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SLC Advice needed...

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Hi guys!


My DH and our 3 kids are moving cross country to the SLC area. Can you give me the low down on some neighborhoods? Schools? Are there some inexpensive yet funky parts of the area that you'd reccommend? Any slightly out of town yet drivable towns that are slightly more rural that you love? Hate?


Any advice or input is welcomed!




Sally aka KaleChips

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Hey there. My wife and I live in SLC, I've spend most of my life here. 


Since we are a lesbian couple, our top priority in choosing a neighborhood was one that was had other LGBT folks and was more liberal minded. So our priorities might not be what is important to you. 


The LDS church is very big here (as I'm sure you know) and can be very overwhelming and a culture shock for a lot of people. I grew up in suburbia and many kids couldn't play with me because my family was not LDS. I know this is an issue still for many people and their kids, but definitely not all. 


I'm a big fan of Sugarhouse, the Liberty Park area and The Avenues, they are all on the more expensive side though. The Liberty Park area is the most affordable and is more diverse. 


I'd stay away from South Jordan, Draper, Herriman and West Jordan if it were me. How old are your kids? The public school system here is not the greatest, but there are some better schools. 

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I have 3 boys, ages 3, 7 and 11. 2 in elementary school and 1 in preschool/daycare. Sugar House was suggested to me also, so I am looking there. I will check out some of the other locales you mentioned as well.


I am looking for a liberal, open minded community as well; my hot issues are safety for the family, not a lot of crime, and a open minded community. I have gay family who I expect will visit and I do not want them to experience anything negative. I understand about the LDS population; I have nothing to compare it to experience wise. (Although, when I moved to Maine it was a long time before I had friends who didnt care that I was "from away".) Im hoping that we all will have no problem making friends...


What is the employment situation like in the SLC area? We are hoping to get jobs set up before we arrive, but we are finding that hard to do. If we have to, we will come out, settle in and hit the pavement looking for anything. Any thoughts?


Thank you so much - Its nice to get a little glimpse of the place I am moving to sight unseen...

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The unemployment rate here is really low, but I can't really speak to different industries. My wife and I attended grad school in AR and she was able to get a job here before we moved to SLC. It look a bit longer for me to find a good, full-time position, about 6 months after we got to SLC. There are some great companies here to work for though


There are definitely some great schools here for younger kids. We're planning on trying to get our kiddos into the Open Classroom charter school for elementary and a Reggio Emilia preschool when they are younger.  


I'd say most places in Salt Lake have little crime and are safe for families. There are a few places you'd want to steer clear of, but most are very safe and there are tons of families here. 


I'm happy to answer any other questions you might have, or that come up along the way.

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Thanks! So far we are spending time trying to find a rental..any resources you'd recommend other than Craig's list and ksl.com?
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I've had great luck finding rentals on KSL.com. KSL has worked out much better than Craigslist.

As far as neighborhoods, the ones I would recommend (based on your description) are as follows:

9th and 9th
Capitol Hill / Marmalade District / Avenues / Harvard & Yale / Federal Heights / (really anywhere near the University of Utah)
Liberty Park

Really anywhere that is actually in Salt Lake City would be fine. The surrounding cities are the ones that would be more questionable (for various reasons).

I'd recommend staying away from Davis County and the southern end of Salt Lake County (Draper, Herriman, South Jordan, Daybreak, Riverton, etc.).
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What type of jobs are you looking for?
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Im a LMT, but it will take a bit for me to transfer my massage therapy license from Maine to Utah. In the meantime, I hope to work pretty much anywhere I can! Childcare, education, camps, etc...Whole Foods type stores... That's where most of my experience lies. My DH will be finishing helicopter pilot training, and is a carpenter/construction worker for over 20 years and a brewer for a local brewery for the last 3 or 4.


Any thoughts on Cottonwood Heights? West Jordan? West Valley City?

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Sugarhouse is gorgeous, I have cousins that live there. I also have family in Lehi, American Fork, West Jordan,  and Pleasant Grove. All those places are great.

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One more thing...Cafe Zupas. Oh my, this place is amazing! (food place)

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Hey there! We just moved to SLC. We ended up in the avenues. The area is gorgeous, there are a wide variety of people here, many young hip parents. The homes are older Victorian style homes, which is totally my thing, so we are loving it.

I have three girls. My oldest is 11 and she attends Wasatch elementary. From what I've heard from friends, Wasatch is supposed to be one of the better public schools in SLC. There is a waiting list to get into the charter the school here in the avenues, which is a bummer because that was my first pick.

My two other girls are 4 years old. I couldn't find an affordable preschool for them. Every one I have checked out is at least 600 a month per child. We cannot swing that.

Anyway, I think you'll dig it here. The crime is low, the city is beautiful, and there are a lot of really cool events.
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Well, we found a place in the Liberty Wells (?) area. Im trying to set up utilities out there before we arrive- and HOLY MACKEREL COMCAST! Holy annoying  phone system! Anyone have any recs' for internet/cable? IS there any option out there other than Comast?

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Congratulations on finding a place!!


Internet/cable is crazy expensive in Utah.  It's incredibly annoying.  Ugh.


You can almost always get the basic TV stations with just a regular antenna, so it is quite possible to get away without cable here.


The non-Comcast options that I'm aware of are below:







Good luck!

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Congrats! You're in our neighborhood. We just moved here in May and love it, I hope you do too. 


We don't have cable but we use centurylink for internet. They are all ridiculously expensive, but they offered us the best deal. 

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