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September Mama Check-In

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Now that we're closing in on September, things are really starting to get going for all us Mamas. We've already welcomed a dozen babies or so! smile.gif

There's over 200 mamas in this group, and while there are probably some who left earlier on, I know there are many of you who are still around reading, even if you're quiet and don't post much.

I thought it might be nice to have a thread where you can just pop in and say "Hi, I'm still here" and maybe remind everyone of due dates and genders, so we can all be thinking of mamas and sending wishes for easy labors and births as due dates near. smile.gif

I'm due the 16th with my 4th (!!!) girl. lol
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Hi. I'm here. :)


I'm due the 10th with a little girl. vbac.gif


Second (And most likely last) baby. I've got a 22m old boy.

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Hello everyone. I had no idea the DDC had so many members.
I'm due on the 10th with our first.
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hi all.  i'm due on the 5th with my first (and only!)  and it's looking like a boy :)

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Hi! I'm due on the 6th with #2 and it's a boy!
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I'm due with #6 Sept. 14, a boy. I am only 37 1/2 weeks. We are planning a 5th home waterbirth with the midwife I apprentice under. I usually give birth a week after my due date. (Though, I did have one baby that waited until 2 weeks 4 days after his due date.) I have had a lot of pressure, cramping, and timeable contractions these last couple of weeks. I feel like I'll go earlier this time. My midwife is thinking the new moon (in 9 days) will do it for me. wink1.gif
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My 1st (a boy) is due on Sept 20.  Planning a homebirth and we will have a birthing tub set up, though as my midwife said, "The universe ultimately decides where the baby is born."

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Due 9/30 with baby #4 (joining DD17, DD15, and DS2), and expecting a boy. We fully expect and intend this to be our last.
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Hi! Due 9/6 with child #2. My DS is 25 months.
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Due on the 10th with my first!

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Hi, due on the 10th with my first (a girl) by csection because of breech.
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Due on 9/3 with our first (a boy).

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Due 9/23 with #2, don't know the sex. DS is 4. Planning a second home birth with a midwife.
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I am due on 9/13 with a boy. I think he will be our last...this pregnancy was harder than the girls were and while I am excited to parent a third baby, I don't want to do the pregnancy again.  We are planning a home waterbirth with the same midwife that caught the girls.

DD1 is 4 and DD2 is 2.

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I'm due with #1 on the 23rd and although I don't KNOW what we're having, I think the 20 week ultrasound gave it away accidentally (and no I am not telling).

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I'm due on the 21st with baby #3, our first girl! (Fingers crossed that the ultrasound tech was right.) The plan is to have her at home, in water, like her brother before her. This will most definitely be our last baby.

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I'm due on the 20th with my second and last child, also my first girl (son is 3.5), but have induction scheduled for the 12th.
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I'm due 9/28 with my first baby, a boy.
We would want 1-2 more, although this pregnancy (while low-risk and all) has been quite taxing on my body, so I'm not reeeally looking forward to doing it all again....
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I'm due 9/28 as well, with a girl. This is our first, we plan on having at least one more, maybe two. We'll be birthing at a hospital with a doula, as unmedicated as possible! Felt my first big Braxton Hicks this morning, it was quite a wake up call. Feeling thankful for all those childbirth education classes now. :) 


Thanks for the thread, by the way - I have been reading along but I am not around consistently enough to feel confident in jumping into all the conversations! 

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I'm due on 9/24 with my 4th. (3rd boy) Planning on my 3rd VBAC as well. Thanks for this thread, I've read quite a bit of it. Good luck to everyone :)
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