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okay- for those who are lurking, weigh in. 


i had a positive ovulation test this morning.  

we last DTD Saturday at 5pm (i tried to talk him in to waiting til after bedtime, but as all you parents know, by bedtime we're ready for bed!) all day i had no mucus.

but had mucus that night

and the next morning (Sunday) 

and nothing much since Sunday morning, but a positive ovulation test.


how are my odds for pregnancy this cycle?

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You had mucus after DTD? Could you tell it was CF and not semen? That may explain why it went away.

As far as the positive test, I would go ahead and take it as positive unless you have PCOS or something.


What cycle day are you on? What cycle day do you normally ovulate on? Are you temping? How are you checking CF- internally, externally, every time you wipe, just at a glance when it's noticeable?


It's best not to use OPKs for avoiding (unless you are already using barriers on potentially fertile days and just want help to confirm ovulation) because since sperm can live up to 5 days and the OPK only tells you up to 24-48 hrs in advance of ovulating.

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As for me I am on cycle day 1 today and using my Lunette cup which I love haha

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i do love my Diva cup.

okay- i use Creighton model, external mucus only, to determine fertility.  every singel time i wipe i INSPECT (i'm pretty okay w/ not being pregnant for a brief season of my adult life, which hasn't happened for long in the past 8 years) this is the best method for me as i haven't slept for more than 3 hours at a stretch for so many years now.... i just had an ovulation test, and took it. it was cycle day 13, but i haven't ovulated before cycle day 21 in years.  most of my conceptions have been at cycle day 32-35, but my last one was on day 21.  usually i'm completely safe til cycle day 16, then i expect ovulation.  but that did not seem like the case this cycle.  which is another reason i took the test.  


i have checked cervical position and mucus, but it isn't telling me much.  i suspect it may have been residual seminal fluid.  but it's so hard to tell!  i've had this problem on and off since giving birth.  i probably shouldn't have done the OPK as it sets me up to worry, but i was already worried (felt vaguely like i was approaching ovulation a bit early this cycle) so it's just that monthly AAAAAGH i'm preparing to face for the next few years if we do it right!


2 dry days after initial fluids, and now showing normal mucus trend for approaching ovulation.  problem we also have, some early cycles pp i have 2 weeks of fluids.  soooooo not cool.  like body is amping up for ovulation, then doesn't quite get there, and w/ out a break jumps right into it again.  which is why cycle day 21 and later for ovulation for years.  


thanks and happy new cycle!  i love it when i get my period now.  it's always a relief, and a blessing.  the last 2 cycles no PMS or pain and cramping.  WHOOHOOO.

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Ok, I can see why you are not temping. Although I will say (based on my experience on the other forum) that some moms found even with night waking they were still able to see temp shifts, so if you felt like it you could always just try it out and see if you still are able to pick up something. When was your last baby born (a.k.a. how many month PP are you?). I know for me semen tends to be more greyish and more like rubber cement, IDK if that helps any! AND you can try kegeling it out too so that you don't have it in there to confuse you. I try to do that and it works pretty well. Hmmm... that is interesting for sure and sounds like, hopefully your body just tried to gear up earlier for an ovulation and didn't quite get there (hopefully) and maybe you'll actually O at your normal time. I know I had a bit of trouble for awhile with that and I took Vitex and it seemed to help my body ovulate a bit easier/sooner. We were TTC at the time and wanted a predictible and earlier O. Wouldn't you know it as soon as I started avoiding again I naturally started ovulating on CD14 without help. GO FIGURE. Anyway.... Good for you though for reading the signs and deciding things could be different... that is always the factor.. that you could get some freak random thing happen and ovulate super early! 


I totally know what you mean about being happy when your period comes!!! My son is 3.5 and I only recently (maybe within the last 6-9 months) started having crampy periods again. I think having a baby definitely takes care of the cramping and pain for quite sometime!! I LOVE my Lunette.. TMI alert: I've used it for maybe 8 months but usually still stick to tampons on CD1-2 just because my period is SO HEAVY those days and it really freaks me out... but I did it this cycle and I haven't used tampons yet! Just a panty liner for backup which worked well! I'm really happy for CD3 tomorrow because my flow drops off significantly and it's going to be easy peasy.

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Okay I need some input..

Houseofpeace, you said you had a lot of false starts with ovulation..what were they like?

So I tried to establish my BIP but could not! We abstained for two weeks, and my CF was different everyday. One day EGW, next tacky, next dry, creamy, EGW...you get the point. With DS1 my BIP was literally EGW. Anyway DH and I have decided to use barrier. Then Sunday I get pink/brown CF. I thought for sure I am starting my cycle. Monday I get tons of watery CF. My panties were soaked when I woke up(sorry if TMI). Tuesday EGW yellow tint CF. Wednesday pink CF!! What is going on here?? Is my body trying to return to ovulating? I am getting a thermometer today to start temping. DD2 doesn't nurse near as much as DS1 did, and she has also been sleeping 5-7 hrs on average at times even 9-11! Whereas he was every two hrs for over a year. So I can understand why my fertility would be returning so quickly(she is 4 months). I have heard talk of vitex bringing on O and AF. Any of you have experience with that? Would that help me? And does it affect milk supply? I just want things to even out as soon as possible. I don't want an "oops" pregnancy

I would like to add that I temped with DS1 and my temps were perfectly accurate even with him waking every 2 hrs, sometimes every hour. I just made allowances for obvious disturbances like sickness. It has been found that temping is accurate with at least one hrs sleep before taking.
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WinterPrego-  my false ovulations include loads of confusing mucus!  i start to amp up to looking like i'm going to ovulate (lubricative sensation, external mucus, cervix moving up and softening) and then it just faint.gifand it all stops, and usually only 4-5 days later starts over again.  and it does this repeatedly and frustratingly frequently from 4 months pp, until i get ovulation mucus externally that is crystal clear, stretches to a fine thread, and is unmistakable for anything else.  then i count 11-14 days and have a period.  it's annoying b/c it isn't clear that i haven't ovulated or am not going to until the mucus starts again more earnestly.  

i usually used temping to confirm ovulation when i was seeing those signs.  and it was 100% accurate (my BBT is 97.2-97.5, and goes up to 98.2 when i ovulate) even w/out sleeping too well.  i lost my BBT thermometer in my last move and haven't replaced it..... maybe should!


never done vitex, or found a way to settle my O's much before a year PP.  by a year (if i could make it) we had a pattern.  so will follow to see if other mom's have suggestions!  my cycles would often start between 56-42 days long, and slowly taper down to a nice 35 day cycle if i was lucky.  

triscuit-  i'm 9 months pp w/ my 5th child.  i always start to try and ovulate at 4 months, and cycle by 7 months.  this time, my seminal fluids have consistently been exactly like EWCM.  which i heard is not how it usually is, but it has been for me.  sometimes it just give me the lubricative sensation w/out the visible mucus.  sometimes it's only slightly more yellow or a little more gummy.  kegels weren't doing the trick consistently, so i was waiting for 15-20 min afterwards to let it all settle and that helped get it out at once, but i didn't do that this time....:W


and for the cup- i'm glad someone else thinks their flow is insane the first few days!  i read somewhere that 1-6 tablespoons of blood per cycle is normal.  i think i go through that much in the 2 heavy days!!!  seriously, sometimes it seems like it only takes an hour to fill the cup.  i use the cup still b/c it leaks less than the tampons for me (i still have some OB'S around from years ago), but it can be a little disconcerting to see how much blood you are losing.  but post kids, it's so much easier.  here's hoping my hormones regulate and it stays easy.

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I'm curious to see how this first years fertility pans out b/c I was totally infertile for 14 1/2 months with my first. I got a new thermometer so I am curious to see if my bbt is pre or post ovulatory.
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Hi everyone!

I've been busy with school, so I haven't been on the MDC since my last post. Turned out to be a weird nursing thing, not a pregnancy thing. Though I didn't communicate clearly to DH that I'm fertile a couple days ago, so we'll see how that goes! Part of me really wants to get pregnant even though it makes no sense right now. Luckily, DH is on the same page about it.

Triscut, just because I didn't see an answer to it, my thermometer doesn't bother my co-sleeping toddler. I just hold my finger over the speaker. It's a BD thermometer. Most of the time she's already awake when I temp, but when she's not it doesn't wake her.

And as for temping when you don't get enough sleep, it always works for me generally my daughter wakes me anywhere from 1-2 hours before I temp because she wants to nurse. Never effects my temperature unless I open my mouth. Also haven't had an issue with being woken multiple times in the night.
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Hullo ladies, and good-bye.


I have tried to chart to avoid and instead have succeeded in my 8th pregnancy, hopefully resulting in my 6th baby!

so somehow, even though i hadn't had mucus on day 13, i got mucus hours after DTD that night, and apparently it worked to get me pregnant.  


and i know the odds weren't in my favor, but this LO doesn't know that!!!!


i highly suspect that husband will not continue in charting after our 6th but will take drastic measures into his own hands!  i think 6 is way above and beyond what he ever expected or can imagine handling.


peace out!

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I'm out too. The "bad communication" ended up being a happy mistake! :-)
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wowza!!!! :loveeyes  I disappear for a while and see what happens? :wink


so happy for the both of you, HouseofPeace & lactatinggirl!!! :flowersforyou


big congratulations and hope your pregnancies go smoothly :heartbeat

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Background story: I have extremely irregular periods. Always have. I will go 8+ moths without a period and AF will finally show up for a couple days then the same cycle happens. I will have a normal cycle with birth control of course. So I have been off birth control for 10months. We have been trying. Months go by and still AF or BFP. Nov. we went to a fertility doctor. He put me on Provera to start AF and Clomid to O. Nov. 18th- AF. Dec. 2nd- O. I took a HPT 7DPO and got a BFN.

So that leads up to today. I'm 14DPO. I tested this morning and still got a BFN. I called the doctor like I was suppose to after my 2WW and his nurse said that he wanted to do a blood test just to make sure since it is the most accurate and depending on the results either schedule a pregnancy app or start Provera and Clomid round 2. What are the chances that I could get my BFP on the blood test? I feel like we did everything right. The doctor said our only problem was that I wasn't ovulating. I understand it could be positive if my levels weren't high enough before. I've just been really upset all day because I really thought my BFP was today. Opinions please?

Thank you,
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so sorry you're going through this!!!


I'd recommend posting in the TTC forum.  Though we have had a few pregnancies here recently, it was IN SPITE of trying to avoid, not trying to achieve.  which is a little different b/c when i take a test i'm crossing my fingers for BFN, and then trying not to panic when it's a BFP.  and here we chart our cycles to document ovulation based on body signs.  You say you're 14days post O, but that the Dr said you didn't O, so what were the signs?


blood test come back?  it's possible that the blood test could detect lower level hormones than the HPT.  

I'd like to encourage you in that i used to have VERY IRREGULAR CYCLES.  between 2-6 a year.  for the first 4 years of our marriage i didn't try hard to avoid a pregnancy, i just didn't get pregnant.  but in the last 9 years, i've had 8 pregnancies.  5 live births and expecting my 6th in aug.  things can change.  


i'm a big fan of charting to know what's up- i have ovulated as late as day 35 in a cycle (and conceived) and this is my earliest at day 18.  


i hope you get some answers and a BFP soon!!!

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