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Can't get approval for At Home ICI or IUI!

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Hello! This is my first time posting - ever! I've read through many threads and having seen so many wonderful, supportive comments, decided to try my luck. My wife and I have decided to take the plunge into parenthood! I am already a parent to a wonderful little girl from a previous relationship, but we're ready to extend our family. 


The problem? We cannot, for the lives of us, seem to find a doctor, OB/GYN, Midwife or anyone willing to sign off on an at home insemination. Everyone (I'm talking my regular GP and OB/GYN as well as at least 10 other practices) demand that the insemination happen in office. This is simply not what we want. I am reaching out here, in somewhat frustration and desperation, to see if anyone in the VA or DC area has recommendations. We have found a donor via a cryobank and have a kit all ready to go. The only thing we need at this point in for a doctor to sign off on us to pick up the vials from the bank and go make a baby!


So please, if you have any recommendations for us, I would really appreciate it. We're so excited to have come to this decision and cannot wait to grow our family!

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I wish I had a name for you, how frustrating! You probably thought of this already but just in case, did you try reaching out to the sperm bank (or any bank) to see if they have a list of providers in your area who have signed off on deliveries for others? I know, for example, when a new provider is first registered with TSBC, they are asked whether they want to be included in a referral directory for future clients. You might try contacting TSBC even if that isn't your bank. Good luck!!
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Good suggestion from Sphinxy. Alternately, do you have any friends who are doctors or NPs who would sign for you? Or, reach out to your local homebirth midwives? There's a practice in NOVA (can't remember the name) or the MAMAS midwives in MoCo. Good luck!
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Thank you both for the replies! I've done a little more searching today and unfortunately received more "no"s. Unfortunately, I do no know anyone that could legally sign off on these forms. I did read some where that NW Cryobank does not require a medical provider to sign off on vial releases. Have you heard of that bank or know anyone that's had experience with them?


Thanks again!


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I think I have heard that about NW too.  I have not heard anything bad about them except maybe that the customer service is a little slow.  Their prices are lower than some other places.

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NW is a small bank, but it is true, they do not require a doc signature.  They ship vials directly to your home in a dewar, you use the samples and send the tank back.  Easy as can be.  When we were ttc our daughter we used NW and had no doc involvement at all, I got my wife pregnant at home!

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We used (and are using) NW. They've been pretty ok to work with, though there are lots of perks that other banks offer that NW doesn't, and their customer service is fine, if not stellar. That said, every shipment from them has been on time, when we have had problems they've worked with us to solve them, and our daughter is the most beautiful baby ever born. Everyone says so, just ask my mom! wink1.gif
Kidding aside, I would say that they are probably your best bet, and they definitely will ship to you with no dr signoff. Good luck TTC! And feel free to join us over in Queer Conceptions!
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We have been using NW and have had them ship to home, but I think my midwife had to sign something.  have you talked to any midwives, sometimes they are more relaxed

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Update: First off, I really appreciate all the replies! My wife and I have decided to move forward with finding a donor through NW. We are extremely excited! 


I will be sure to stick around these forums, as it seems like there is a really great support group here!


Thanks again everyone!

Mandarie (and family)

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Just FYI, NW is running a Labor Day sale on vials from now until Sept 8. They run 20% of sales about once every two years.
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We used NW, the dr just had to sign off that my wife was under a dr's care. They will ship to your home. We did have 1 tank arrive thawed. Good luck.
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