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Traveling with baby

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So DH wants to go to a friends vacation condo in Palm Springs at the end of October. Noor will be just barely 3 months old. This trip would involve a plane ride, then staying in a house with 3-5 other adults besides us; no other kids or babies. I imagine the daily activities would include eating, drinking, swimming, some light hiking, music playing/singing, I don't really know?
I'm thinking I'm not at all gung ho to do this, with a small baby, but am I just fretting unnecessarily? I'm sure I'll be more adept at 3 months then at 1 month but it still seems like a lot to me. I know DH and I had talked about still living our lives with a kid and not restricting our activities but it seems early still at 3 months to do that.
Thoughts? Considerations? Have any of you traveled with young ones, and been in accommodations with lots of people at once? What do I need to consider before deciding? Also, if I don't want to go, DH may still go without me, which I'm ok with.
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With dd1 we went to a family reunion when she was 7 weeks old. We even flew on a plane and she was the only baby there, though there were two older children. Mostly I resented it because I was stuck in the cabin alone so often with the baby while everyone else went out having fun. Also, there wasn't much privacy. It might not be bad at 3 months but my dd did get an ear infection from the plane ride (I think).
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As long as you'll be with people you'll be comfortable feeding her around --and who will help hold etc. (?cant remember if you're bottle or breast feeding) I'd go for it. I'm planning yo travel at about the same point (post the 2 mo immunizations) to see family, provided we're on a little more of a schedule by then. Just need to make sure you have someplace for Noor to sleep!
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