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Water broke!

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So my water broke at 7:20pm out of no where. I just felt a gush and no pop like last time. I called the midwife and she told me to rest and that labor should start within 12 hrs. We started quickly working around the house. I have so many nerves right now. My parents fly in tomorrow! Ahhhh!

I'm starting to have crampy BH once in awhile. Things may start to speed up sooner than later. I don't know if I could sleep with this adrenaline. I'm sitting on my birth ball right now. I'm tempted to start some sort of stimulation even though my midwife said I didn't need too.
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Wow! I can't believe all the babies getting here by waters breaking. I thought that was rare? Good luck! I hope your labor picks up soon and you have an amazing birth experience.
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Good luck, swissmiss!

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Good luck. I hope you have a great birth.
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Labor vibes! goodvibes.gif
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Hope things are going smoothly!  Good Luck love.gif

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Congrats, swissmiss2584!  Best of luck to you!  Calming down that adrenaline rush is always my issue, so I am sending extra calm and relaxing labor vibes for you and baby!


MamaMash - It's estimated about 20% of women start labor with their water breaking.  But I don't know how scientifically accurate you can call a study that relies on postpartum interviews.  Anecdotally, each of my labors began with my water breaking, but in reality, I was probably in labor with DD2 for longer and just chalked up feeling different to "more intense and irregular BH contractions" the morning before.

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Hope all goes smoothly for you and cant wait to hear about your birth!!
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Good luck!

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Labor finally started around 11:30pm. Contractions were sporadic most of the time. They would get in a pattern then space out. Laying on my side allowed me to rest but made the contractions really intense. After 30 mins of intense pushing Joaquin (Jack) Borges Costa IV was born at 7:30am with a head full of thick long black hair! I will post a more detailed birth story and pictures later. Time for a nap. :-)
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yay!  nice work mama!  Welcome Joaquin and wishing you well in your recovery!

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Oh, yay! Welcome Jack!
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Welcome Jack! Great work Swissmiss! Can't wait for pics!
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Adorable!  Congratulations!

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Aww. He has so much hair! What a sweet boy! Welcome, Jack! Congratulations, Mama!!
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Wow congratulations !! Your birth sounded perfect!! And he really does look like a little man smile.gif
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He is precious! congratulations!!!!

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Congratulations, swissmiss!!  He's such a cutie.  And what fabulous hair.

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Congratulations! He's so cute! Enjoy your babymoon. smile.gif
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