I've been lurking since August but I never posted. I am due May 2(ish) with my 3rd. I have a 2 yo and a 4 yo, both girls, who are thrilled for our new baby. In my former life I was a 4th grade teacher, but now I am extremely blessed to just be a stay at home mom! (I use the "just" with the utmost respect to SAHMs. For me, it's nice to FINALLY not have any roles outside of my home.) I live in Colorado, and I am going for my second unmedicated hospital VBAC. 

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Hello all, my name's Katie. Just joined the site today. I met my hubby in college in 2008, we had a quiet two years before the year of craziness happened in 2010. I graduated in May 2010 with a degree in Zoology, found out I was pregnant in June, and got married in September. Phew! I'm now 26, my little guy is 2, my hubby is 28, and our little baby pumpkin is due May 21. As far as occupation goes, I spent a couple seasons as a biological technician surveying for Spotted Owls, one of them while pregnant. I'm now a full-time momma and loving it (although like everything in life it has its challenges). I was substitute teaching for the county for the past year, but my morning sickness this time around forced me to take a rain check. 

We live in far Northern California in a little college town called Weed, just an hour or so from the Oregon border. We've got our little urban homestead going here, with a 300 square foot garden, 7 chickens, and our doberman Petey. We're at the moment very land-hungry and really yearning to live a fully self-sustainable lifestyle off the grid. I've come to accept that all good things come in time, but we are looking forward to the day when we can move (further) into the hills and live off the land. 

As far as hobbies go, I love to craft, read, bake, crochet/knit, hike, and tons more that I won't elaborate on. It's great to meet so many awesome mommas, and I really like the morals and values that many seem to share here. Looking forward to getting to know you all!

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